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Navjot Talks About His Pulsar 220F

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Bajaj Pulsar 220F Grey

Hi, I am Navjot Singh from Ludhiana (Punjab) doing B.Tech in computers. From childhood I have been very passionate about bikes and cars. I used to drive a 2006 Bajaj Discover 125cc till 2009 but now in 2010 I bought a new bike BAJAJ PULSAR 220F. This time my father set me break free to buy any bike except Ninja (2.90 lacks for 250 cc !!!)

Bajaj Pulsar Tank

My shortlist was : –

1. Yamaha YZF-R15

2. Bajaj Pulsar 220

After checking all feasibility of needs I came to conclusion that Pulsar 220 is the bike that fits my need.

Reason – My daily driving kms are not fixed. I used to go on my college bus with my friends as it is about about 55 kms from my home. But I found it very difficult to go on a bus as a biker. So from my 20 day college in a month I manage approx 10 days to go to college on my bike, so my main driving is highway driving. I read a lot of forums, contact many people and found P220 is better option than R15 on highways. But still i requested a quote from Bajaj and Yamaha dealer near my house and took their permission for a 30 km test drive without pillion (Rs. 100 fuel from my side they mention).


After this test my reaction were : –

Looks – Sitting on R15 is a amazing feeling, feels a very big bike, very sporty seating, all new atmosphere (like international bikes), soft handle grips and speedometers are like wow.. !! From front and side its a big bike but rear is very disappointing, even the tires are very thin and spoil overall bulky look of the bike.

On the other side Pulsar welcomes you with same old atmosphere like any other Pulsar but here in 220 you find different style speedo with sporty digits, fairing adding big bike feeling, sporty sitting and quality is good. This is also a big bike with broad tyres. Handsome looks.

Bajaj Pulsar Grey Front

Power – Obviously Pulsar 220 is more powerful but R15 is no less, past approx 6000 rpm and power of R15 feels like double, but where is the low end torque?? On highways under little hard braking which is very common in Indian road conditions R15 demands change of gears. e.g. I was driving R15 at 85 kmph (6th gear) under braking up to 55 kmph i needed to shift into 4th gear for proper pull!! Here I mention Proper pull!!!

Now in P220 u need not to shift down even if same above condition happens. Pulsar 220’s low end and mid range is fantastic. One thing I clearly mention P220 above 8500 rpm until redline i.e 10,000 rpm is noisy, vibrates and feels uncomfortable unlike R15 which is very smooth until its redline due to fuel injected system. Inspite of this, one can easily cruise at 100- 120 kmph on Pulsar 220 without any stress for hours. So, in terms of price and overall benefits I choose pulsar 220 over R15.


About Pulsar 220F – Bajaj recently launched the Pulsar 220 DTSi in 2009 with biggest carburetor used in any Indian bike to insure proper performance like fuel injected Pulsar 220 and proper fuel efficiency. In 2010, Bajaj again modified Pulsar 220 DTSi with minor changes as I heard from probiking guys that are little carburetter and fairing improvements and now renamed as Pulsar 220F , here ‘F’ stands for fairing as Pulsar 220 now also comes in ‘S’ model. F can be also used as Fastest Indian.

Pulsar 220F Start Up

Bajaj Pulsar 220F Specifications : –

Engine Type 4-stroke DTS-i air cooled with oil cooler for engine oil.

Displacement 220 cc

Max. Power 21.04 @ 8500 (Ps @ RPM)

Max. Torque 19.12 @ 7000 (Nm @ RPM)

Carburetor UCAL UCD 32


Front Telescopic, 130 mm stroke

Rear Triple rated spring, 5 way adjustable with 90 mm travel Nitrox shock absorber


Front 260 mm Disc

Rear 220 mm Disc


Front 90/90 x 17 – Tubeless

Rear 120/80 x 17 – Tubeless

Fuel Tank

Total liters (reserve, usable) 15 liters (3.2 liters reserve, 2 liters usable)


System 12 V 9V Full DC

Headlamp (Low/High Beam- Watts) 55 projectors Low beam / Ellipsoidal 55 W High beam


Wheelbase 1350 (mm)

Kerb Weight 152 Kg

Some Goodies of Pulsar 220 : –

1. Even at these 3 digit speeds Pulsar 220 feels like cream. Any gear any speed and it goes like anything.

2. Very less affect of cross winds. Awesomely stable on highways.

3. Speedometer shows battery low, engine oil low, engine over heat, oil cooler choke indicators. Dual trip meters and side stand indicators are good feature.

4. Powerful Headlights and nice spread. Pure white not yellowish like other bikes including R15 and fazer.

5. Its wider IRC soft compound tubeless tyres (No MRF in 220F) provide an excellent road grip.

6. 3D decals looks very appealing.

7. Suspensions are simply superb with thicker front telescopic forks which doesn’t let rider to be unstable during hard braking and twin 5- way adjustable nitrox shock absorbers at rear inspire superb confidence on long drives.

8. Silencer with muffler for proper cooling and safety.

9. Backlit switches looks cool and are of good quality. Self canceling indicates are boon

10. Auto coke is very responsive and helps easy cold starting .

My Views : –

Performance – Performance of 220 is very very good. Very easy to ride. 100 km/h can be easily attained very quickly and smoothly. 120- 130 km/h speed comes early than one could expert from a 220 cc bike. Oil cooler is always there to ensure engine oil is never get too hot on long drives to ensure proper performance even at continuous high speeds!

Oil cooler radiator – Twist the accelerator at any speed and you could feel the thrust of 220 cc engine, neat.

2010 Bajaj Pulsar 220F

Braking – Perfect brakes for perfect bike. Front disc brake equipped with 260mm Disc which did its duty very well, Rear 220 mm disc is always there to satsfy every need of bracking. One down thing about rear brake is that its brake paddle is little hard to operate. Comes in play after long press.

Bajaj Pulsar 220 Rear Tyre

Tyres – IRC manufactured Soft and Sticky tyres provide excellent grip on highways and city. Inspire full confidence at high speeds on dry and wet roads. Fully Satisfied. Pulsar 220F now comes with IRC tyres and not with MRF Zappers. When asked why to probiking guy, he said these are more soft and sticky than Zappers to provide extra grip at high speeds.

Suspension – Pulsar 220 is set to Firm (stiff) side to ensure confidence inspiring drive on highways. Small pot holes can never be felt. Big holes on roads never make bike unstable.

Experience with tyres and Suspension – We all know All National Highways are beings made 6 lane in all over India. On NH1 same project is going on which i used to go to my college. Once when driving at about 70 km/h i just saw a big brick like block in front of me and about 7 cm in height which accidentally fallen on road and i cant see that piece due to car in front of me. But at that speed due to soft compound tyres and ultra good suspension nothing wrong happen !! THis bike pass that block without any drama, phew!

Headlights – First ever two wheeler which headlights really impresses me. Very bright and very nice spread. Light is actually purely white not a yellowish like other headlight. 55w Lights are very good on highway and city.

Fuel Efficiency – Most Important for Some people: On highways if driven under 80 km/h gently one can easily get 55km/h . Max average achieve till now is 52 kmpl with 40% city and 60% highway (Achieve during first 1000 kms) with max speed of 65km/h. Worst is 41 kmpl when drive like crazy for continuous 110kms (126km/h max and constant at 80km/h +) . For this kind of power, I am satisfied with it!

Maintenance – This bike is not a commuter, it is a sport category bike and it needs regular maintenance. Even Bajaj open different Probking showrooms for high performance bikes (ninja, pulsar 220 and avenger 220) . Different crew for these bikes.

1. Scheduled servicing is very important.

2. Requires good 4T 20w50 engine oil . I use Valvoline 4t Premium. Always use 20w50 4t oil for this bike as recommended by company. Bajaj Dtsi 10000 oil is also very good.

3. Air filter needs to be cleaned very frequently because of pollution and dust. I do it every 500 to 600 kilometers for good fuel economy and full performance.

4. Drive chain requires cleaning and lubrication frequently for long life of chain. Reduce noise and vast increase in performance. I use SAE-90 oil to lubricate it. Chain spray is bit costly so when needed got it from Bajaj A.S.S.

Many people say it doesn’t have kick bla bla… I have a answer for them. Pulsar 220 (also 180) comes with a reserve power system that even if your battery is gone you have little reserve power for 3 self starts. No car in this world has a kick!

Bajaj Pulsar 220F Wallpaper


  • No large investment or major parts replacement required in my bike. Everything is present.
  • Very low maintenance cost if drive sensibly and gently.


  • Bajaj should put fairing more neatly and more properly it vibrates (luckily without any irritating sound) at speeds above 70 kmph.
  • Side mirrors are very pathetic, one has to bend arm inwards to see behind. Mirrors vibrate a lot reduce clarity of rear objects. Bajaj should treat it with priority as they are safety features.

I hope you find my bike review useful and may it be useful for buying it. I would love to hear your comments, arguments, suggestions, etc.

Take care, Drive safe.

God Bless You.

– Navjot Singh

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  • Kunal

    Good review navjot but you will regret once this bike get old and engine sounds like hell. It is the bike with least life of all.

  • Navjot

    @Kunal: Lets see about reliability of Pulsar 220F. Though i am maintaining it very well.

  • Navjot

    @bikeshunt – May be Indians learn bike driving in most typical conditions .. :-D

  • HarisH

    good review Navjot,and i agree with u for the life of the pulsar.lot of people mis-understud that pulsar have a short life.that people forget that it is a machine.that wants proper maintence and servicing..When it didnt get the proper maintence what the machine do..!!

  • Prabhat

    I don’t know But I am having the worst experience with my 220dtsfi . It’s just 12000km and 3 years old , here are the list of parts been replaced and repaired .
    On warranty … Fuel tank ( rusted ), fuel pump, silencer , fuel indicator mechanism ( inside the tank) but still the fuel indicator does not work properly .
    Without warranty… Fuel pump( again), speedometer cable , battery , capacitor( located near the battery) , engine killing switch , handle barring , front suspension repaired, shelf starter .
    And now I have to replace some electronic stuff under the rear seat because it started smoking when the bike is started . I always use good oil, I always care my bike and it does only city driving .. May be it’s my luck :(
    In terms of power it’s the best . .

    • abhishe

      Hey Hi Prabhat I Have pulsar 220 bought in 2011 and very satisfied with it in 18 months drove more than 30000 KM still the engine is very smooth and my bike fly like any thing full confidence in my bike and one best thing about my bike is that even driving under high approx around 110-120 kmph I am getting 40-42 Kmpl. I believe that you have not taken proper care of your bike

  • Kunal

    @harish even proper maintainance can’t make this bike durable and proper maintanance doesnot mean exessive expenditure on a bike. My freind shanu shashwat has so much horrible experience with this bike which if i share on this blog navjot would fear riding his bike above the speed of 50-60.

  • Kunal

    Prabhat this the case of every p220 .

  • Kunal

    Prabhat this is the case of all p220.

  • Kunal

    I think prabhat’s experience throws some light on p220 durability and maintainance. I am not revealing my freind shanu shashwat’s experience with his p220f coz it may prompt navjot to sell his today itself.

    • sohil

      @kunal hi kunal at present i m planning to buy a new bike recently i own hero honda hunk from 6 years i am partly satisfied with it now i m planning to buy a new bike i have shortlisted pulsar 220 and karizma r i m confused which to buy bcoz as above case pulsar 220 is very expensive in maintainance but we cant deny that i no 1 selling bike compared to karizma but karizma is durable R 15 is out of my budget
      but i like P220 and KARIZMA R which is the best option

  • Navjot

    @kunal . Please share your friends Shanu Shashwat’s experiance… ! We all are waiting… !!

  • Navjot

    @ Prabhat : Sorry to hear about your Pulsar.. but i think all problems are in peripherals and nothing happen to your pulsar’s engine… ! Are you taking proper care of it .. ??

  • Navjot

    @Kunal : Please share your Friend Shanu shashwat’s Experience with us… we keen to know about that. !!

  • Navjot

    @ Prabhat : As you mentioned about your defects in your pulsar.. all defects are in peripherals only but your engine is running good.. May be these problems are due to rough handling, improper maintenance.. !!

  • Welcome My Friend. Nice Review. But, disagree with you on the fact that IRCs are better in any way than MRF Zapper tyres..
    Rest all. Agreed. : )

    Check out Navjot’s and My Bike’s few photos over here ;

    If anybody likes and needs copies of full size photos, you can email me at

  • Kunal

    His bike’s engine got off completely for 8-10 seconds while riding at the speed over 120. And it happened twice, had he paniced and started changing gear or any other foolish stuff he would have deid. Also his bikes handle just broke while riding and luckily he was riding at 20 km/h. Had he been cruising then you know what would have happened.

  • Navjot

    @ Kunal : Oh Man ! really… Did he complained about it to Bajaj ??

  • Navjot

    @ Gurvinder : Hwz u brother ? Hwz chandigarh ?
    Gurvinder i ride your bike hundreds of kilometers you know well and i ride mine too obviously… i find IRC are more sticky and soft. Very good on highways.. !
    I write what i experienced.. !

  • Kunal

    No i dont think that he complained. But i feel navjot you had the budget of going for any bike then you should have opted for fazer or karizma. Yamaha offers international standard bikes and even then people go to bajaj showrooms. I cant understand this. Dont you feel the difference in engine refinement.

  • Kunal

    Navjot please post your review on bikeadvice also. You may win a hayabusa toy bike.

  • Navjot

    @ Kunal : I send them the details .. lets see what happen.
    Thank you for your support.

  • Kunal

    I am sure they will publish. I asked you to do so coz u will get a lot of readers there. By the way are u on fb? i love to be connected with bikers.

  • Navjot

    Why not kunal… Just search ‘Navjot Singh ludhiana’ or by email its

    whats yours ?

  • prabhat

    what is the meaning of a fastest Indian if it cant go long :)

    • fas

      Prabhat, remember he said fastest Indian, not longest Indian :p

  • Navjot

    Exactly Fas !!

  • hi navjot.i am from kolkata.i am a user of bajaj pulsar 180 ug4.and i must tell u that the way that i am satisfied with it no one has ever with any other company bikes in india.i changed the silencer pipe with the pulsar 220 silencer bike ran about 8000 km.i got a speed of 139 – 140 km per hour.its amazing.the only thing is it roars with such a speed.i think that it is quite normal as it has 5 gear.if it gets the six one then i think the pressure in gearbox will reduce.wel that i dream that the bajaj will one day provide.wel what u think?

  • Navjot

    Hello soumalya, Man you are getting 139-140 km/h ?? wow.. My cousine too has pulsar 180 ug4 did some 7500 kms his bike never crossed 128km/h .

    soumalya the sound is very obvious at that speeds no doubt, 6 speeds sounds very good , 6th gear will be boon on highways, will reduce rpm and will make highway cruising more comfortable, may be pulsar 250(hot news on every website) has 6 speeds !!!

  • Navjot

    Soumalya, you said you put 220’s silencer. Pulsar 220’s silencer has bigger outlet than pulsar 180 , so
    Is there any effect on sound of bike ?
    Performance ?
    Fuel efficiency ?

  • my r15 clocked 40k and right now i have spent 20k in just 6months… bike sucks man…. I have to cover 100km every day to go to my office and i think i need to go for a change.. this bike is 1year old and am using it regularly ..

    Am planning to go for p220f sice not only Navjot review but most of them said its best for long distance..

    Im a fan of thunderbird royal enfield. but sorry i don want to have a hole in my waller dude… i know how much you need to maintain the bike even if it is new :D

  • Berlin

    how much does it cost? onroad price?

  • Navjot

    @Ganesh: I am surprised that you are having prob. with R-15 about maintenance !
    Well if you want to go for pulsar 220 then first of all you have used fuel injected bike(R-15) you might fell engine vibrations at high rpms above 8-9k as P220 is carburetter bike but its very smooth and creamy if you compare it with other carb. bikes.
    You will be surely surprised by its performance for sure.:-)

  • Navjot


    Pulsar 220 street fighter costs: 78,xxx /- on road.
    Pulsar 220 F costs: 81,xxx /- on road.

  • Berlin

    ok thanks and wat is the minimum mileage given by 220f i.e on driving in city by heavy traffic?

  • Rajesh Gupta

    Just want to know the minimum Mileage of 220f in City !!

    Pls Reply fast , I am planning to buy the same.

  • Sudipto

    Rajesh you will get minimum mileage of 30-32 in city limits.After 2 servicing it will rise upto 35-40.

  • Navjot

    Minimum average means
    insane driving or driving in heavy traffic: Expect near about 35km/l but with sensible driving p220 f gives surprising average.. !!

  • santu

    hi friend..i want to buy a bike my opinion yamaha company bikes are better than all bike as my one friend come to bajaj,may be its fastest indin bike.but reliabilty is not handle broking means wat,its very shameful thing.shame on you,bajaj.and i think navjot is a bajaj company he saying like that..m not agree with you navjot.thank you bye guys..

  • Navjot

    Santu: Thank you Santu.

  • viswesh

    is your bike has fuel injection???

  • Navjot Singh

    Hi Viswesh : No, this bike has Carburetor.

  • viswesh

    oooo…. frnd of mine says he gets only 38kmpl….
    is it so ???

  • Navjot

    Viswesh : It completely depends upon DRIVING STYLE, Road conditions, maintaining bike etc.

  • vijay k


    thnks for such organized and detail review..
    kindly help me on the issue…i m planning to buy a bike.

    i have to decide between pulsar 220S and electra twin spark.
    i know, we can’t compare the two..


    i like pulsar.becoz of its great styling and visual is age specific and have powerful pickup.
    but my frd told me bout its performance degradation which start with the day u buy it.which is a big concern for me.

    where as bullet have a steady and powerful ride.i fell in love on its first ride.i felt strong and steady and immense power it deliever.but it lack styling factor.

    as far as budget, i can’t spent more than 1 lakh.
    need your expertise on the issue.

    vijay k

  • Kalpajjwal

    Guys, the only problem with 220F is its turning radius otherwise 220F Rocks…
    By riding 220F you can FEEL the bike…

  • I am one of the biggest fan of p220f its very cool bike recently i have buyed 3 p220f i am totally mad about that bike i love it


    Lets see about reliability of Pulsar 220F. Though i am maintaining it very well.

  • Navjot

    @ROhit : 3 p220 f ?? man u are pulsar maniac…….. !!

  • Navjot

    Hi HITESH : Me too maintaining it very well and lets see what happen… though i like this bike very much personally… !!

  • Abhay

    Navjot, I would like to correct you on many aspects here.
    1 – P220 F does not come ONLY with IRC, they can come with MRF and Eurogrip too.

    2 – I think you think that the fuel tank is 15L total, if so then you are wrong. It is over 18L, I have filled that much so I know. The main is 15L + 2.2L reserve(usable) + 1L or so(emergency)

    3 – The fuel efficiency you quoted is way high. You SHOULD get 40-45 with highway riding included and 30-35 with ripping. If you get any higher, your carb IS tuned lean and will ultimately result in engine damage, I would suggest you get it tuned a little rich.

    4 – About the ‘reserve’ power funda, it does not exist, if the battery is dead, out of charge, it is dead, finish, nothing more you can do. The bike WILL not start with the self start, what you can do JUST like a car is push start it or jump start it, these are the only way, I have the bike for almost a year now and have had battery problems and so have many friends of mine, we never experienced this ‘reserve’ power for 3 self start attempts. What you might have been told is just rubbish. The bike will attempt to start even after the battery is dead, it will try 3 times then it will not let the user start for a few secs (30 secs or so) or till you turn the key to off and on again, this is a safety feature to save the battery from getting discharged. It will keep on attempting 3 tries at a time, but the bike wont start as the battery will not be providing power.

    5 – Light is YELLOWISH, not pure white, it looks like that for a few days as its much brighter than rest of the bikes as it has a PROJECTOR.

    6 – By the pics I can see that your bike’s suspension is NOT set to firm, it is set as the softest setting available.

    7 – Also tyres are wider than what? The 180 also comes with 120 section rear tyres. Yes the tyres are wider than the R15’s, but the grip those tyres provide, is unmatchable for any indian tyre currently available, they are the best but the only problem is that they are only 20 mm thinner than the 220, that is 2 cms only.

    I am not trying to diss you or anything, the bike is new and you love it, I understand, but this review will be seen to people for many years to come and I do not wish people to buy the 220 and regret, I dont but I know many who do, because they read reviews and they ‘thought’ it was amazing and much different.
    I have owned the 220 for longer, so do trust me on all the things I have said, once a few months pass, you shall to see all the things I stated, trust me.

  • Berlin

    hi Abhay,
    it looks like u hav lot of experience with p220. i am planning to buy one. will it be good even after 4 or 5 years with a mileage above 35kmpl under normal riding conditions like 60 to 80kmph.?

  • Abhay

    Well berlin, from what I have seen, this bike, if maintained well should work till 5 years, but it will have problems, it will have niggles, but I dont know, I live that in it.
    This is just live a person, you can abuse it like hell and then have surgeries to get it back to health or you can live normally and get checked regularly, in anyway, as it is a machine, it WILL live long, you can keep on replacing parts if they wear out too much.

  • Navjot

    Abhay : First of all, what you said is according to you and i felt your review is not very accurate and you just write them without deep knowledge or proper feasibility !!

    1. From now no pulsar 220f comes with MRF (Eurogrip !! must be kidding ), check images in for your query/doubt.

    2. I know it supports 18 L but Bajaj never recommend to fill fuel tank above 15 L , reason – to ensure proper space for expanding fuel fumes which may cause jerking !!!

    3. Thank you for your concern but if you drive your P220 sensibly at 50- 60 km/h then i bet it gives you such figures (i clean and lubricate chain after 100 kms and oil all moving parts which surely benefits me in F.E)

    4. For this i could not help you , because what you said is not your experience, i had this experience with my room mates p 180 ug 4. So better you not talk about this.

    5. Yes lights are not yellowish and has white throw , don’t confuse this white with Xenon white color.

    6. Suspension is not set to softest ! It is set to default point at point 3. Means neither soft nor Hard !

    7. Tires are wider than R15 not P180, read properly. and P220f tyres are same soft as R15 the handling of R15 is better because of Mono suspension and Delta frame not tires !!
    Both uses same soft compounds. R15 uses 100/80 as it is 120kg. P220f uses 120/80 as it is 150kg. Be logical.

    Do not Misguide others !!

  • Abhay

    1 – Ok fine, dont trust, when someone you know gets it, then you will understand.

    2 – There is no such thing as Bajaj recommends to fill 15L when the tank is of 18L. Yes you do not fill it to the brim and that is it.

    3 – I am trying to make you aware that your engine might suffer from being lean, why take offence? I am trying to help you and you are just not ready to listen. Try to search, learn, do whatever you can.

    4 – Please I do not wish to discuss this more, you can think whatever you want. Yes, the 220 has magic battery.

    5 – The lights are halogen and are yellowish, they are not white, I can show you white, pure white in halogen, not xenon. Both are very different.

    6 – From the second last pic, I can see that the rear shocks are set to the softest setting, this is the stock setting.

    7 – The R15 comes with MRF Zapper Q and these IRC are in no competition to them. Yes it has mono suspension and delta box frame, but the tyres alone are also damn nice.

    You have just started to own this bike, you just now graduated to the big boys of indian bikes, so it will take you time, just dont get sentimental.

    This is my last response to you on this thread, I do not wish to make you feel angry or anything. Hope you do learn to admit your mistakes, if and when you realize them.

  • Navjot

    Thank You very much Abhay for your concern !!

  • Shrey Soni

    I am about to buy P220 on 14th Dec
    Is it really a good option or should I switch to R15
    Generally I travel 15-20 km daily in city.
    Please suggest

  • yes shrey it should be .. if you have money and can spend this much, think about r15 too.. otherwise P220 is a good choice.. or you can wait for honda cbr 250 too to get on roads.. I have heard it will be around Rs 1.5 lakh somewhere.. think about it in the meantime..

  • Navjot

    Hello Shrey : 15- 20 kms in city , then both bikes are good for you. R15 gives you better mileage in city though !

    If you can wait then in 2011 lots of new bikes are coming with great features and dynamics, like R125, Bajaj KTM 125/200 , Mojo , Cbr 250(Best bike if one can manage 1.40 lakh) etc…

  • Kunal

    @shrey soni if u drive only in city then go for fz, no bike i mean no bike can beat it in city conditions not even yzf r15.

  • Pravin

    Wat is the maximum fuel efficiency of P220?
    City as well as on the highways.
    I’ve read your blog, but the company promises something different.

  • Navjot

    Hello Pravin :

    Maximum efficiency i ever achieve on this bike is about 52 km/l with most boring drive ever , driving constant 50-60 km/h on Nh1 with stock air-fuel mixture.
    In city like Ludhiana where 5th gear is impossible to use i get efficiency of 35 km/l (approx)

    These days with normal driving appx 40% in city and 60% on highway, i m getting 40 km/l (+/- 5 km/l)

  • gustavo

    I am from Argentina and I want to buy this bike but there are so few in the street and with just so few kilometers rolled… My major concern is if someone knows about or has had big problems or mechanical failures with this bike or with the Pulsar 180. Here in Argentina Bajaj is a new brand and although they are well considered I am a bit afraid of the lack of mechanical replacement parts from the company that imports them Bajaj India. Thank you for your reply.

  • Navjot

    Hello Gustavo : Pulsar 220 is very smooth and powerful bike, my friend’s 220 did more than 15,000 kms. Never had a problem and now me too never had had a problem with this bike.

    Only small fairing noise is little problem but this is not a problem you can’t live with it.

    Bajaj spare parts are very cheap and very affordable. You just have to maintain it well and it will surely never gives you a problem.

    Happy Riding !

  • daemon

    can someone help me pick one from among yamaha fazer and pulsar 220f ???? i live in hills and have very bad roads!!!

  • Gurvinder

    Check out our new photos uploaded, Click here

  • Navjot

    Hello Daemon,

    There is no similarity between these bikes in terms of engine.

    If you have hilly roads then definitely Pulsar 200F is better choice.

    Now for sake of bad roads both bikes will perform almost equally but yes Fazer may perform better due to broader tires and mono suspension !

  • rahul

    i m rahul from hisar haryana i wanna ask from u something …when i go to brought pulsar 220 f ,then they said to me this model gives the average of 30 km/lit. but u say pulsar 220 f gives the average of 40-50 km/lit.
    so plz confirm first n tell me the proper average of pulsar 220 f
    plz reply soon…….
    thank u.

  • Navjot

    Hello Rahul,

    If you drive sensibly then surely you can achieve FE of 40-50 km/l for sure.
    Sensible driving- 40 -50 km/l
    Mix driving (city + highway ) – 35 – 45 km/l
    Insane driving- 30 – 35 km/l

    Never reach below 30 km/l .

  • anuj

    i m confused between karizma R and pulsar 220 ……. bcoz i hv read many feedbacks tht in long run pulsar220 is nt gud …… plz revert to me soon ….. thnks

  • Navjot

    Hello Anuj :

    I only believe on facts and in real my friend’s 220 did more than 30,000 kms without any major problem. Its a complete value pack. My 220 is also running great.

    Karizma R has Honda’s engine so its definitely more reliable but lacks sportiness and 1 lakh price features.

    why not R15 ???

  • sankar ram

    Hi Friends,
    I am sankarram from tamilnadu!
    i think so many of people were confused in selection of Bikes-KARIZMA ZMR-KARIZMA R-YAMAHA YZR-R15 AND FINALLY PULSAR 22ODTS-I!
    Friends am having these 3 bikes which r in the list!
    as we r in need of sporty bike with safety specifications also!
    as on performance pulsar 220dtsi should given royalty!i fastest bike ever produced in india!but braking of pulsar is too bad!i has just name tat a bike wit dual discs!bad disc is worst brake ever used on a bike!i hav reported the several times!but the response they to said talk to the manufactures!as the owner of 3 vechicles i just prefer u a bike with power and also safesty!my choice YAMAHA YZF-R15!IT MAY CAUSE SOME BODY PAIN BUT IS THE ONLY BIKE COMING WIT AN POWER AND EXCELLENT BRAKING!

  • p220fi is very powerfull bike and i try it

  • Navjot

    Ya Right IMRAN… 220Fi was more refined and crisper than 220F , but performance wise 220f is better… !!

  • Rajat

    hey guys which one is better p220 or r15 plz suggest me wanna to purchase one of them

  • Rakesh

    Thts wonderfully written.. Thanks a lot.
    Navjot, I want some more help from u..
    I am interested in buying a pulsar 220F dtsi. It’s a open chain bike and needs regular servicing. All I want to know is whether it suffers from cold start during winters (as it lacks kick start) and how expensive is it to maintain a open chain bike?
    Does it require servicing every month?
    I live in kolkata.

  • Navjot

    Hello Rakesh ,
    First of all really sorry for late reply.

    Rakesh, open chain require little maintenance, its not expensive though. You just need to lubricate it every week to assure its always wet. You can do it by yourself needs hardly 15 mins.

    There are two methods:
    1. Chain lube spray (cost 280/- apprx). It will serve you for 2 months like upto 10 times. Need only 5 minutes for this.

    2. SAE 90 oil (can found at any petrol pump). Just clean the chain with power water wash or with diesel and lubricate with oil. (Cost 90/- serve you for 2 months).

    About kick… please don’t worry, Bajaj ASS take proper care of battery power every time you visit them. Just never let headlights-on on battery with engine off and it will never let you down !

    Auto Choke is always there to provide hassle free cold starting. In Ludhiana with 3-4 Celsius temp in winter it never suffers from cold starting problems.

  • Berlin

    R u from chennai?

  • Abhishek

    Hey guys, I did my PUC 3 days ago. I got my CO level 0.68. Is it ok for a 220 Dtsi? I a bit worried cuz I’ve heard dat 2.5-3.0 is recommended CO level.

  • raja

    U’ve been so honest and little so is the author. I’m an R15 owner but I liked both reviews. In some cases the owners just boast whatever they have with them.

    • Navjot

      Thanks Raja… I am glad you admire .

  • Hii confused to buy which 1 bike apachertr180abs or p220f..please answer in detail…2011

    • Navjot

      @Rohit Prasad: Brother Both bikes are good but comes under different class .

      1. Apache RTR 180 Abs is great bike! but for me its a bike which is comfortable under ~~90 km/h something. After that it starts vibrating and control on bike is not great due to engine stress ! In city it handles better than Pulsar !
      2. Whats your height ? If more than 5’10” then you feel cramped on this bike. In city apache rocks !! Braking, accelerating and cornering is a real fun on this bike. This bike is more for city and less for tours/highways.


      Great bike on Highways. High speed stability is what i like the most. Good headlights. Sitting is more comfortable than apache but still its good not v.good. Powerful and value for money bike. Doesn’t vibrates or fell stress even continuous riding at 100+ speeds.

      If you go on highways or like powerful bike with high speed stability Go for 220F.
      If you ride more in city, like sprints or drag race go for apache !
      Both are good bikes choose any with respect to your requirements !!

  • thanx for your advisement bro..but you tell me what is the actual price of p220 month of sept 2011..iam 19 years now and i want a bike for go school..distace is 30-40 km .. can i choose in 12 class..please suggest me..

    • Navjot

      To check actual price- Go to ! Find latest price there WRT your city !

      New R15 is launched at 1.07 lakh. If not interested then second suggestion is Pulsar 220 F anyday.

  • Hey Navjot,
    I am 18yrs old.Mad for pulsar 220F ever since it was launched.I just love this bike.My parents are planning to give me the bike;so without any second thought i should go for it right??????

    • Navjot

      This is a great bike . Very good performance. Completed 18K on this bike till now. Totally satisfied.
      But lets wait for New Pulsar 250 (strong rumors) and KTM 200. Expected near Diwali. Price expected quarter past 1 lakh.

  • They were suppose to launch Pulsar 250 in september..Till now no confirmed news about it…also milege of 250 Pulsar will be less….So hoping mainly for 220 only.

    • Navjot

      Then this is the bike you will fall in love with !!

    • Thanx Navjot.

  • Aditya

    Hey anyone can help me in buying a bike.
    I’m stuck between four bikes Apache 160, Honda Dazzler, Pulsar 150,180.
    Please help me and point to be noted is that this is going to be my first bike.
    I also like speeding on highways with refinement i.e. bike should not feel stressed at high revs.

    • Faisal

      Aditya, what is your budget?

    • Aditya

      Rs. 70,000-75,000
      Please guide me

    • Aditya

      My budget is around 70,000-75,000
      Hey I’m 5’5″>So I’m dilemma if pulsar 180 will suit my physique or not.

    • Faisal

      Aditya, Pulsar 180 most sensible option. Don’t worry about height, it will suit you.

    • Aditya

      thank you very much.
      Can you give me it’s actual mileage figures

    • Navjot

      Aditya, Faisal will guide you accurately according to your budget.

      Wrt your shortlist bikes, Pulsar 180 is best option well suited for highways, though Dazzler offer great refinement.

    • Navjot

      Pulsar 150 is v.good choice but in 150 section you sure have many other options like Dazzler.

      pulsar 180 will gives you 42-45 kmpl (city + highway) with driving conditions keep in mind.

  • Aditya

    and what about Pulsar1 50 will it be a good choice after pulsar 180 or apache 160 woud be much better.

  • Hello bro, recently i owned new pulsar 180 dual colour.i want your help to improve the performance of ma ride by changing sparkplug,airfilter,engineoil…etc
    and i want to install a new opened bullet silencer also, is there any prob.. Or any better suggestions.
    plz gimme some better ideas

    • Berlin


      regarding the exhaust you can go for Race concepts exhaust…. it will give good performance boost….
      you can see here:
      you can ask joel about it:

      he may also have bigbore kits for p180. contact him…

    • Navjot

      Synthetic Engine oil will be good.
      Iridium spark plug will do minor change.
      K&N will do slight change in refinement and performance.

      Free Flow exhaust helps better performance but spoil engine life too.


    i have a pulsar220 i don’t know what is the maximum speed ?
    i wanna to know what is the maximum speed of 220F

    i get 115kmph maximum its new one pls give me an answer

    • Navjot

      I got maximum of 144 km/h on speedo. If you shift properly, just before redline you will get maximum acceleration hence can achieve Top Speed easily.

      Wait upto 2000 kms to achieve Top Speed, it will be good for Engine Life.
      Drive Safe.

  • ankur

    hi now that pulsar220 give 20km/l mileage so why ugive wrong answer to any one plz suggest me the bike in b/w70,000 to 90,000 …..plz…….

  • Navjot

    Hello Ankur,
    I strongly recommend you to tune your bike’s carburettor and maintenance your bike engine properly, Pulsar 220 easily gives 35 kmpl in city !
    As per your budget Pulsar 200 NS is good option .. What are your needs anyways in terms of performance. fuel efficiency or touring comfort etc.

  • ankur

    I agree with u but my frnd recently buy 220f and it give only 15-25 .I want to buy 220f .Is it the good choice .
    give me the suggestion for these bike also FAZER,220f,FZs..plz.

  • Navjot

    Hard to believe may be there are some calculation mistakes ….. !
    Pulsar 220F is my ride from past 19 months and i m satisfy with this bike.
    Fazer/Fzs no doubt great bikes, if you are not concerned about cc go for it !!

    • ankur

      thanx ….. iam satisfied with so my choice is 220f and I must buy this bike….again THANXXX…

  • avinash

    hi.. what can u say about pulsar 200ss??

  • Pritam

    Hey, i own a p180… Now i wanna shift up to p220f… Will it b a gud choice? How is d performence differences between p180 n p220.. Plz hlp..

  • Paarth

    Am in a huge fix regarding the mileage of the pulsar 220F. Have come across a wide range of figures thro’ different sites. Can anyone please tell the exact mileage of the 2012 220F???
    Please reply ASAP.

    • Paarth, mileage is 35 km/l.

    • vishal

      but the guy who showed me both the 200NS and 220F from bajaj probiking told me that 220F wud give about 25-30kmpl ???
      is it right ?

    • Vishal, no. The 220F gives around 35 km/l.

    • Baljinder singh

      Hello Navjot, can u tell me the price of 220 f new 2012 midnight black colour in punjab??

  • Arnab

    May i buy p180 or the new 220f.. Am 2 much concerned about this.. I want a commuter bike with much power as well as mileage….

  • Baljinder singh

    Hey guys if u need performance than go for 200Ns……..if both mileage and performance u need…… thr is no better option than 220F

  • venkat

    Navjot really a great review on pulsar 220, this helped me a lott.. am thinking to buy this bike in 1 week.. really awesome bike, i love pulsar220 soo much..

  • Alex Arvind

    What will be the mileage of 220F in city and highways?

  • Desi Bikerz

    Bro 38 to 40km/l ……..

  • Rajesh

    Pulsar bike will produce sound on the bike and after 2 -4 years .pls i want 2 buy within 90 -1,00,000 plz suggest me the bike .

  • sohil

    i m confused whether 2 buy PULSAR 220 or KARIZMA R as both the bikes r looking good . regarding the quality i think that in terms of maintainence hero bikes are best option as there are people who says that pulsar bikes loose their performance after 2 to 3 years 220 is good but karizma is also not bad i m really confused whether which to buy kindly reply me .

  • Akash

    You people buy pulsar 200NS . . . . . .

  • Akash

    Brakes are not much strong on 220

  • sohil

    pulsar 220 and karizma is full fairing while p200 is not already i have HH hunk so i want change.

  • akshay

    dude iam planning to buy p220 can u plz tell me its worst mileage when driven in a worst condition

  • krishnakumar

    What are models in pulsar 220?
    I had a confusion 220DTsi, 220f & 220s .which gives more mileage?
    I heard 220Fi gives less mileage than 220 DTsi, but comparing the performance Fi is good they said is this correct?
    Recentlty i bought 220 DTSI 2010 august model for 42 k is this worth price?
    Can u suggest me the engine oil…somebody telling that motul 5100 or motul 7100 or 4T valvoline

    • There is just one model now, 220F.

      The price you bought your 220 seems good. Motul oil works well on Pulsars.

    • krishnakumar

      Thanks Faisal for your kindly reply…..:) if any other doubts surely i will contact you.

  • krishnakumar

    Faisal you having 220Dtsi or 220Fi?
    What you think about carburetor and Fuel injector? It makes difference?
    I think there may be carburetor technology in new models.

    • Krishna, I have neither. There is only carb in Pulsar 220.

    • krishnakumar

      Thanks faisal.

  • krishnakumar

    I planning to use motul 300v oil somebody telling that oil is used for car.
    This is first time using the motul oil whether it is correct? or i want to use some different oil?
    I am from chennai. Please help me in this.

  • Reeto

    Nice review. At what RPM on 5th gear does the P220F hit 100 kmph? What is the speed on 5th gear at 8,000 RPM? Kindly reply

  • Swaroop

    Hi navjot…nice review…it’s 2013 now….which bike do you feel is the best…Duke 200 or pulsar 220

  • Ravi

    I live in nagpur.
    1) What is the mileage of 220f and 200ns in city like nagpur.
    2) Which bike should i choose as i want mileage around 40kmpl in city.

  • Ravi

    And What should i do to get more mileage….?

  • shailesh

    sir, plz give me details about schedule servicing cost of pulsar 220.

  • Ranu singh

    what is milage pulsar 220

  • sweetson

    I have a prblm wth my bike i hv p220 f whn ever bike is driven for abut 2-3 kms i hear a little tak tak soundcmng frm d box attached to d silencer under d gear box and it only comes whn accelaration goes down wht is it guys plss help

  • M J chowdhury

    Hi Motorheads,

    Its a 2009 edition P220 DTS-I and the low fuel oil indicator (extreme far right icon) on the dash keeps blinking when I hit 60-70 kmph on the highways. No leaks whatsoever, but the side stand does seem oily, recently changed c. plates and eng. oil. So, please advise guys.its been 2 years on like this the blinker is really annoying.. :-(

  • Raaj

    Great review navjot
    yes it is the Fastest Indian…
    but it has only one prblm
    while washing it water goes in its fuel tank and I have to take it to my mechanic….
    just one thing I’m tired off..
    otherwise no other bike can stand against it…
    I’m proud to be a pulsarmaniac….

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