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New Hero Honda Hunk Pictures

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2011 Hero Honda Hunk - Click above for high resolution picture gallery

We have got some exclusive pictures of the new Hero Honda Hunk for you. As can be seen in the pictures, the new Hunk gets a complete new instrument console with digital speedometer. There is a new cowl, fender, exhaust and LED tail lamps. The kick start has now been omitted from the Hunk and the bike solely relies on self start mechanism. Pricing is expected to be hiked by Rs. 3000/-

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  • ignatius

    i saw disk brake in Hero honda .. is it optional ? .. if it optional y there is price hike for a digital meter to 3000 rupees ?

    • fas

      Ignatius, yes rear discs are optional and the price hike includes the rear disc as well.

    • DINZ

      Price hike includes rear LED tail lamp and also for tubeless tires

  • Madhav

    Cluster looks cool!
    No mod to the engine???

    • fas

      Madhav, no mods to the engine.

  • Bharath

    Wow Fas, in my list of blogs, your blog is the first to post New HH hunk pictures.

  • fas

    Bharath, thank you for the kind words, this is something which keeps us going :)

  • Madhav

    Yes. You guys are faster!
    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • ignatius

    thanks FAS,

  • dduckar

    Honda Dazzler engine on Hero Honda Hunk.
    way to go Honda keep spoon feeding Hero guy’s.

  • Bharath

    dduckar, are you sure? I dont think hunk carries Dazzler’s engine, if it is then its really a good news, as dazzler’s engine gives good mileage than old Hunk. What do you say buddy?

  • sk

    which shoowroom you taken these pics

  • Arvind

    Definitely not Dazzler’s engine as it produces only 14 bhp. Hunk does 14.4 bhp.

    I saw pics of the new brochure, there was a new “Marine green” colour O.o

    When does booking of this new Hunk start in Chennai?

  • Anoop

    Try to include some more pictures of the new HUNK,…
    cz its sooooooooo Stylish,……..

  • Anoop

    Hey, Fas,
    Can you tell me from when onwards This new Hunk will be available in kerala……

    • fas

      Anoop, it should be available already.

  • Amit

    I heard very right comment ….honda guies would have introduce reaR disk in Karizma first…. but anyways hunks drum breakes are really poor… it dose not have capacity to control bike so nyways they are needed…. and yes as compaied to old CBZ disks in new bikes wearouts rapidely…. honda should answer why it so……..

  • Amit

    its good ….at least now honda has introduced digital meters…. but what so gr8 abt it…. even bajaj economy bikes are coming with such features… and to surprise again this upgradation (So called)is half hearted …why fuel guage is not digital? why handel bar controls are not with backlight? My owned Hunk is just 3 months old n was expecting its new version with atleast realtime digital economy indicator(It continiously keeps showing u what avg per ltr u can expect at current driving situation… as we are not on racing mood always we sometimes concern its avg… why we need to wait till it comes to reserve mode to know its avg… n we can consider 150 CC bike as normal bikes on indian roads now… )I feel we can surely expect such upgradation from honda easily considering its performance bike’s reputation…. dont know why honda is not leaving upto its own mark in india…. I find these minor changes cant be called upgradation … these are just cosmetic changes…. any real driver will agree this…

  • hi,
    @amit, everything u hv said is good nd true.
    but d point is that a responisible bike manufacturer can’t change or upgrade bike so soon coz it will increase the no. of running models and the spares required 2 b stored n d service centre increses… So d upgradation is done after a long tym nd 2 d minimum nd u will notice that almost all d hh upgrades 2 running model can b easily fitted on d old model as of fender, LED tail, Indicators etc.. so d upgrade is done keeping all d facts in mind.
    do reply @
    take care

  • ankush

    Hi….i’m going to buy a new model hh hunk……..! I think it is a super bike…..! But the new model hunk have no kick start.. so please tell me..that in new hunk the kick start is optional or not…??.kindly answer me!….im waiting for ur early reply….!!

  • ankush

    i think in hero honda 1st is karizma zmr and 2nd is HUNK

  • aiyaz

    hi just booked the new hunk with the rear disk costs 76354Rs Mumbai while as the front disc costs 73054Rs.The bike looks great with the comestic upgrades digi console,led tail lamps and tubeless tyres.
    Overall a great package by HH..
    Good looks
    Tested by frens Hunk as well Mileage: 45 to 50 in city and 50-55 on highway

  • Srinath

    Somehow this bike is surprisingly absent from showrooms in Bangalore. The sales ppl are still unaware of this new Hunk here. My friend was trying hard to get info about it but all in vain. Finally he looked towards the Apache Hyperedge.



  • can you tall me which is better cbz extrem or hunk

    • fas

      Karan, the Hero Honda Hunk is better than the CBZ Xtreme.

  • Sonu

    Srinath Says:
    “Somehow this bike is surprisingly absent from showrooms in Bangalore. The sales ppl are still unaware of this new Hunk here. My friend was trying hard to get info about it but all in vain..”

    Same situation is here in “Barelly’/”Shahjahanpur” (UP).

    Dealers are duffer enough have no sense about “HH Hunk” new model (just 2 days before Hh published advt in “Dainik jagran” & in that the contact of these dears been given) I tried hard to get some info. abt these but those duffers don’t know anythings replying it’s about to be launch & they are unable to make it available next 1-2 months….They’ve some old models also but no colors available except “Red & Black”.

    These HH dealers are just crap..

    Finally me also looking towards the Pulsar 150 or Yamaha SZR.

  • Bharath

    Sonu, you can go in for Pulsar 150 over the Yamaha SZ. SZ has the same engine of FZ-16 with lesser power. SZ lacks in Power delivery, disc brake, no digital gizmo and tachometer. You may think that the bike is a best buy for that price, but think wisely, it doesn’t comes with leg-guard and kicker where u have to pay extra 2000 to 3000 rupess from you pocket. Finally if u can compromise on service u can go in for Yamaha. I knew this because I own a Fazer… The decision is your friend.

  • Ram

    Hey sonu, go to prakash motors in Lalbagh road, Bangalore. they have the new hunk, i bought it from them.

  • ss

    did the new double disc hunk hav any complaints..?
    plz reply..

  • Ram

    @ ss: No problems at all with the new HUNK, the rear discs work like a charm. I have had the bike for over 2 months now and i love it. Awesome bike with awesome features.

  • Utsav

    Hey Fas,

    You know what I own a old Muscle Hunk and now…I am simply getting crazy for All new Muscle Hunk…

    I am dying to upgrade my old one with the All New Muscle Hunk… The reason is I don’t wanna sell off my old and go for new one…

    So Can you please tell me is there a chance of upgrading my old one with the new one… Waiting for your earliest reply…

    Thanks in advance!

    • fas

      Utsav, you can upgrade cosmetically but you can’t change engine specs. It will cost you more though.

  • Ram

    You can ask the Herohonda service supervisor that you want to change the parts like console, visor, tail light etc to the new model. It is possible to change it. Go and ask in the nearest service center of Herohonda.

  • srikanth

    whats the over all price of hunk dual disc in bangalore ?

  • Ram

    Hi Srikanth,

    Go to Prakash motors in Bangalore, they are the best in Karnataka, I bought my new HUNK from there for on-road price of 77000.

    here is their address

    Prakash Complex,
    15,Lalbagh Road,
    Near Subbaiah Circle,
    Bangalore – 560 027.
    Ph:080-22272066, 22218494,
    22233353, 22233072
    Fax: 080-22218239,
    Mobile No: 36932320

  • srikanth

    Thanks Ram..

  • ajith


  • sur

    i am interested to buy a new herohonda hunk………but when i searched the net found that only self start option is available and the kicker lever is completly omited.thats the think that confuses me…..
    i am not ready to take risk if the battery fails.could i get a new hunk with self and kicker too as an optional…plz reply..

  • Ram

    Hi Sur,

    See, all cars only have self start, besides all the new 150cc bikes like Yamaha SZ and FZ series, Honda Dazzler also have only self start. All the foreign bikes have only self start, only in India we are still stuck upon kick start because after 4 years when the battery goes bad people are ignorant to replace with a new battery and use only kick start. More over the hunk has a advantage over other bikes as it comes with a maintenance free battery so you don’t have to top up the distilled water regularly. Now a days bikes have become better with AMI,CDI ignition technology, many new Indian bikes have only self, Karizma ZMR, 2011 Karizma R, Honda CBF Stunner, Honda CB Dazzler, Bajaj Avenger, Pulsars, Yamaha FZ 16, FZ S, SZ to name a few, this doesn’t mean people are not buying them, you have to move on, in a few years none of the bike will have a kick start. The battery will not fail, Hunk has the EXIDE MF Battery, have faith in Herohonda and go for the Hunk. I have completed 3500km on my new hunk and no problem at all, and to be on the safer side ask the service center guy to check your battery everytime you give the bike for service.

    • Koushik

      I am getting only 40kmpl. I don’t cross 50kph. But still I am getting that miserable mileage. I have completed 1200 km.

      And also I am having a big problem with self start at cold weather. I call others to push the bike and start. It’s very frustrating. Otherwise a good bike to ride…

  • sur

    its ok but still am i able to get one with kick start as optional…

  • dr.arun

    a doubt…. the new hunk doesnt hav a kick start option…. !!! is it true..

    • fas

      Dr. Arun, no kick start in 2011 Hunk.

  • DinZ

    Coool bike.awesome. only thing is the elevated handlebar wont give sportive look and feel. but its oki still he is muscular.

  • prashant

    Hi, I am Prashant Kakade , I had Hero Honda HUNK which was brought from Pratibha Motors, Pune, Maharashtra, in Last week of October 2010. Just after two weeks the speed-o-meter suddenly stopped Working. I led this problem to Pratibha Motors. they have analyzed that Improper Working of Speedometer is due to Defect in Related Sensor. I asked them to fix the problem. At the end of the March problem was fixed. I was waited 3 Months to fix the problem.
    But at the NEXT day I got the same problem. I again Reported the problem to Concerned Authority Person. After that I waited 1 Month to fix the Same Problem. In short I waited 4 months to just Change the Sensor.
    Now at the Middle of the June Speed-o-meter cached fire (Black smoke into the Display). what is the quality of service that your are offering to your VALUABLE customer? Who is responsible for such incident? I purchased Hero Honda bike because of the brand image they had maintained in the market for a long period . And these kind of things to customer will damage the company image .
    Please look into this issue and help me to solve it asap. Also provide me digital speedometer assembly asap.
    Contact No.9527491819

  • hai hunk

  • abhijit

    hi,,,,,,i want to buy a new herohonda hunk, so i want to know what is the price onroad in kolkata ???????????????????

  • parvez

    can i replace my rear drum brake & install rear disk break into my 2009 hunk model?, is there any rear disk brake kit available for hunk in india?

    • fas

      Parvez, nope there is none.

    • vipin

      No parvez you cant

  • Wasim

    Hey bro. Which bike is best in new pulsar 150 and new hh hunk. Pls tell me. Also tell me that can we attach kick to new hunk?

    • Faisal

      Wasim, kick start is not required. The Hunk is better but wait for all new Pulsars, which will be game changers.

  • Wasim

    Hey bro. Which bike is best in new pulsar 150 and new hh hunk. Pls tell me. Also tell me that can we attach a kick to new hunk?

    • HunKkkkkkkkkkk

    • skumar

      hunk is more better than pulsar 150 & 180

    • Debrup Basu Mallick

      go for pulsar 150 sports version or dazzler

    • wasim

      hey bro i owned new bajaj pulsar 150… thanks…..

  • Konark

    is this new hunk available in market now or if not till when it will be available

    • Faisal

      Konark, it is available in market.



  • Wali

    but what abt kick stater !! without it, is it tough in cold weather to start !!

    • hunk starts normaly in hot & cold wheader also


    hey bros which bike is best new hunk or new cbz xtreme ???????

    • Libin benny

      ……..i am interested in HUNK………

  • hunk is a nice bike.Hunk is better than pulsar.

  • ashwin

    hunk is super . . . . . .

  • Moloy deori

    Want to exchange pulsar 180ug4 bought on sept23rd 2012 with new hunk with rear disk.guys interested pls cal 8876872582.

  • phubh thinley

    its god damn bike, for bikes like this in bhutan… its a total bullshit, coz we do not get spare parts. we need to order, then wait and finelly when it reaches here its costs too high that it is difficult to effortr for us.

  • Ankit

    I want to buy hunk in 2015 . If it will avilable or not plz tell me. Its cost also.

  • Oh god , its not winter yet , bt in morning my digital hunk doesn’t start , i found difficulty in it , without kick it is damn frustating … Cant i attach a kickstart to it … Is there any way to do so then suggest me …



  • Shaizal

    Hii I m planning on purchasing Hunk in jan 2013, just wanted to know how much mileage it delivers after 3 – 4 years?

    • Shaizal, expect similar mileage if maintained well.

  • Rocky

    Please come hunk in jammu 2013

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