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Next Generation 2013 Bajaj Discover Spied [Updated]

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All New Bajaj Discover

It is no secret that Bajaj Auto is working on the next generation Discover motorcycle. The Chakan based automaker will be launching the all new Bajaj Discover motorcycle by the end of the year, upgrading it thoroughly from in most aspects. Rohit Paradkar of OnCars recently spotted the bikes with heavy camouflage around Pune and has shared some snaps on Facebook. The pictures reveal an all new digital instrumentation (current Discover has a twin-pod analog cluster) and gas filled monoshock suspension (current Discover has twin gas filled shocks), which comes as a surprise to many.

Due to the heavy use of camouflage, one can’t really identify the changes in styling but we expect Bajaj Auto to give the Discover some major design changes. This revamp of the Discover is quite in line with what the Pulsar has received and we can expect some technologies to water down from the Pulsar 200 NS to the next generation Discover motorcycle. On close inspection, one can notice the new exhaust muffler and the Pulsar 200 NS style alloy wheels on the new Discover.

While it is still too premature to talk about the mechanical changes underneath, one can expect wider rubber, bigger disc brakes and a revamped engine on the 2013 Bajaj Discover. Triple spark plug technology is likely to come to the 150 cc engine of the Discover, while we can speculate that Bajaj Auto might discontinue the Pulsar 150 altogether and offer the Discover as the only option in the 150 cc segment. This way Bajaj can keep the Discover for the premium volume market, while restricting the Pulsar brand to the performance segment. Remember, Rajiv Bajaj has already confirmed a 350 cc version of the Pulsar for 2013.

2013 Bajaj Discover Monoshock

2013 Bajaj Discover 150

Update – Another spy shot of the next generation Discover has emerged. This spy shot gives a complete view of the bike, which shows the evolution of the Discover’s styling.

Bajaj DIscover Next Generation

Spy Pictures Courtesy – Facebook (Rohit Paradkar) and BikeAdvice

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  • Neil

    Nice move from Bajaj. Good to see the way they are coming up next generation affordable perfomance biking. Though I reckon this mule is not the same as the 200 NS, coz if I am not wrong this has a kick start.

  • S U P E R B.
    Next Gen Discover to have monoshocks?? Thats mindblowing. I just hope they have nice headlights and with P200NS Tech this could be a killer. I think Bajaj has tightened belts to beat Hero and Honda. ♥BAJAJ♥

  • Im almost sure triple spark is not coming since the head of 150cc bike is tooo small to include triple spark. Though refinement is sure to come.

    @Neil, thats quite obvious that this is not P200NS. Dont know why you are doubting.

    • Neil

      @Abhishek: Oops i forgot to mention and please read it as “that this mule is not having the same head as the 200”. I know this is for sure not the 200 and no way near it. It was just the triple spark thing i doubt in and not the CC. Hope you got that mate ;).

      Now lets see how this bike looks once that camouflage is off. Any news of the 200 heading our way any time soon?

      @ Fas: Any idea whats the date, when we can see it striking the showrooms.

    • @Neil, yes got it :)

      @Fas, Joy mentioned that this bike would be launched by the end of the year. As far as I remember Rajiv Bajaj said a new commuter bike would be launched in May. So they may launch it by May-June I speculate.
      Its hard to see the P200NS have not arrived at the showrooms and price not revealed too.

    • Faisal

      Abhisek, well they will unveil it by June but a launch will happen near Diwali.

    • Faisal

      Neil, it is expected to hit showrooms by the end of this year. An unveil event can happen by June 2012.

  • Hunky

    May be indeed the NS200 would be lowest range of Pulsar, where Discover would be in 150 and 180 and boxer to take the lower then 150cc segment ???

  • Sushrut

    It gets monoshock but does not get clip-on handles .. that’s a shock.

    • Faisal

      Sushrut, lack of clip-ons is the real shock, not the monoshock.

    • Neil

      @Fas: You got me wrong. My question here was regarding the Launch of 200 NS. Is it April end or when?

    • Faisal

      Neil, yes the Pulsar 200 NS will be launched in the last week of April.

  • Maximum

    @Sushrut, good comment. It is hard to understand that why the Discover 2012 does not get clip-on handles when it get’s a mono-shock.

    About Bajaj’s strategy it’s looks like they are ready to take on Honda Unicorn & the Dazzler which is the main competition in the 150cc segment. They also have the Pulsar 350cc in line to take on the Honda CBR250R which is going to be more powerful, faster & will be costing around Rs.164000/- or less going by Bajaj’s pricing strategy for the Pulsar.

  • Aryan

    Good to see it

  • vijay

    In first look , it’s looking good. Rest things will be clear after opening the packet…….

  • mak

    Sad bajaj is doing alround to retain its no.2 position while honda is just 7000 below bajajs domestic sales. days of bajaj are gone. welcome honda…see when the dream yuga comes..

  • mak

    Does thoese who are ridding current pulsar n discover….they ll b obselete in few months…..keep hanging on bajaj….3 plug 4 valve bla bla *hit….

    • Neil

      @Mak: Enjoy your honda Japanese left over (what you call a *hit). I know its hard to digest the fact the Bajaj has always been a sheer leader when it comes to innovations and so we see Honda today with a 150 CC mono shock and 125 CC shine with a tyre as thin as a 3 mm water pipe and 250 CC to remind people that Honda still exist and show some mercy for we Japs. Dead Indian Honda doing the business on mere name sake. So if these 4 valves and 3 sparks coming from a Honda stable would have made you digest the fact isnt it. The reason is Indians are always known for doing the unbelievable and giving hard time to the world. If you dont respect it better keep mum and let your ear plugs play the music. Coz we enjoy the beats from a Pulsar and you enjoy the Honda muteness.

  • mak

    Bajaj is also planning to bring monoshok in boxer….lol

    • Manty Ahmed

      Cheap ppl lik u can only buy dream yuga which is below quality to even boxer n then proud of being honda owner.bajaj has dominated othr japs in india n dis bike wud mk evn honda sweat. N fr ur trouble bajaj is eatng market share of japs in othr countries. See feb jump in exports u crap. Go bajaj go

  • Aryan

    @ MAK …….. i think u r *ucking honda (joke)
    Bajaj is not planning boxer in monoshock, u illiterate minded.
    in Domestic sales Honda is way behind bajaj(@1-2 lac).
    “Dream Yuga” bike will be all Chinese made bike to bring its cost @ 40,000.
    Honda is recognized for its ‘Quality’ but cheap moves like ‘all chinese’ Dream Yuga will hamper their reputation.

  • Aryan

    @ MAK. bajaj is atlest bringing in some new technology for INDIANS, WTF Honda is doing, *ucking the same old tech & hanging to it.
    HONDA is very reputed & experienced company we expect much from them, not those cheap tricks like ‘degraded version of International CBR 150R’ chinese Dream Yuga, lower quality of metal parts for cost saving etc.

  • kapil

    I will not buy bajaj even if they put 10 spark plugs and 100 valves.

    • Pulsarboy

      I guess that’s why Bajaj has not done it yet :) LOL

    • Faisal

      Kapil, that was really funny.

    • Apart from funny I would say that it is better to monitor and remove comments which start brand wars rather than taking it funny. No offence pls, just a suggestion. Nowdays motorbeam has become a brand war-zone due to some immature people and it degrades the quality. I love the way xbhp monitors the comments with many moderators and there is an option to flag any comment. Hope MB comes out with a forum like that.

    • Faisal

      Abhisek, you will be happy to know we are working towards something on those lines and its coming really soon ;-)

    • Aryan

      @Abhishek thats true … rather than discussing the bike people start discussing how brands will go dead, before even looking or riding the bikes.

    • Aryan

      @ Kapil if the same 10 spark plugs and 100 valves if done by Hero or Honda then its fine u will digest that, how cheap is ur mentality !!!

  • Mackvin

    This bike looks good when is this bike going to be launched? and how much cc?
    Is bajaj going to launch 180 and 150 pulsar?

    • Faisal

      Mackvin, at this moment one can’t really say but 150 cc expected first.

  • Hell with clip-ons, even the N650 doesnt have it…whats the big deal. Err…why the disc is so small? And BTW take the Honda and Bajaj patriotism war somewhere else..not here!

  • Everyone is out here to make money and profits…be it Bajaj, Honda, Yamaha whoever. Its all business- remember Rajiv Bajaj saying that the Pulsar profit margin is 30%- why not make it 15% and pass on the cost advantage to its patriotic customers.

    • Aryan

      @ Deepak ….. Bajaja overall profit margin including 3 wheeler is 20% . how can they earn 30 % profit, grow up with ur common sense.

    • Faisal

      Deepak, because every business has an objective of profit maximization.

  • Aaah my bad, so 20% it is- thanks.

    Well about common sense and growing up, checking the tone of the comments and the use of your netiquettes in posting your thoughts obviously show up who needs common sense and growing up.

    So coming back to the comment, how about Bajaj reducing the 20% margin to the industry average of 10% and passing onto the cost benefits to its patriotic customers.

    I’ve owned 3 bikes- Bajaj Pulsar 150 (Pulsar 150- 1,70,000 kms), Hero Honda Karizma (70,000 kms) and the recent Honda CBR (2 months old 6000 kms). Based on my riding experience I can gauge pretty well about the so called old-tech/new-tech that you are talking about. That all looks good on paper- but the truth lies in when you ride. To be frank a ten year old Honda-tech Karizma engine still is miles ahead compared to the new-tech Pulsars (thats just one example). So just harping on the technology facts looks very good on paper and the marketing brochure- in the end it sums up when the bike gets on the road.

    Hope this suffices.

    • Quote:”To be frank a ten year old Honda-tech Karizma engine still is miles ahead compared to the new-tech Pulsars (thats just one example)’

      @Deepak, In what way? If you compare your old P150 with Karizma I would support you that it is true but P200NS??? :rolleyes: forget it. Its a very “immature comment” coming out from a mature biker who got enraged due to some personal attack. Clearly the Pulsar 200ns is a class product which got born out of 3yrs R&D with KTM for 3years. Bajaj has burnt midnight oil to produce a bike which could beat any bike from any company even much more than its price. It does not have the engine which old pulsars posesses. This one is refined. Not like a Unicorn but definitely as much as a CBR 250R. I too have ridden both the bikes and possess myself a Honda product so I know well about the smoothness & refinement of these bikes. The bike is yet to be launched and if reviews are anything to go by it can any bike in India or even abroad out of its sheer value. The engine grunt is a direct born of KTM and mixed with Bajaj tech and sounds amazing. The Karizma is just a big splendor nothing else. If you would have said about the earlier pulsars I would accept it (even though P220F is amazing) but in 100yrs also Karizma would not match the quality and performance and fun-to-ride factor of Pulsar 200 NS. This is one of the best bikes produced even. Do not believe me. Pick up any review what you want. It is making people crazy everywhere. Karizma was a good product when it was launched but now is on the verge of dying no matter how hard you shout Honda fanboyism to decline it.

      @Aryan, I have always observed you use unrespectful words also with people who have come to share their opinion and not to disrespect any brand. Please have some “common sense” when you talk to normal people. Don’t show your fanboyism on each and every post.

      PS – I rest my case here and I won’t take it whatever you guys have to say. I had done my homework well before talking about Pulsar 200NS and also the Karizma. I won’t visit this thread again since it has become a dirt-zone.

    • Faisal

      Abhisek, let us see the reliability of the Pulsar 200 NS’ engine and then compare it with the Karizma. I have heard from internal sources about the Pulsar 200 NS’ engine reliability and its not very positive.

  • Aryan

    @ Deepak who told u that industrial margin is 10%, every 4 wheeler maker in INDIA takes 30% profit, 3wheeler takes @ 25-30% profit & 2 wheeler takes @ 15% profit, bajaj overall average profit is 20% (@15-17% in 2WH & 25% in 3WH).
    bajaj don’t invest in ads & marketting which is given as discount for customers, but others don’t do it.

  • From the horse’s mouth:

    ….Profitability is our most important objective and the brand focus has played a key role in giving us pricing power and cost effectiveness.

    ….my marketing budget is focused on only a few brands and aimed at existing customers to give them greater confidence that they have bought a great product. I have never tried to buy market share. So it’s not a surprise that Bajaj Auto’s operating profit margin is 20 per cent compared to the (two-wheeler) industry average of 10 per cent.

  • Aryan

    Anyways I don’t want Brand wars here, few people who have respective brands bikes cars thinks their brands r world class & other r worthless (according to their perception).
    @ Fas… please put some options for red flagging

    • Faisal

      Aryan, give me some time, we are working on a better comment system.

    • tushar

      man finally please tell me the launch date of pulsar200ns……motorbeam had said that it ws about first week of april..

    • Faisal

      Tushar, it will be launched by the middle of this month.

  • ^^^All said and done. Pls be prudent and thoughtful in putting across your comments from next time- its a request. Using F* words doesn’t prove anyone’s point- everyone knows to use it, but maturity decides if you really have to post it. Getting enraged on someone’s comment itself shows one’s biasness towards a particular brand. I look upon forums and websites such as MB as a place to share and learn new things- not fight. So let us keep that way.

    • Faisal

      Deepak, I agree. This is a community. Not a motorcycle war section. So fellow bikers, lets do constructive criticism and not personal attacks please.

  • @Abhishek: My old P150 DTSi came much much later after the ZMA was launched- and the ZMA didn’t have all the tech that Bajaj showed in the spec sheet for the Pulsars. So if I have to go by the general mood of the debate/argument out here, it implies that something that comes later has to be a better product. In no state did I get enraged- it was just my response with proper facts and figures. Did you see me retaliate with a personal I didn’t. I responded to the so called “growing up” and “common sense” citation pointing out the tone of language that was used. Well getting back to the tech stuff. The surprising part- though I have read enough about the new P200NS- rather read too much, the bike is still not out. An absolute new product of which even the bookings have not started- has suddenly become the benchmark to call other technologies outdated. Please do not press on one particular product to simply put down others. I do appreciate Bajaj’s R&D- but take the P200NS out of the picture and tell me, if the existing Pulsar 220 for example even after all the upgrades still matches the Karizma in refinement, can the Discover still match the engine and gearbox quality for example say a Yamaha Crux that was launched 12-13 years ago, can the P150 match similar Jap-made counterparts??? I doubt! Forget the engine- even the new-age gas shocks on the Pulsars still don’t match the plush ride quality of the regular shocks on the ZMA or even the age old CBZ. If a so-called outdated technology can still perform, I don’t see no harm in it as long as its effective. My point is not to put down any mfr- not Bajaj, Hero Honda, Honda, Yamaha or anyone. No one is perfect- everyone has its own shares of niggles. If tomorrow Tata plonks in a Jaguar engine in one of their cars- will it make the Fiats, Toyotas, Hondas, Hyundai etc outdated? At the end of the day, its my hard earned money that I am putting on a bike and I will put enough of thought process behind it. For me it doesn’t matter who makes the bike and how. It should be an able performer of what it promises. Some of your words speak about you being an experienced guy about bikes, and on the other hand quoting that the ZMA is a big Splendor becomes a contradiction. Within am still a Bajaj fan and I appreciate the leaps it has taken as two wheeler mfr- I still am an active member of the Bajaj Pulsar group despite riding a CBR. I stopped one of my friend from buying a ZMA just to wait for the NS200. The whole point of the debate here was on on lines of new technology and suddenly going boom at others. From a Bajaj to a Hero Honda and now to a Honda- I loved all my bikes, in fact the attachment that I had with my Pulsar is still unsurpassed by the later two bikes. And I bought all these bikes with my own hard earned money…neither of these 3 gave me the bike free for me- hence I fail to understand your term of “Honda fanboyism”. I have always praised bikes on their merit and not just coz I owned them…which unfortunately you find an “immature comment”. Disappointing is all I can say. Ride safe brother!

    • My comment of Honda Fanboyism came at the end because it was hard to digest that karizma is better than new Pulsar NS and I have tried doing everything about researching 200NS. I agree Karizma was a great product and the only big bike when it was launched in 2004 which P180 could not match in any regards. But if you see now, there is no change in the engine and looks (apart from stickering in which Hero excels). The looks are outdated now and the power of 17Hp feels quite low now. I agree that Pulsars still aren’t no where close to refinement that a karizma or Dazzler would provide. But the new P200NS has heavily increased in terms of refinement. Some people who have ridden it say its close to Yamaha in terms of refinement. So that means it is decently refined even though not refined like the Hondas. And refinement is not everything about biking brother. If it was then Unicorn is ultimately refined and smooth. Everyone will buy the same bike. There are other factors like looks, fun-to-ride feature, A.S.S., features, Price, VFM, FE (most imp for ppl now) etc etc.

    • About Bajaj and Tata comparison, I would do rather Bajaj and Hero comparison to be more appropriate. What Hero did was just plonking old Honda engines into their bike without knowing what it is. What Bajaj did was a joint development and R&D with a group of engineers of KTM in Chakan plant to develop a common base for 200cc engine. Agreed it is more of a KTM engine than Bajaj engine. But Bajaj learnt it (Many expert including Fas agrees on this point) rather than just putting it into their engines. KTM used to produce one of the most amazing engines (but sadly not models) which were decently refined. Refinement was what Bajaj lacked seriously and some gearbox niggles. Bajaj was clever to learn technologies from KTM and thus owned 40% of KTM. Honda etc 50+ years experience, Bajaj is just 10+ experienced, so if Bajaj were late in providing refinement (which is very crucial) they were out of the game. It was a valid move by Rajiv Bajaj. Even the KTM 125cc engines were developed in Chakan for the first time. KTM have utilised Bajaj resources and for favour of that passed the technology. Now Bajaj even modified the engine more with ECU controlled 3plugs, small cat-con, exhaustec to produce more mileage figures (than Duke) and lower rev power. This learning would be proved since Bajaj would come out with a 150cc engine based on P200NS technology while there won’t be any D150 launched.
      Apart from engine Bajaj worked on looks alot, we can see one of the best looking naked bikes, Twin-Spar which gives 50:50 weight distribution, Brembo double discs are employed, 6-speed gearbox (perfect according to the reviews), nice split seats, nice Digital Speedo etc.
      PS- I am both Bajaj+Honda fan and I still consider CBR250R to be the best bike in India followed by (till whatever I’ve seen) Pulsar 200NS.

  • Aryan

    @ abhishek .. i was raged due to comments of ‘Mak’, no one is discussing about first few comments, people here r more interested in hot & latest comments, go into history before concluding.

    • @Aryan, Dude you were enraged on Mak and you bashed him was proper. But using words like ‘you don’t have common sense’ on people who have come here to give their unbiassed opinion (@Deepak) would surely piss them off. What he was saying about the profit is absolutely correct. Bajaj are earning good profits (20%) which is more than industry average. But indirecltly they are passing the benefit to the customers by doing Reaserches and buying stakes in big companies. And other companies are also earning good profits like Honda on CBR150. Bajaj also gains by localising everything and profits were very good since they created the same model and sold many of them. But everyone is dong business.

      @Deepak, hope you have seen this review & vid
      I bought Autocar-March-12 and the review of P200Ns in that was very positive. Reliability can only be known when someone drives it for say 5000 kms atleast.

    • Faisal

      Aryan, is this because of the unintuitive comment platform?

  • I never said the ZMA was a better bike than the Pulsar NS…please do read my comments again. I was talking about the existing lineup and as is where basis. How can I comment on something which I haven’t ridden? The ZMA is a great bike, well its dying its own death- courtesy HM. It’ll be wiped off the market soon. Well I agree its not only refinement that matters, but it does matter alongwith handling, NVH (noise, harshness, vibrations) etc. I love the P220 for its brute power, show it a twisty at decent speeds and it is so adamant to change directions…on the heavier side of handling. The ability of a motorcycle is where it equates its response to your level of skill and inputs- if it cannot then I feel its under-equipped. That is what makes the R15 such a delight to ride.

    Getting back to the R&D, I am a fan of BAL for all that they do- specially considering the fact that they came from a scooter background. But as an end-user, I won’t see who has done what….for me its the final product that matters and how it performs. Its like buying fruits from a street seller just coz he carried the heavy basket on his head sweating under the sun and not from for example Reliance fresh just coz they bought the fruits from a vendor and simply packed it for sale. Silly example, but hope you get what am trying to say ;)

    All the tech-bit stuff that you have mentioned..I’ve nearly by-hearted all the information..thanks to my excitement when it was launched :D I take feedback from my friend in Pune who has been given a P200NS by Bajaj for testing. Am happy that you rode one yourself and a small suggestion would be “NOT” to believe what magazines say, however good they are. Its all business out there :)

    Chalo nice to see the hot air settle down here into a more mellowed tone!

    @Fas: We really do need a forum :)

    • Faisal

      Deepak, I am glad you say that. As I told you a few weeks ago, we are working on one.

  • tushar

    finally plz tell me approx launch date of pulsar200ns…
    is it in first week of april??????

    • Faisal

      Tushar, Pulsar 200 NS launch in mid-April.

  • @Fas: This is the reply I got to an enquiry:

    Sent: Tuesday, April 03, 2012 1:42 PM
    Subject: RE: P200NS bookings

    Dear Sir

    There is no information at the moment for the bookings and the price.

    We request you to visit and you will get all details regarding the bike bookings and the price.

    With Warm Regards
    Customer Care Cell

    • Faisal

      Yes Deepak, bookings have not opened yet. I have confirmed the same yesterday.

  • Azad Babu

    Dear Sir,please inform it as much as possible for you that,— much km/litre of petrol or octen can run the Discover 125 st?
    2.when we Bangladeshi boys of bajaj’s fan can get it as soon as possible?

    • Azad, around 65 km/l and 2013 launch in Bangladesh.

    • Azad Babu

      Faisal vai,Thank you for ur sharing.

  • david kumar borah

    when will discover 125 st available in market?? plz tell…

    • David, Discover available from July 2012.

  • Azad Babu

    Faysal vai, will it b possible that Pulser 200 nos launch in Bangladesh?
    (N.B.-Bangladesh Govt. does not allow over 155 cc bike)
    So ,how it can be possible for us to get it…!

    • Azad, I was not aware of that rule. Then the Pulsar 200 NS is not coming anytime soon.

  • Sam

    Good to see that it has lunched.
    It is said that unicorn is much refined than any other.
    I read the comments of you Aryan, Fas, Deepak, and I request you to put some light on the term people are using for the engine like how much the engine is refined.
    I’m really not a technical so if you get some time for me. It may help few more also.


  • Dattatray patil

    Discover125st. Goog bikes

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