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The Honda CBR250R is one fine motorcycle, producing a good amount of power and torque one would expect from a 250 cc machine. But like always power is never enough and to quench this very thirst we have tuners who come out with performance solutions. One such tuner, who is quite famous for extracting every pony from his Yamaha R15 is Joel from RaceConcepts. We recently posted about his big bore kits for bikes powered by Honda’s 150 cc engines here. Now he has come up with performance solutions for the Honda CBR250R.

RaceConcepts offers exhaust, air filter and head-work tune for the Honda CBR250R. While the first two modifications can be done anywhere, the cylinder head tune will require owners to send the bike to their shop for tuning. The exhaust comes with db killer to prevent your CBR250R from becoming a noisy machine. RaceConcepts claim that the exhaust gives around 3 HP of power boost at the crank, which is significantly more than the Akrapovic system which offers 0.9 HP of power increase.

The cylinder head work also gives an increase of 3 HP at the crank. The tuning of the cylinder head is done in-house by Joel and he will personally ensure that the bike will hold warranty. He claims there are no reliability issues whatsoever and the head work makes some serious power from the word go. Joel says that the cylinder head work makes a world of difference to the power and torque curve of the bike. Interested CBR250R owners can find out more by emailing him at joel at raceconcepts dot in.

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