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Honda has faced a lot of trouble due to lack of diesel options in their stable. Other companies are also facing problems due to rise in price of petrol. While some are giving heavy discounts on their offerings others are trying to bring different fuels options like CNG or LPG. Few days ago we posted about the Honda Brio diesel being spotted testing. Now news comes from a source of Honda that the launch could happen as soon as October 2012. This means that the vehicle should reach for homologation in the coming months.

“The Company was initially planning to launch the diesel model by 2013. However, with the increasing demand for diesel cars and the hike in petrol prices, the company is advancing the launch of Honda Brio by Diwali this year. The company has already asked the R& D department to speed up the work, and if required, it may also go for a third party arrangement,” a company source said.

While we are sure Honda will not hurry up a launch just to address falling sales. Hurrying up the launch of diesel powered cars could result in compromise of reliability tests and thus the above news can be taken with a pinch of sales. However, the source mentions a third party agreement could be possible. Could Honda source diesel engines from Fiat temporarily, till their own Earth Dreams technology enabled oil burners are ready for mass production?

With petrol being at its all time high has resulted in sale of diesel vehicles in the country jumped by 35% last fiscal while that of petrol variants dropped by 15%. The sale of petrol cars will see further decline with the latest hike of Rs. 7.50 per litre. This move from Honda is really important to survive in Indian automobile market. The diesel powered Honda Brio be an interesting package to look out for as it will be the first diesel offering from Honda in India.

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Source – Business Today

– Kanishk Arora

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  • Hunky

    Seems to be FIAT engine making its way in to the Brio.. Infact i wont be surprised if it were actually a MJD power Brio on test already !!

    1.3L @ 75ps engine is just perfect for the model, so if the launch is Diwali this year, its quite possible FIAT 1.3 is already on test !!

  • nishant m

    i think under the hood of diesel Brio will either be a 1.0 3 cyl engine from Beat or 1.3 4 cyl from Fiat.I woudn’t be surprised if Honda has its own diesel engine in the Brio..Pricing will be key to its success in India.

    • Faisal Khan

      Nishant, I doubt the Beat engine will make it to the Brio. Honda will prefer to give the Brio good power and Fiat is not licensing the 1.0-litre diesel engine yet.

    • Hunky

      By the way, 1.0 beat engine is GM’s own product naa ??

      Somewhere I read GM and FIAT are joint developer of the MJD engine tech hence does GM needs FIAT’s agreement to lease out their 1.0L 3cylinder engine ??

    • docgb

      No, 1.0 is GM’s alone. That even fiat cannot use it without paying royalty to GM is what I have heard.

    • Faisal Khan

      Docgb, no Fiat can use the engine as Fiat has developed it. GM was the partner who was financing.

  • http://WWW.MILACRONINDIA.COM omprakash shivade

    October is so getting late for honda bri diesel,due to other compititor having already Diesel car,so if possible so Launch before october,because many people like honda brio


  • Anand

    Hope they get a 4 pot engine on the brio. Considering honda standards, even a 3 cyl engine should be better than existing competition. I would vouch for a honda engine any day. Total respect for honda engines as i have tried to kill them on the roads, but un-successfully till now :-)

    • Faisal Khan

      Anand, it is most likely going to be a 3-cylinder diesel engine.


    This is a good time to Launch HONDA BRIO People are still waiting for disel car of honda and his test because it’s frist in his histry!

  • nitish jain

    please book car when lunch

  • http://no ch sandeep sehrawat

    olready i have hondacity car, honda is honda ye sari duniya janti h .so i m very very happy that honda engine will be in deisel.god bless u honda brio deisel

  • sandeep

    i already have a brio but i buy the new ones also

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