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Honda CBR150R Test Ride Review

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Honda CBR150R Test Ride Review

Honda CBR150R – Click above for high resolution picture gallery

Honda CBR150R Review

Bike tested: 2012 Honda CBR150R DLX

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 1,37,665/-

Honda has gone very aggressive in the Indian 2-wheeler market. The Japanese automaker was quick in bringing in the new Honda CBR250R to India, pricing it very aggressively in the performance motorcycle segment. The company showcased a range of products at the 2012 Auto Expo, one of which was the Honda CBR150R. The CBR150R is an entry level sports bike and Honda believes it is a ‘true racing sensation’. We take it for a quick spin to find out if it really has the CBR DNA in it.

Styling – The Honda CBR150R looks very similar to its elder sibling, the CBR250R. The styling is quite appealing and the bike looks quite big for a 150cc machine. The VFR1200 inspired Y-shaped headlight has black surrounds around the twin pilot lights, while the CBR1000RR inspired fairing adorns graphics, which extend to the tank. These minor changes differentiate it from its elder sibling. Even the tail light of the Honda CBR150R is the same as the Honda CBR250R, which is a non-LED unit. In fact the only difference between the 150R and 250R is the slightly shorter yet differently shaped exhaust and black colored alloy wheels in the 150R.

However look closely and you will realize the Honda CBR150R is a more compact motorcycle. The shorter wheelbase gives it a very sporty stance. The front tyres are 100/80-17 and the rear tyres are 130/70-17, which are smaller than the ones found on the CBR250R. The number plate mounting is not at a good position, as the front mudguard hits it when you go over potholed roads. Honda has also given the CBR150R very different colors, which are not available on the CBR250R. These colors have a dual paint scheme, giving the baby CBR a very youthful appearance. The colors are the only difference between Standard and Deluxe variants of the bike.

Instrument Cluster and Switch Gear – The console of the Honda CBR150R and 250R are identical too but there is no silver surround on the baby CBR. Instead of the splash of neon on the 250R’s analog tachometer, the one found on the 150R is all black. The tachometer is numbered till 13,000 RPM, instead of 12,000 RPM on the 250R. The digital display houses an array of data, right from time, odometer, trip meter, fuel meter, speedometer and engine temperature. Below the digital display lies the mode and rest buttons, with hazard and warning lights stacked up on either sides. The cluster is very easy to read but the all black theme looks quite plain and boring. The digital display has an orange backlit instead of the blue backlit on the CBR250R.

The switch gear quality is not impressive and comes straight from the CB Stunner. Even the foot pegs come from the Stunner. The head light activation switches are thus placed quite unconventionally on the left side and there is no engine kill switch. This is simply not acceptable for a premium 150cc motorcycle. Honda should have lifted the switch gear from the CBR250R instead, which has much better switch gear positioning.

Performance and Gearbox – Powering the Honda CBR150R is a 149.4cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 4-vavlve engine which is short stroke in nature, resulting in a very different power delivery pattern. Armed with Honda’s Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) technology, the CBR150R’s fuel delivery is smooth. Maximum power of 17.6 BHP comes in at a rather high 10,500 RPM, while peak torque of just 12.66 Nm comes at 8500 RPM. Clearly these figures don’t make you sit up and take notice but once on the road, things are quite different.

While the Honda CBR150R might not have a lot of torque, the bike weighs just 138 kgs, which gives it a very good power to weight ratio. However even with such a good power to weight ratio, the CBR150R produces torque very high up the revv range, making progress very slow in city riding conditions. Thankfully the Honda motor loves revving and one twist of the throttle and the Honda CBR150R rushes to the redline with complete authority. The bike really starts moving once you hit 8000 RPM and quickly hits its redline at around 11700 RPM.

[youtube: 540 375]

While most might not like the lack of low end grunt in the Honda CBR150R, we feel it just amplifies the top end performance. The way the baby CBR pulls once it hits 8500 RPM is simply astonishing. The CBR150R is not a bike for city riding, it is for the open roads. You will find yourself smacking the throttle most of the times, trying to extract each and every bit of power from this compact Honda engine. The top end power results in the CBR150R doing 0 – 100 km/h in less than 12 seconds. It also pulls from there very quickly and doesn’t feel out of breath till 130 km/h.

The 6-speed gearbox is smooth and slots into every gear sharply. The clutch is light too and the 150cc motor feels slightly gruff at idle. However as speed increases, the engine settles down and feels refined like every other Honda engine. It does sound vocal near its redline though. One can expect the CBR150R to deliver a mileage of around 35-40 km/l, which gives it a range of around 500 kms on a full tank of fuel.

Ride, Handling and Braking – Armed with a perimeter frame, the CBR150R has a fantastic balance of ride and handling. Ride quality is not too soft but neither too stiff, absorbing most of the bumps on the roads with ease. However it is the handling which is simply astounding. One can quickly change direction on the Honda CBR150R and that too with utmost precision. Our test bike came equipped with TVS tyres, which gave up grip much before the chassis did. The riding position also plays a pivotal role in inspiring the rider to push harder. The handlebars are placed perfectly and are not too sporty. Thanks to the drooping handlebars, one doesn’t feel the weight of the bike at all.

The seat is comfortable and the riding position makes you crouch slightly. But still there is absolutely no pressure on your wrists or back, thereby enabling the rider to stay on the saddle for longer durations. The light weight of the bike also helps in this regard. High speed stability is spot on too and you simply won’t realize how fast you are going. The front and rear disc setup gives the CBR150R very good braking performance along with tremendous feedback. Although we are a bit disappointed on the lack of ABS (even as an option).

Conclusion – The CBR150R is a totally different motorcycle than the CBR250R in almost every way. There are some rough edges and the pricing is on the higher side as well (compared to its arch rival the Yamaha R15). However when you factor in the riding dynamics of this Honda, you are totally blown away. It might seem expensive but the joy of riding at high revvs is totally unparallelled and that is where the CBR150R delivers in leaps and bounds.

Whats Cool

* High revving engine
* Excellent handling
* Precise Brakes

Whats Not So Cool

* Low end torque
* Price

Honda CBR150R Specifications

* Engine: 149.4cc, Liquid Cooled, 4-valve, DOHC, 4-stroke engine
* Power: 17.57 BHP @ 10,500 RPM
* Torque: 12.66 Nm @ 8500 RPM
* Transmission: 6-speed manual
* Top Speed: 134 km/hr
* 0-100 km/hr: 11.69 seconds
* Fuel Consumption: 35-40 km/l
* Fuel Type: Petrol
* Frame Type: Twin Tube Diamond
* Suspension: Telescopic Fork (Front), Monoshock (Rear)
* Tyres: 100/80/17 (Front), 130/70/17 (Back)
* Brakes: 276 mm disc (Front), 220 mm disc (Back)
* Ignition: Digital ECU based
* Battery: 12 V- 6 Ah/ Maintenance Free
* Headlamp: 12 V 60/55W H4

Honda CBR150R Dimensions

* Length X Width X Height: 2000 mm X 825 mm X 1120 mm
* Wheelbase: 1305 mm
* Ground Clearance: 190 mm
* Fuel Tank Capacity: 13-litres
* Kerb weight: 138 kgs

Honda CBR150R Long Term Review
Honda CBR150R vs Yamaha R15

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  • I liked the concluding paragraph :)

    I’d say yes it doesn’t look top notch like the R15 or the Duke. Also more expensive than the others seems unjustified, the instrumentation cluster and cost cutting compromises. If anyone gets a chance to ride it- forget the abovementioned disappointing factors, forget it doesn’t have a pass switch- just ride it to its limit and that is where the fun lies.

  • sarvarish sinha

    which bike i should choose . honda cbr 150 or yamaha r 15 version 2. just also mention me that which bike goes at the maximun high speed with more consist and silently without no vibration.

    regards :sarvarish sinha

    • Sarvarish, the CBR150R has a higher top speed than the R15.

    • Thiru

      Dude just go for yzf R15 v2 wIth daytonna race kIt……….It will kill the cbr…….

    • Pavan

      That is not possible Thiru dude…………

  • rahul

    There are many vehicles you can’t value till you ride it ofcourse.

  • ashish

    why don’t they give same cluster, this one looks so plain..

  • Dattaram

    this bike dont have engine on/off switch or engine kill switch at right side, this is very disappointing as you spend 1,30,000 & you dont get this simple feature which is necessary during city riding.

  • Ysak

    y cant they giv these basic things.. thankgod..they provided the fuel gauge.. ;-)

    bring the price down n v r talkng serious deals..

  • Ashok

    @Faisal It would be better if u hav put a comparison review with R15

    • Ashok, give us some time, we will do it ;-)

  • Bhushan R

    Please help me with some tips to modify my bajaj avenger as a chopper
    I am from Bangalore and looking to modify my bike. i am a financially bit poor please consider that and tell me what best I can do for that..

    Will be waiting for your reply

    • You will get poorer if you modify it further.

    • JoMiN

      If you go for modification , the performance and fuel economy will become more poor than now …

  • pulsarboy

    cbr is highly overpriced and lack torque compared to other 150. qulaity is also satifactory and breks are average. at this price better to go for duke and even better go for pulsar 200ns. it is the best bike available in country with lot of new features like three sparks plugs, 6 gears 4 vales etc. you cant beat this bike and have lots of speed at higher end because or rev nature. better go for pulsar and complte package.

    • JoMiN

      How can you compare Duke n P200NS with CBR. Those are totally different from CBR. Can you explain the advantage of extra 2 spark plugs in P200NS. Duke has only one spark plug and it has more smooth power delivery and performance than P200NS ( Both are having same DNA, coming from same manufacturing plant). P200 looks very similiar to the cheapest pulsar 135LS.

  • Vishal Vikram

    Faisal Sir-
    I’m confused between Honda CBR 150 & Bajaj Avenger 220. The test drive of both were outstanding. Now I’m deeply confused. Please guide me sir.

    Await your valuable response.

    • Vishal, both the bikes you mentioned are poles apart. You can’t compare either. I would suggest the Honda CBR150R.

    • JoMiN

      CBR is a sports bike and Avenger is a cruiser. Both are having so many differences in styling, technology, riding comfort, technology and performance. CBR is coming with DOHC engine and PGM-Fi. Go for CBR …… TASTE THE FIRST BLOOOOOD ……

  • Vishal Vikram

    Faisal Sir,
    Thanks alot …..My daily usage would be 30-35 km & 200-300km on weekends……Now in these condition which bike suits me? Avenger or CBR……I would like to know about Yamaha Fazer, FZS & Hero Honda Karizma whether they will fulfill my requirement or not? My budget is approx Rs.1,50,000/-. I want comfortable bike which should not ruin my back in long drive, should give high performance as well as mileage.

    Awaiting your valuable response Faisal Sir.


    Dear Faisal question is also same.why CBR150R is not providing eng.kill s so necessary for city road.pls ans i decided to buy this bike..m waiting.

    • Shakti, get the bike, don’t worry about engine kill switch. Its not that important.

    • shakti mishra

      Bt sir hav you ny idea or information dt honda will launch ny new model of it with eng.kill switch..

    • Nope, they won’t be launching any new model in the near future.

  • shakti mishra

    Dear faisal sir plz n plz ans me.why cbr150r dnt have eng.kill switch..while ts so necessary for city riding.i hv decided to buy now what will i do?..

    • Shakti because of cost cutting.

    • Tushar

      cost cutting? r15 v2.0 is Fairly cheaper & provide good quality Switchgears………I dont think for a second that it’s a cost cutting measure…Bajaj is well know for cost cutting :-p

    • Tushar, he was talking about the CBR150R, not the R15.

  • Meckanzie

    Actually the engine is fully imported from Honda 2 wheelers,Thailand..thats why its costlier than R15..about engine kill switch..i think its not mandatory to have eng kill switch in a bike…i dont think it matters much..but yes,about daylight flasher..sometimes i miss it coz in indian roads where four wheelers people drive almost blindly…we have to remind them through daylight flashers that we are also riding along them…
    finally i would suggest everyone..for longterm, CBR150R is a better byk…it has everything..but in a controlled way… optimised byke..

  • Vishal Vikram

    Faisal Sir,
    I’ve almost made a mind for avenger. But, as one of my friend is using hero honda karizma.
    He told me to have a look on karizma, as karizma is the only bike who gives highest BHP in 1lac cost range. I request you to give your view.


  • Nazish

    faisal sir i wont to buy cbr 150r but i m confused which one is buy yamaha r15 or cbr 150r which one is top speed and comfort riding

  • lokesh

    faisal sir please tel me whether this bike suits for a short guys of height 5feet 2inch i wanna buy this bike but waiting for suitability

    • Yes Lokesh, you too can ride it, its not a problem. Its about getting used to it.

  • Deepak

    Which bike better royal enfield electra or cbr150 (budget 1lac50 thousand)

    • Deepak, depends on your taste. I would pick the Classic instead.

  • kavin

    faisal sir,
    cbr 150 r or r15???
    who is better ??? I want a new bike

    • Kavin, depends on your requirements. Both are excellent in their own regard. It all boils down to personal preference.

  • Hi Faisal,

    Please give me an advice. I want to purchase a bike. My budget is upto 1.3lacs. I am confused btw CBR150R , Classic 350 and Pulsar 220iF.

    As I am paying 1.3 lacs so i want a bike which shud last long. Please could you let me know whether The new Enfield and Honda engines give large life

    • Niket, why haven’t you considered the R15 or the Duke 200?

    • Niket

      Hi Faisal thanks for the reply.

      R15 is also on my list. The thing with it is the pillion seat. I find it a bit uncomfortable frankly to say. If it was The R15 v1.0 I would hav taken it blindly.

      I love this bike Duke 200, but I have heard there are less service stations for repairs of this bike. I thought y to fell in complications for every repair I get in future. Other than that Could you please give me more knowledge on Duke 200 when compared with R15 and

    • Niket, have you read our Duke 200 review?

    • Niket

      No dude! I will read it and let you know my analysis

  • I want to know wheather cbr 150 is better or r15 is better. though price can both be comparable… I want good suggestion. which has more comfort for long rides and which is better for indian roads.

    • Thilak, stay tuned for our comparo between both these bikes.

  • Eshwar

    Hi Faisal,
    I am in a huge confusion b\w R15 v2.0 and Cbr 150R…. which one to pick… ?
    I have almost fixed my mind to R15 V2.0, but one of my friend told abt the cbr 150r im totally confused… I test rode both the bikes, Cbr – i feel comfort more and R15 – comfort is bit odd but have more confidence while riding….
    I need Comfort , Power and Style…. top speed is not a matter
    and i am 6 feet tall don’t know which one is better to fit in …. ?
    CBR150R or R15v2.0 …………….. ???????


    • Eshwar, check the home page within 2 hours, you will know.

  • Md Rashed

    dear,,,, honda company when bangladeshi markets available Honda-cbr-150cc byke ,,,please comment me my email id soo soo wer wait

  • mark

    my cbr can get 125kph at 4th gear only, 0-100kph less than 8 seconds……………i weighted 91kgs..

    • Evan

      LOL ! My Ninjette does that 8 second dash !! And yeah am 65 kgs ! 5 foot 8 inches !

  • ramanan

    faisal sir which bike is good at all cbr 150 or r 15. give me the right one…….plz

    • Ramanan, have you read our R15 vs CBR150R shootout?

  • gagan

    what is the average of cbr150…????????

    • sachin

      buddy better go for honda unicorn dazzler or hh hunk..

    • Gagan, 35 km/l.

  • goutham

    i am plannin to buy a bike that ranges within that of CBR 150R , initially i was eyeing on the R15 , but the autocar review says the R15 delivers less mileage on city roads than CBR 150 , i give a little importance to mileage …. and i drive on the city roads all the time … so is the CBR really worth it ? …… and is it really delivering a mileage of 40 or 40 + in city conditions ?… i even have other options like pulsar 200ns,fazer,fz ….. plz help me out … i dont care a 10 k differnce betwwen R15 and CBR ….

    • Goutham, have you read our shootout between the R15 and CBR150R?

    • goutham

      yeh !! i’ve read even many other review’s between these two ….. ultimately even they’re not able to choose 1 f them :D !! m not kind of a guy who goes speeds above 100kmph, at which u can enjoy driving these bikes according 2 all these reviews , i go a max80- 90kmph ,n even dont care much about those suspension n all , but the CBR’s gear box as you’ll said and R15’s impractical pillion seat …… a bit of concern but u got 2 ignore them, coz nothng’z perfect …….so ….. all i want u to help me is by providing the genuine mileages of these two machines in average city conditions ….. coz i always drive in hyderabad ….. nd i finally decided which bike 2 choose based on their mileage… hope yo gonna help me …

    • Goutham, both will give almost similar bikes. Do you have a pillion? If not, get the R15.

    • goutham

      can u tell me the approximate mileage of CBR 150 in average city conditions … ??

    • Goutham, 38 km/l.

    • avinash

      than go for karizama zmr or R

  • Nikhil

    Plz tell me for doing touiring in himalaya range which will be better
    R15 or cbr 150
    minimum gear shift should be there
    no other option

    • Nikhil, engine wise R15 as it has good low end torque, comfort wise CBR150R.

  • praveen

    Hi Faisal,
    is engine kill switch necessary for bikes of this class?what are the advantages of cbr150 over r15?is it true that cbr150 doesn’t perform well at a speed range of a 45-65kmph? i mean we always don’t ride a bike at a speed above 80 kmph on indian road conditions..please help me with these doubts

    • Praveen, ideally it should have been provided but without it too, there is no issue.

  • Bharath R A

    Hi Faizal,

    I am 37 years old and want to start little bit a biking and want to collect few of them in the long run. I want to start with 150 cc – suggest – should I try FZ and should I upgrade or go directly to CBR 150 ?? Usage would be about 100 KMs on Sundays at one stretch… really confused. Is it worth paying 60K more for CBR, (Well I don’t mind, but is it worth??) Where will I feel the value for money. I do not like R15 so that is dropped. RTR – seating posture is a problem for me. FZ is very comfortable – yet to try CBR. Do you suggest any other bike, seating posture is the major concern, as I am going to ride on a bike after about 10 years now, after my Suzuki Shaolin!!

  • heyy…faisal sir.. i want to know which bike is better seeing the mileage too and all the comparisons ..i am in a doubt between r15 2.0 and cbr 150r…i would like to know which is better seeing the mileage and all the rest things…answer plzz sir

  • Pradeep M Shetty

    bro actuly i like to put R9 racing exhaust to my cbr 150…does it is good for that or which one is beter , but i want racing sound…nd tl me the cost too…

  • Dhanujoy

    @Faisal Khan Sir, whats your height?

  • sanjay

    Faisal, is it possibl to get a new R15 version 1.0 in any case? 2.0 pillion seat sucks

  • sirsa b

    i am 6ft..i tried r15 v2, nd found it a bit small fr me..cudnt test ride cbr 150r bt got a chance to sit on it. i found cbr to suit my hv no idea abt its performance..m frm mumbai..pls sujjest me.. :)

    • Sirsa, have you read our R15 vs CBR150R shootout?

    • sirsa b

      yes faiz..i hv read it.. i m stuck on cbr150r cz its bigger.. vl book fr my buddae.. :)

  • Mayank

    I hav seen.both y r15 nd cbr 150 I m nt into racing kind of thing bt want a bike wid sporty luks wichbbike should I i go for wid reference to maintainance as,well as mileg …
    Sir plz tell me ny other 150 cc bike I can opt. For….
    Plz mention,me in d reply…..
    Plz rply soon….

    • Mayank, if you have a pillion frequently, get the CBR150R, else get the R15.

    • mayank

      thanks sir,
      i actualy got a cbr 150 rt now nd its really ausum nd after having a drive of both i guess cbr is much much better than r15 afterall its honda …
      thank you again sir
      regards mayank

    • Mayank, congratulations.

    • goutham

      hey … mayank .. can u temme what mileage is the CBR returning .. ?

  • sirsa b

    cn the ECU of honda be modified..or any other modification that would boost its performance at lower speeds? ( i m not bothered about the warranty being lost on doing such a modification). further any other technical modifications possible on cbr150r?..m nt bothered abot modifications that boost style..i need only performance..also the frame is made of cheap plastics…wat does dat mean? breaks easily on falling?

    • Sirsa, yes it can be but its not easy to get it done and also costs quite a bit.

    • sirsa b

      pls temme abt repsol edition of cbr150r .. wen vl it b launched in india? expected price? wt r d tech diff..betwn normal nd dis repsol version?

  • papon

    when it will officially launch in bangladesh……?

  • Soy

    Hellow Faisal Sir. I’m from Mumbai. And I guess everybody is familiar with traffic in Mumbai.
    My daily journey goes mostly through heavy traffic and sometimes through free roads.
    I know there’s no comparison between duke and cbr150. But imagine you’re at my place, so which one you’ll go for?

  • yasir

    Faisal khan. . . Plz plz tel me if cbr 150 respol edition is available in jamu n kashmir, india. If so wat is price. . . Is it priced more than dat delux.

    • Yasir, no Repsol edition available in India.

    • Akash

      Faisal please post a review on TVS PHOENIX 125…..

    • Akash, its already published. Please use the search function on the top right.

  • Dipesh

    Hello everybody…can anybody tell me is there any frame sliders available for cbr 150R….where can i get these…

    • Dipesh, I don’t think are available at Honda showrooms. You need to vist a bike accessory shop for the same.

  • vyky roy

    i m having a honda cbr 150r but it gives a top speed of 117 km/hr only….what should i do to gain more speed

    • Vyky, change the engine oil, get the bike serviced or simply give us your bike to test why its not reaching top speed (the last one was a joke ;p).

    • vyky roy

      i have changed it on this jan, ran about 350 km. should i change the oil filter????

    • Vyky, just follow Honda’s service schedule.

    • sudipto

      If u want more speed then lean on petrol tank (ur head must be down) nd ride alone. Guarantee is mine. Dont hv to oil chnge or something else. .

  • Baljinder

    Faisal, bro my changin iridium spark plugs in 200NS……will it helps to gain acceleration or wt? Wts the use of it?

    try to reply

    • Baljinder, I would not advise you to change it.

  • Raunak

    Faisal please help me,I am confused between R15 V2.0 and CBR 150R.I live in Jamshedpur,which would be the best bike for me?

    • Raunak, get the R15. Have you read our R15 vs CBR150R comparison?

  • Rahul Kumar

    i have Honda CBF Stunner one with kick starter model Clocked around 17,211 Kms . my question is would changing the air filter from stock to K&N will reduce engine Life Span. i want to change it becoz i fell the pickup is very low and at a times it becomes difficult to drive it in the traffic. and one more thing is brakes are not responsive any more taking more time to stop what should i do. Plz Help..

    • Rahul, it won’t and you can go ahead with the K&N filter. For brakes, get it checked by the dealer.

    • Rahul Kumar


  • kiran

    wat abt the service? hw much do u hv to pay 4 each servic?

    • Kiran, we will reveal that very soon after doing a practical test.

  • swami

    Faisal please help me,I am confused between yamaha fz-s and beast apachi160.which would be the best bike for me?

  • vignesh

    guys im having cbr 150r !
    i made the top 147kmpl
    upto 143 it will come easily after i made double clutch so its raised 147 for 2.3 seconds
    i love my cbr sports red!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • goutham

      dude .. can u plz temme wht mileage is it returning …

  • rohan

    can any1 tel me that,
    which bike is best for using between those,
    honda cbz, yamaha fz, ktm duke
    i live in kolkata
    millage,looks & service

  • Bibin

    Faisal, Can u plz tel me which bik is good now among pulsar 200Ns and CBR 150?
    Honda is planing to launch CB150R Streetfire;

    • Bibin, get the CBR150R. Streefire is not coming to India anytime soon.

  • Ronak

    Faisal,am totally confused between pulsar 220,cbr
    150r,apache 180,karishma zmr and Yamaha fzs…..soo plzz help me out…..

  • shiva

    im 6ft 2inch tall. duke or cbr150 or pulsar 200ns or yamaha r15?? mostly city ride.

  • omkar bhosale

    I am going to buy cbr 150. I live in Pune..
    How much is the price?
    How much mileage does it give?

  • Arif Sufiyan

    Is cbr 150r repsol edition lunching? If yes when and at wat price ? Repsol edition in cbr 250 is also ok

  • hamza

    hi i am living in pakistan …. nd friends how can i purchased honda cbr 150 in pakistan

  • Nitin

    my ht is 5’4″, is it ok for cbr150? or ll dreams b lik dreams only?

    • Nitin, get the R15, it will suit you more.

  • tharani

    faizal bro plz hlp me..dat am cnfsd btwn cbr150 and apache 160…whch shuld be the best byk fr me…

  • Richy

    Faisal bro, help me to choose b/w cbr150 & R15 this wil be my first bike :)

    • Richy, have you read our CBR150R vs R15 shootout?

    • Richy

      Yes bro..but still which is fun to ride and thrilling machine b/w these??! …and i didnt get wats engine kill switch …?

  • amkhan

    faisal bro, which one is better for long drive purpose ? [ cbr250 / cbr 150 / r15 ].. plz help me

    • Akash



    • No One

      I agree, CBR 250R is best in business right now between these options..

      How ever, i think non ABS is a better buy and Value for Money compare to ABS which is almost 30k more..

    • Amkhan, CBR250R.

  • vishnu

    my height is 6″2 …

    Cbr 150r or yamha r15..

    Which one is better for me???

  • Nikhil Joshi

    I have a CBR 150R orange and white and is now due for service. I do came to know that the ASC is providing 10W30 grade oil instead of the manual-mentioned 20W40 grade. I asked the ASC dealer to bring original Honda 20W40 grade but all in vain. So I told him not to put 10W30 grade into it. I checked the castrol website and it was Castrol Activ 20W40 engine oil listed and matched the specs. I am in dilemma whether to put that into my new ceeber or not. Will this void my warranty.

    Please reply.

    • Nikhil, technically it should not void your warranty but Honda searches for anything that can.

    • jeff

      Faisal bro,is cbr 150r repsol edition available in Philippine?
      if it has hows much the cost of it?

    • jeff

      Faisal bro this is jeff again pls help me aim really confuse what is best bike for me im 18 year old my height is 5 7 and also a college student i want my first bike is be nice

  • Pranav K

    I am a beginner in driving bikes. And i’m confused which bike i should buy in bangalore. I’m confused between cbr 150 or 250. My height is 5’10” ..

    • Pranav, get the 250R if it fits your budget.

  • sanam

    faizal sir, please tell me what is engine kill switch….

  • barath

    The best bike .. in 150 cc segment.. CBR 150R….!!!
    *high stability
    *superb handling than r15
    *high comfort
    *overall nice performance bike..
    those who buy wont regret it.. :):):):)

    • Barath, do you own one?

    • barath

      yeah… it jus got delivered by this monday..june 3..

  • himanshu

    iam a owner of cbr 150r and this bike is fantastic …it is better than r15 v2 overall ……and my cbr is giving the milage of 42 km/l …….

  • Spike

    My Height is 5.3 with weight 55kgs…Which bike will suit my personality??? Plz suggest
    I do have interest in CBR 150 but will it have a suitable seat height for my personality???

  • Naveen Kumar

    I made an arrangement to get a honda cbr 150r. When everything is set, one of my friend said, “dude, the headlight is not to the handle like other bikes, rather it is to the dome. I guess it might be a problem… ” and gave this review to my dad. I dont have an answer for this coz I dont know much of it.

    • Naveen, your friend is clueless. Just get the CBR150R.

  • Aswin

    I’m going to buy CBR 150r but im very confuse to choose the color can u suggest me which color is best in CBR 150r

    • goutham

      seriously .. that depends on your taste dude …. go for wichever colour u like ..

    • barath

      go for orange… really catches some eyes/…. :)

  • nikhil

    hello faisal sir…..i have cbr 150 but i am not getting the power as i thought please let me know how to increase the power of ma 150….

    • Nikhil, get an after market exhaust and filter.

  • preet

    Cbr 150 r or r15 …who is good in accelratoion and top speed.?

  • avinash

    Sir g..cbr is better than 220 pulsar or not

  • anuj

    my height is 5’6″

    cbr150 or r15???

    which one suit me better??

  • Nikhil

    Faisal sir I have new Honda cbr 150R deluxe version but only getting 25 km per litre mileage on riding at 30 kmph plz help me sir

  • mayank

    Faisal sir ,
    i hve now prepared my mind to get cbr 150r , i just want to knw dat i m doing ny mistake or not ??
    actuly i want 35kmpl avg in ahmedabad city.please help me out dat the eng kill switch button realy matters lot in city or its ok..?? Should i go with my mind ??

    waiting ur valuable reply sir thanx…!!

    • Yes Mayank, go ahead. Engine kill switch not a big deal.

  • aman

    My budget is of 1.5l..
    Which one should i go for between cbr150 or r15 or pulsar200 ns…
    I want a stylish n good pick up with comfort bike..

    • Aman, what is your height? Why no consider Duke 200?

  • Ranjeet

    Hi All,

    I live in Pune, I need to travel 30km through the city every day. Which Bike should I choose, cbr 150r or r15?

  • abhiman

    hi faisal….
    what is the diffrnace btewwen cbr 150 standrat and deluxe

  • Amit M

    Hey Faisal, Thanks a bunch for this. I am owner off Honda Unicorn Dazzler 150Cc and I would love to stick to 150Cc class. I am using Dazzler over 2 yrs now and I never had a problem with it. Though I was never happy with its looks & firing in perticular only reason I went for it was Honda Engine + it is Rough and Tough bike. I wander a lot across India and I can proudly say that Dazzler did an amzing job on all fronts. However, as a rider everyone got to have his own choice and in my case it is engine firing. After 2 yrs Dazzler Firing seems rough. I have test ridden CBR 150 multiple times and I simple fell in love of the riding comfort it gives and very smooth buttery firing. But what I am woried about is will it be as smooth after 2-3 years? please share your experience.

    • Yes Amit, the CBR150R is a smooth bike and will remain so even after heavy usage.

    • Amit M

      Thanks Much Faisal

  • sk.amir

    Super bicke cbr150r……

  • karan

    Can we install aftermarket engine kill switch? If yes, then from where would we get high quality engine kill switch in Delhi?

  • Devendra

    Faisal thank you for suggesting CBR 150R bike, i bought it in dec 2013, completed my 1st Free Service. The bike is good looking, smooth engine, comfortable, and powerful. Till now i have taken 116 kmp\hr at 9.5k rpm very smoothly. I want to ask you can i rush to red line now, can you share your red line crossing experience. As in manual page no 11 warning note is given about enter the red zone of tacho meter can damage the engine. is it true, as I read in other threads about owners taking to red zone and taking 140 kmp/hr. Can I do it.

    • You can redline the bike but it won’t go into the redline as the bike’s ECU cuts off the throttle prior to redline. Post service you can ride it like you stole it.

    • Devendra

      “Post service you can ride it like you stole it”, I didn’t understand your statement can u explain it again.

    • It means ride the way you like.

  • Akash

    Hey Faisal…. is there any performance upgrade available for cbr150r in India.

  • Dhruv

    Hey Faisal totally confused about in Pulsar 220F and CBR 150R which one to get???? My requirement is Speed and handling. I have heard that Pulsar 220F it gives a lot of maintenance. so please help me to decide best bike.

    • Akash

      @Dhruv… you seems to be a good person :p

      see pulsar 220 is faster than cbr150r because of a very simple reason that it has 220cc engine, 70cc more than CBR 150R.

      cbr150r’s handling is far better than 220.

      pulsar has wide power band so its easy to ride it in lower rpm in city. and it will be difficult to ride CBR in city because it dont have good low end torque……. so it depends on you which bike you want. I would choose CBR because I like it…. he he

  • Dhruv

    Akash thanks for the suggestion I will be purchasing Pulsar 220F.
    Thanks Dude..

  • Devendra

    faisal can you tell me good service center in pune for cbr 150r, kindly help

    • Try any Honda dealer, we don’t have much experience with any.

  • Akshay


    Duke 200 has won my heart from day 1. But the practicality front is where Duke scores low. I don’t want Pulsar 200NS. I am slightly inclined towards the practicality and the fun factor involved in CBR150R
    Practicality implies: Ride quality on harsh roads, Touring capability, pillion comfort, seat comfort, lastly mileage.

    The Duke’s hooliganism is no match I agree but we can’t always be a hooligan. I commute to office by 2003 Activa and I am literally pissed off by it’s ride quality (front shocks are totally useless). Will that kind of ride quality be there in Duke 200? Please Help in my decision…

  • akshay jain

    Which bike should I buy ..upcoming Yamaha R 15 v3 or cbr 150r…plss tell me fast

  • rakshak

    Faisal…i hv 5’9 feet height…and somewhat fit like a gym guy…u know hv heavy chest……so which bike i should buy.what u suggest

  • sahil

    Well rast all is fine, buts the mauntainance cost and mileage after 6-8 months??

  • sahil

    Well rast all is fine, but whats the mauntainance cost and mileage after 6-8 months??

  • Saurab

    Hi Faisal,
    I had almost decided on CBR 250 R ABS, but when I saw your review, it has created doubt in my mind as to whether CBR 250R abs is really worth the extra bucks(not an issue if its really worth it), also green colour of 150R makes it look like ninja!!….please give little statistical information regarding, for and against 250R….Sorry I’m very new to bikes, but have decided to start with a bang with CBR :) and with your advice
    My height is 5.8, avg build…

  • Anil

    HI Faisal,
    I got my CBR150R orange 4 days back. Can you please suggest me how should I drive before first service
    means speed and can I drive it in 5th or 6th gear before first service. I am planning to do first service after 500kms is it ok?

  • Akash

    what’s the seat height ???

  • yeshwant

    Guys may I know which is comfortable in riding the yamaha r15 or CBR 150
    because mainly used for long rides in highways
    So more concerned about the back pain and tiredness

  • jaswanth

    Guys my height is 164cms Honda cbr is suitable for me………………………..

  • Anish

    Hi…I have 200NS but I dont find it comfortable with its poor suspension in city rides(Bangalore). Can u suggest if I can go for CBR150??

  • mohit

    Difference between honda cbr 150r dlx and std?

  • akshay b

    cbr 150 is damm gud …i liked it..everything is fine but
    no kick & what if battery gets down n self doesnt work.??

    • Akilesh

      Use Race bike for racing purpose. In race tracks no one complains about kickstarters or battery going dead. you need a commuter, you may get the Trigger

    • akshay

      cbr also doesnt come with main stand ??????

  • akshay b

    but r there any chances of battery down …i doubt….???

    • Shenoy

      No way as long as you ride at least twice a week, that keeps battery charged.

  • Deepu V

    Sir, My height is 6.2. which bike i should buy? CBR250,CBr150 or R15?

  • shreyas

    i like cbr 150 bike i love honda bike

  • Anandhu

    Hlo…I would like to buy CBR150 but I guess I am too skinny for riding it…I would love to hear some suggestions from your side..!!!

  • Shadab

    Faisal any info about the new CBR 150 or the CBR 250

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