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Honda CB Dazzler vs Trigger

Honda has launched the CB Trigger which is going to replace the CB Unicorn Dazzler. So what are the changes that Honda has made to the CB Trigger over the CB Dazzler? Well there are quite alot of technical changes to the list. Such as, new Nissin caliper at the front, kick lever, fatter looking exhaust and full chain case cover over the half chain case of the Dazzler. The Honda CB Trigger has lost 1 kg over the Dazzler due to 3 mm shorter wheelbase, 28 mm shorter length, 15 mm less height but it also has 13 mm more ground clearance and is 3 mm wider as well.

The lack of kick lever and chain case was the main reason for the poor sales of the CB Unicorn Dazzler. Thus Honda has given the CB Trigger these features as part of the update. Honda wants to please both the commuter and the young buyer, who have the same expectation from Honda (less maintenance) and when things go wrong, there should be a kick lever.

Aesthetic changes to the CB Trigger over the CB Dazzler include an all new clear glass digital speedometer which truly is sensational and reminds one of higher capacity CB, CBR bikes which employ something similar. The Japanese company has also added a chunky LED tail light which is a must have feature since Honda’s primary objective is to attack the Pulsar and Apache. The extremely fat looking exhaust adds muscle to the package.

The Honda CB Trigger is powered by the same engine of the Dazzler, which produces 13.81 BHP of power at 8500 RPM and 12.6 Nm of torque at 6500 RPM. It runs a slightly higher tune than the old Unicorn. The amazing power to weight ratio does mean it gets off the line as fast as its competitors. Although a bit more torque than the previous state of tune would have added flare to the package. Honda says the CB Trigger will deliver a mileage of 60 km/l, which seems like a bold claim.

2013 Honda CB Trigger

Honda CB Trigger Instrument Cluster

Honda CB Trigger Headlight

Honda CB Trigger Engine

Honda CB Trigger Console

Honda CB Trigger Combi Brake

Honda CB Trigger Wheels

Honda CB Trigger Tank

Honda CB Trigger Side


Honda CB Trigger LED Tail Lights

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  • chandranath

    Why does the tank seems like the copy of(reminescent of) The YAMAHA FZ16??
    Honda should have done some changes..

    • raj

      baccha paida hone ke pahale hi naam rakhane ki ladai?????????????????

  • amit

    Take my words for this ! Another massive flop from honda :D ugly crap

    • Hari

      Hv u ever touched Honda Bike… If u hv used it… You wont even open ur mouht about honda products

    • ram

      Honda iz best!!

    • satyadurgareddy

      Honda is best in world so it became worlds larget motorcycle brand and also it is world no 1 in bikes and no 7 in cars

    • JRD

      I have been using CB Dazzler for last 3 years. The mileage is pretty good 55 Kmpl, Handling of the bike is very smooth, Gear shifts are smooth – Overall a delightful experience since last 3 years.
      Though I haven’t had a problem as yet when I missed the kick lever but to have one always help.
      Apart from the tall gear ratio (which’s slightly bothering in city riding), I am pretty satisfied with the bikes performance. Last but not the least, if you take care of your machine like I do – it’s been a zero maintenance cost machine as we speak & it’s 3 years old – Howz that !!!!

    • JRD, how is Honda service.

  • No One

    Engine is a gem, and with really careful driving style, 60 kmpl is not that tough to achieve !!!!

    Design may have been worked more to give better appearance but as a product, it will serve and you can ever go wrong with a Honda product.

  • Arjun

    Let the bike come in the market, as I have my cb unicorn with me if this bike is as smooth as this then it is a hit otherwise a flop show.
    Well in a small bike a full digital meter well lets see if honda has actually changed totaly. Then I might change my bike to this.

  • Anil

    Pulsar has no tension bcz 15.6 hp

    • Chet

      Its ps not hp. so approx p/o is 14bhp

    • satyadurgareddy

      pulsar 150 pick up is 13.2 bhp
      means less than dazzler,cb trigger,APACHE ,Unicorn
      and more than CBZ,Hunk,FZ,Fazer,SZ-R,…

    • Hemanth

      Hello Reddy Pulsar pick up is 15 bhp.. Unicorn has 13 bhp which repally sucks for 150cc bikes.. Lets talk about cb TRIGGER.. it looks so pathetic..and does looks like a 1980’s bike.. in 1 word I can say CB TRIGGER is UNCLE’S BIKE..Dazzler is better than this .. Becoz it ‘s look like Youth Bike.. with attractive Speero meter and pick up than Pulsar..

    • sanu……

      pulsar bhangaar bike………….

  • neel

    tank looks similar to fz16

  • maddy

    Does this tank look like yammy FZ16’s……..No way…!!!
    Side panels from yammy SZ-r…..kush bhi kay….!!!
    humongous silencer …….’Honda ka hai’ to fir cute hai…….!!!
    Rear end looks like pulsar one…..shayad muze bikes ki shamaz nahi……!!!!
    Honda hai yaar copy kaise kar sakata hai….copy to Indian karate hai….Ye log to inspire hote hai….hai na? …. ;)

    • raj

      ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • GK

    Its seems to be the baby version of CB 1000RR.
    Design seems to be very impressive. Looks way better than the Dazzler.
    Tank design is not at all similar to the FZ’s ( in my opinion ) I think its actually borrowed from CB Unicorn with slight muscular look & cowls. Hope the Combi -brake system will work well.
    Get a life Honda. Again the plastic quality is seems to be very cheap like Dazzler & that’s the huge issue.

    • adrian

      plastic tank yamaha, honda tank metal, are not the same, excuse my English

  • Surya

    Buy Hero. because Hum me hain hero. Hero chalta hai. I am begging u to Buy a hero. HERO THE BEST IN THE WORLD. Honda or kawasaki never come close to HERO. Dhak dhak go.

    • sanu…

      jab se hoda naam hata hai tab se hero me jaan nahi rahi……….. its not dhak dhak…….

    • satyadurgareddy

      Who idiot said hero is Best in world Honda already beats hero
      Honda is worlds no 1 motorcycle brand and also it manufactures cars,robots,aeroplanes,jetplanes,
      hero bikes are running with honda engines
      though hero and honda divided hero use honda engine until 2014 as per contract
      after 2014 hero became worst

  • psraju

    HERO’s birth is from HONDA

    • satyadurgareddy

      Ya true

  • chand

    colors are very good. very special yello-ish gold.

  • arun

    They should have had “fuel injection” instead of the regular carburetor …

    • Akash

      @arun friend… if they add fuel injection to it then the cost would easily increased by 10,000-12000 rupees…..

  • uttham v

    The tank looks fz 16.. N the engine s same as unicorn its jus different name!!

  • ram

    i had a mind in buying Honda dazzler….unfortunately its not in market now.
    will Honda trigger be a good alternate choice for me!!
    pls suggest a best idea for me!! thanks…

    • satyadurgareddy

      Honda dazzler still running not stopped

  • kapil talwar

    a stylish bike ….with some new features and a vibrant technometre……..kapil ddun

  • Krish

    Brothers…. I am stuck betweet Dazzler and Trigger.
    I have searched about the Dazzler a lot and as its flaws I have found out the lack of power of the 4 Ah battery lack of kick start rod, half chain covers and noise more that old unicorn during > 50kmph.
    I heard about Trigger…. there they have solved the 80% of those but the looks are not even close to dazzler (even after providing full digi meter console)… a bit ugly I would say…. confused as its going to be my first bike. I am 26. please suggest me or atleast give me a way to decide.
    There are three subtypes of Trigger… STD, DLX, CBS….
    can anyone provide me the differences among these three…. I am not clear about it.
    Regards – Krishanu

    • sunil

      Hi Buddy,
      Take this bike (trigger) without any second thoughts. i own a dazzler. I face only 2 problems. The lack of kick start sometimes make me push the electric start several times to start the bike. and second one is less powered headlamps. But still you can see the roads very clearly. Now the kick start is added to trigger which means first problem should be solved. I feel trigger should be as good as dazzler or even better than it as far as performance is considered. And take my words bro dazzler never dissapointed me in performance. I have touched 121kmph without any person sitting with me. Double riding it goes upto 110.
      Now the difference between STD,DLX,CBS. Not sure about the short forms. But the lowest price model is having only front disc brk, Middle price model is both disc brakes and the highest one is both disc with control breaking system in the back disc. That means when ever u apply rear break the amount of break will be distributed to both front and rear breaks. This means better breaking capability

    • Smalayan

      I own a Dazzler DLX. Dazzler is a good bike and gives mileage around 50+ if you ride between 45km/h -55mk/h. It touches 135km/h easily without pillion rider.The known problems are in balancing , self starting and engine overheating .I think CB Trigger is a good bike. But the body design is not very attractive as Dazzler


    i think if u r taking ur first bike and ur age is between 20- 30years go for hero ignitor for sports kind of ridebiking.if ur are above 30 of age and if u have more budget i mean 10 -20 thousand u can opt for std cb trigger or dlx or combi braking.
    for that kind of budget of rs 100000/-
    see to it u shuld get gud milege for city driveing i feel 125cc is gud inough.for elder people go for shine…..

  • arslan

    cb trigger is best bike honda

  • kuldeep

    Yamaha fz16 is best then cb trigger…

    • satyadurgareddy

      But fz gives 35kmpl honda dazzler and trigger gives 60kmpl

    • satyadurgareddy

      But fz gives 35kmpl dazzler and trigger gives 60kmpl

  • Mayank

    I had booked this bike on 21st of june,and da maneger told me he will deliver da bike on 24th june,but he made me sad,he is unable 2 provide, till 15th of july,so plz sugest me how can i punish them ,for playin vid my emotion,i am 24 year old ,live in lucknow

  • JRD

    Few things should have been included in this model :

    1) Engine Kill switch
    2) Parking Light
    3) Indicator auto off
    I ride a Dazzler since last 3 years and no complaints – am a happy Honda biker for it’s performance, low maintenance cost & amazingly good handling. But the features I mentioned are the need of the day.

  • Rajveer Singh Rathore

    Dazzler is Much better in looks then this trigger. and the head light is looking very cheap in compared with other naked bikes and Old Unicorn..

  • Tiger gosavi

    Dazzler overall look is best in 150 series,not only look but the milage pick up displacement and low maintainance

  • SDJ

    Can I replace the Honda Dazzler’s Seat with that of Honda Trigger ? This is because, i felt the seat on the latter is so soft…

    • SDJ, not a direct replacement but you can make softer seat for Rs. 200-300/-.

    • SDJ

      Faisal Khan, thank you very much for the advice.

  • VS Sarma

    I have been using the CB Unicorn Dazzler from last 2 n half years
    good mileage and awesome pickup, top speed 125 km with out a pillion
    the problem is lack of kick rod, low focus head lamp, and the lack of chain covers which have to be replaced around every 14000 km,
    usually i ride the vehicle at 50 to 70 kmph, awesome mileage 55 – 58 kmpl
    Fully satisfied with the performance.
    Where the CB Trigger got addressed the problems, might be a good option to go for trigger rather than a dazzler
    CB Unicorn is a master piece

    • SDJ

      I have been using CB Unicorn Dazzler, for 3 years. I had been completely satisfied with Dazzler until i happened to test CB Unicorn who was more comfortable than Dazzler.
      Unicorn is the best.. we can not even compare Dazzler with Unicorn, in terms of comfort. Apart from that, Dazzler is a better bike by all other means.
      Recently i had a look at Trigger, Honda has launched this model, by rectifying all the minor and major problems Dazzler had….
      * Kick Start Added ( Missing in Dazzler)
      * Chain cover ( To improve the chain’s life alike regular unicorn)
      * Smooth Seat( Missing in Dazzler… )
      * Reduced the size of Indicator( Dazzler is prone to loose it’s indicator, frequently because it’s stretched outside the body of the bike. )

  • suhas sule

    i’m cnfus,,between dazzler & trigger,,,which one are i choose?? But dazzler looks better than trigger,,,but dazzler haven’t kick lever,,,so self stars provide problems after days???,,,tell me plzzz

    • k.p

      dazzler not available now..production stopped.trigger is good it seems…

  • nandhaa

    dazzler back side look so powerful

  • kaustubh

    HI All,
    Black trigger std is awesome…..
    gives me 55+ kmpl
    good comfort
    A best option for those who want design like FZ16 or FZS and mileage 55, plus Honda trust, low maintenance

  • Rahul kumrawat

    i have been using HONDA CB UNICORN DAZZLER since 3 year. its better from all bikes. better control, smooth riding, and awesome looking.& better mileage.
    Plz Re-launch DAZZLER with kick.

  • Sammy

    Pls specify, what is the saddel height of trigger? Also pls specify saddel height of hero xtreme, pls?

  • Rupinder

    Hi faisal…my budget is 80000 & i’m lukng for a choice between yamaha fzs & honda trigger as per following requirements:
    1) gud luks
    2)mileage atleast 50 kmpl
    3)daily use 10 km
    4)easy to ride & handle
    5)low maintenance
    6)good braking system
    7)comfortable seat for pillion rider
    Which one would u suggest????
    R there any alternatives????
    Pls reply as i’m new 2 biking & ur advice would go a long way in selecting my dream bike…thanx in advance.

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