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Scoop – TVS BMW In Advanced Talks Over Collaboration

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BMW F650 GS India

You read it first on MotorBeam. TVS and BMW Motorrad are in advanced talks of joining forces to develop high displacement motorcycles (250cc and above), MotorBeam reader Hari Krishnan informs us, who has an internal source in the company. The German automaker has proposed a plan to the Chennai based firm, which could change the game in the motorcycle segment for both 2-wheeler manufacturers. If the deal goes through, then both companies will benefit largely from each other’s talent pool. There are high chances of this collaboration being officially announced within the next two months.

BMW has been in a long lost battle with KTM for the numero uno spot in Europe. Helping KTM’s cause is Bajaj Auto, which manufacturers the Duke 125, Duke 200 and Duke 390 motorcycles in India, resulting in higher profits and market share for the Austrian company. BMW Motorrad has been re-organising and recently sold the Husqvarna brand to Stefan Pierer (CEO of KTM). BMW knows the future of motorcycling lies in emerging markets and is thus planning to tap markets like India, with the help of TVS.

Most importantly though, TVS could manufacture motorcycles for BMW, resulting in lower cost of production for the German brand. This in turn will boost profitability, while at the same time help BMW to sell its bikes in India for mouth watering prices. If BMW motorcycles are locally manufacturered, they won’t be subjected to CKD and CBU duties, resulting in a big competitive advantage. Other than the monetary benefit for TVS, the Apache maker could also get access to technology and both companies could co-develop a 250cc machine.

What BMW is planning to do is not new. KTM has successfully shown that a partnership can work well with an Indian company. Just like how the Pulsar 200 NS takes many components from the Duke 200, TVS too could take many engineering cues from BMW for its 250cc motorcycle, which is expected to hit roads next year. This collaboration between TVS and BMW could really please prospective customers, who are looking for well priced performance products from TVS and a quarter-litre motorcycle from BMW.

2012 BMW S1000RR Auto Expo

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  • S Pani

    I dont know, but there is a big difference between the KTM-Bajaj duo, and this supposed TVS-BMW Motorad duo.

    KTM, though a top bike maker in Europe, is a comparatively small company. Thus over time Bajaj has practically taken it over and enjoys 70% ownership. Thus one might say, that the partnership was pursued more from Bajaj’s side rather than KTM pursuing it. Bajaj got an established international brand, as well as significant technology with it.

    As for any advantages of TVS-BMW M partnership, I really dont see what TVS could offer that BMW itself could not achieve with investment on their own. And as far as I know, BMW isnt exactly strapped for cash. If BMW wanted a manufacturing base in India, they could setup a factory of their own. If they wanted local talent, they could setup an R&D base and take the best talent from all Indian manufacturers. Look at what Honda is doing. They had a local partner, but went independent instead.

    • S Pani, Bajaj owns 47 percent in KTM, KTM still has majority ownership.

      BMW has advantage of outsourcing everything, without investing. TVS is well know for quality so BMW won’t have an issue in that regard.

    • ToRqUe

      “KTM, though a top bike maker in Europe, is a com….”
      “it over and enjoys 70% ownership”
      KTM is Australian based…..
      70% ownership means bajaj is current owner of KTM which is a HUGE LOL!!
      get ur facts straight

    • ToRqUe, KTM is Austrian not Australian.

    • SacH

      KTM is Austrian not Australian company, please learn something then blem, you idiot

  • aakash

    “TVS is well know for quality”WTF???That’s Hilarious!!!LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!You just made my day!

    • Aakash, they have got the Deming award for quality. They can make quality stuff, obviously their mass market motorcycles are build to a price and hence quality is not the best.

    • ToRqUe

      Quality may not b international but as far as i have seen its as good as or better than any bike in Indian market…
      an apache can definitely outlast any pulsar in terms of engine life ….by my experience
      TVS can make pretty bad ass bikes.. namely the pre 2012 model apache.. which was a compact rocket! the 2012 one was a disappointment but fortunately it has the same engine..
      the engine is really a gem…
      on Vibrations… they need to improve on it….seriously…its been too late & too long

    • bhp

      Correct me if i am wrong this is what i feel..
      Apache’s has got bored out engine of Suzuki Fiero if you compare both fiero and apache you will see so many similarities in design and in the engine sound, so the credit and the award should go to SUZUKI.. Right

    • ToRqUe

      ur right the original roots of RTR is from fierro…
      but TVS plays a major roll in takin the fierro & making it RTR combined with whatever they learnt on their racing experience over 30 odd years… suzuki left TVS way b4 that when the classic CBZs wer still new

    • SacH

      Faisal Khan is Actually knows about Cars and Bikes,
      aakash if you or your friends have Aapache RTR just Check the Quality of Switches,Kick, etc, is far better than bajaj and even Japanese thief Honda. plz improve your knowledge then blame on others.

  • Aakash

    The Apache vibrates like a battery powered dildo…!

    • Shashank

      Haha could not be more true…

  • Shashank

    I feel so bad for BMW that they would have to settle a deal with TVS…its like a homeless guy getting a date with angelina jolie or something…But since bajaj is already been occupied hosting VIPs like KTM n Kawasaki this is the only dead thread left for BMW.. I wish bajaj would just swoop in n join hands with BMW for premium segment since they r not very serious with kawasaki in upper segment( i knw cos the share holding n stuff)..anyways TVS will ruin it for sure..

    • Shashank, BMW and KTM are arch rivals, why will BMW go to Bajaj Auto when the latter already have KTM under their fold?

    • ToRqUe

      Shashank & Aakash u guys need to act more mature rathar than kids with tricycles!!!!!!!!!!

      “since they r not very serious with kawasaki in upper segment”
      thats coz Kawasaki already has a well established brand internationally….
      &India by the name of Ninja which is currently the BEST 250 WORLDWIDE.. so a local company like bajaj tampering with its golden baby Ninja was a complete NO-NO for kawasaki as THIS bike was gonna mark ts entry & b the selling & brand name earner in the indian market….
      a bike like Ninja demands respect worldwide & tarnishing its image by the hands of bajaj would b like getting a mutated “angelina jolie or something” with body of some foreign designer & internal parts of kawasaki with some Obsolete 3plug tech (LOL) of bajaj…

      KTM was already getting washed off in international market & neck deep in debt… so a partnership would atleast help the company survive as it gets some market in india…& b profitable for both sides
      same reason why JAGUAR is owned by TATA now

      “I feel so bad for BMW that they would have to settle a deal with TVS…its like a homeless guy”
      well BMW is BMW my friend…. its 500 million times more huge than KTM
      a company like BMW wont enter the 2wheeler market just for the heck of it…OBVIOUSLY they have seen something in TVS which is apparently missing in other companies
      this could b the turning point for TVS

    • Shashank

      Ok Mr. torque uncle first of all there is nothing to be seen in TVS except for lack of brains n constant desire of beating bajaj (or shall i say just pulsar) which is never gonna happen…now if BMW has even considered TVS its only because there is no other choice…n its pretty obvious they r doing it in India cos everybody love to see their sales charts go high..sure they dont need any brand promotion n they r one of THE best bike manufacturers in the world and it breaks our hearts to c such a giant joining hands with such a looser. n by the way naming urself Torque dosent make u any expert or mature here alryt so chill with ur useless opinions.

    • ToRqUe

      “n by the way naming urself Torque dosent make u any expert or mature here alryt so chill with ur useless opinions.”
      Typical FANBOY.. i have also experienced my share of pulsars & apaches & CBRs
      who the hell sed im an expert sahab??…
      &what the hell is in a name?? ur obsessed with useless things even to see past names brands & looks…

      “it breaks our hearts to c such a giant joining hands with such a looser”
      no it breaks ur heart…. i for one am happy that a local company like TVS or even bajaj with KTM is getting international exposure & they will learn better things & make better bikes than stuffing unrealistic claims in obsolete tech like world leader in SO&SO & obsolete products in indian heads & showrooms…

      “now if BMW has even considered TVS its only because there is no other choice”
      for ur kind information BMW did approach bajaj & Hero also…

      all i see is better bikes.. & no bullshit about number of sparkplugs & more options most imp some descent international quality bikes
      so u need to keep an open mindset & not behave like a naggy kid…!!

  • No One

    no benefit can be seen in Indian TVS products at-least till 2015 even if this goes through

  • Baljinder

    Guys, BMW is not much well known for 2-wheelers market worldwide but has strong hands on cars production……. Whereas TVS is a 2-wheeler company. I think its may be great if both patchup and enters in India. If Bajaj and KTM do then why not TVS nd BMW……..

    Nobody knows tat with technology they can challenge bajaj, Ktm, Honda and others. Its takes some time to setup……

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