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Nissan Terrano Review

Nissan unveiled the Terrano earlier today, putting up a show at the event by calling the vehicle a blockbuster, even before its launch. Nissan’s confidence is worth applauding as the company feels it can pocket an additional Rs. 50,000/- over the Renault Duster. This would have seemed plausible had the Renault Duster not been overpriced but since it is and the Ford EcoSport is a good Rs. 2 lakh cheaper, the Nissan Terrano is simply a highly overpriced compact SUV which Nissan would like to call premium and stylish. Let’s quickly look at what’s new in a pictorial review of the Nissan Terrano.

Nissan SUV elements at the front give the Terrano a very bold appearance. The large grille with those chrome bars immediately remind you of other Nissan SUVs like the X-Trail and Pathfinder.

The side profile will make people mistake the Terrano for a Duster, even though it sports different design on the wheels and the pillars are blackened out.

Those alloy wheels do look better than the Duster’s but the wheel arches are so massive that 16-inchers also don’t do justice.

Twin piece tail light seems very inspired from the Force One. The upcoming Duster facelift is expected to get a similar twin piece tail light unit.

The rear windshield and high mounted stop lamp are the only parts which seem to be carried over from the Duster. The new tail gate has a different design and makes the rear appealing, unlike the Duster’s derriere which looks bland.

The interior has been given slight updates too and they do look upmarket, unlike the plain-jane dashboard of the Duster. Notice the new centre AC vents and the piano black finish on the centre console, inspired from the Micra.

The Terrano’s instrument cluster is the same as the Duster, a change here would have been nice.

New 3-spoke steering wheel is hopefully not as heavy as it looks. Closely notice, it’s actually the Duster’s steering underneath with some make up on the top, namely the silver inserts.

In the Duster, this storage bin is open but Nissan has put a cover on to it, a neat touch.

New audio system looks easy to use and weirdly there are two AUX ports. AC switches from the Duster are hard to operate at times.

Ergonomic flaws continue to soldier on in the Terrano. Controls to operate the rear view mirror are placed below the handbrake, really?

The space inside the Terrano is identical to the Duster, which means the cabin is spacious and can seat five in comfort.

The 475-litre boot can carry quite a bit of luggage. Very practical for those weekend trips.

The Renault Duster costs between Rs. 2 – 2.5 lakhs more than the Ford EcoSport. The price difference between the top-end Duster (110 PS) and top-end EcoSport stretches up to Rs. 3.50 lakhs. With Nissan charging a premium of Rs. 50,000/- over the Duster, the price difference between the top-end EcoSport and top-end Duster will be a whooping Rs. 4 lakhs. You still won’t get button start, SYNC, leather seats, side airbags and climate control after paying the additional amount for the Terrano. No doubt the Terrano will offer more cabin space, a bigger boot and a better ride quality but is that enough to justify such a massive premium? We fear not.

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  • Beaut

    They just launch these re-badged ones to add numbers to the models and make dealers happy (there may be some commitment to dealers too) rather than sales. These are meant for just export rather than domestic sales. However, in case some numbers come, its a bonus.

  • Nish

    The Terrano is too late to crash Ecosport’s party !! The Duster is already feeling the pinch of the Ecosport (Low monthly sales numbers and recent advertising blitz on TV to garner interest) and the same or even worse will be the fate of Terrano as the the price difference stretches further to the tune of Rs. 50,000+ over the Duster.

    As it is the Duster platform and model is much older than the Ecosport.. I believe Renault fooled the car buying public taking the first mover advantage but now they will get a real taste of the market demand and expectations with a comprehensive rival that is far better and score higher on most counts in check boxes of an aspiring SUV buyer.

    • karan

      well said

    • Faisal Khan

      Duster is going to take double hit, from EcoSport and Terrano.

  • Adi

    Looks better than duster for sure. But, can’t beat the Ecosport fever i guess.

  • Khatib

    Yap Terrano can be a “BLOCK BETRAYER”

  • varun

    These Renault and Nissan are thinking that we are fools….launch ur ******* models somewhere else not in INDIA bloody ******** copy cat models,i will go for SUZUKI X-Alpha

  • sandy

    Since it consumer market, so Terrano won’t be pitted against ES, but Duster itself. Yet it can’t justify Rs.50,000/= extra over Duster. Its made for Nissan loyals who wants Nissan badge Duster. If it witness hindrance in sales, then its may split the model into two just like Micra into New Micra and Micra Active. Who knows, Datsun Duster in the future would come to try its hand on ES, XA-Alphas or the likes of Mahindra’s.

  • sidd

    the funny thing is that the head unit says AUX but it still doesn’t have one

  • shedha

    Hi Faisal
    Do you think the ecosport price hike might help Terrano (ever so slightly)?
    To think that ecosport diesel titanium is 9+ now and I expect 85PS Terrano to start around 9.2?
    looks: subjective
    space: terrano.
    airbag: 2(eco) vs 1
    ABS: eco
    Interiors: believe terrano will be more upmarket & hold its own.
    features: eco definitely
    ride: terrano.

    • Faisal Khan

      Shedha, nope, it won’t help Terrano as Terrano is way overpriced. I would pick the Duster over the Terrano if I did not consider the EcoSport, which I feel is a better alternative to both.

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