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TVS Jupiter vs Honda Activa vs Yamaha Ray

TVS Jupiter vs Honda Activa vs Yamaha Ray – Click above for picture gallery

Shootout – TVS Jupiter vs Honda Activa vs Yamaha Ray

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 52,200/- (TVS Jupiter), Rs. 57,800/- (Honda Activa), Rs. 53,200 (Yamaha Ray)

The TVS Jupiter makes the Honda Activa look outdated!

You read it first on MotorBeam. Scooters are the most happening thing in the 2-wheeler world. Ever since Honda came up with the Activa, other manufacturers started replying to it but never really took its place or dethroned it. Time goes by and technology comes, which Honda did not use in all areas of the scooters which it upgraded earlier this year. Yamaha, the company which rivals Honda came with a scooter just last year. The Ray no doubt has been the best scooter ever since but then it was not a complete package either. TVS being a domestic manufacturer and one of the leading scooter manufacturers couldn’t sit and watch and hence the new entrant is specifically targeted against the two companies. However, we take the challenge in hand and find out for you, the customer, which is best pick of the lot and which gives you more bang for your buck. Presenting the Honda Activa vs TVS Jupiter vs Yamaha Ray shootout. Let’s fight!

Motor Quest: Honda launched the Activa in India in 2001 while Yamaha made its entry into scooters (with the Ray) only last year. TVS has been an old player and their first scooter, the Scooty was launched way back in 1994.

Styling – When it comes to styling, nobody wins without trouble here. The Activa and Jupiter look like siblings with their universal conservative designs. However, there are subtle differences done by TVS. Allow us to explain. The Jupiter comes with a 3D logo on both sides of the panels, which looks like a rounded panel (planet) and Activa comes with sleeker, flowing side panels with twin vents at the front which distinguishes it from the Jupiter. The front headlight section looks the same on the Activa and Jupiter. The difference here is that the Activa gets top mounted turn indicators while the Jupiter gets them on the panel below the headlight. However, it is only at night you will realise that the Jupiter has twin pilot lamps and the Honda does not possess it.

When we come to the rear, exactly the same set of tail light units are seen but the one on the Jupiter has an edgy touch to it, while on the Honda, it looks bolder. However, the Jupiter distinguishes itself by an external mounted fuel filter cap with TVS badging and LED inside the stop lamp. The Jupiter comes with alloy wheels which the Honda Activa does not possess, even after being on sale for 12 years! The icing on the cake is the wheels on the Jupiter that are painted matte black, which look great from a distance. However, they are not finished well and turn out to look ordinary when observed closely.

The Yamaha Ray with small, low, edgy and compact design is not girly in any single way when it comes to design. Choose the right colour boys and you will be happy with it. The protruding tail light and swooping panels which go upwards gives it a bit of beefiness which somewhat pleases the eye of a scooter buyer who wants strength at first sight on his scooter. The low mounted headlight does not mean it is a copy of the Dio (one factor does not qualify it as a photocopy). Yamaha has also been making scooters internationally since ages. Overall the Ray looks a small ray coming out of the clouds while the other two opponents are fighting to become the sun, aka boss.

Honda Activa HET Test RideYamaha Ray Instrument Console

Instrument Cluster and Switch Gear – The Honda Activa with side indicators housed inside the meters on both sides with good looking fonts for the speedometer is not exciting, but does the job rather well. Switchgear on the Activa is good with the feel and clicks being positive. The Ray has the most funky cluster of the lot with toy like speedometer needle and rest of indicators such as high beam, solitary indicator give the digital feel and modern aura. Fonts used on the Ray’s cluster are quite bold and gel along with the overall theme quite well. The fuel gauge pod is separately housed below the cluster with the same toy-ish needle. Switchgear on the Ray is top quality with precise click and solid feel.

TVS Jupiter Instrument Console

The TVS Jupiter‘s cluster is loaded to the gills and comes with a black background, which looks sporty. However, the fonts are a bit of a let down. The Jupiter comes with fuel reserve light indicator, eco and power mode and turn indicators on both sides. Switchgear on the Jupiter is good with positive click and feel. The high beam button is also the pass button, which is a very slick job indeed. The special thing about the Jupiter’s switchgear is the yellow coloured switch for the horn and red colour for the ignition, something we haven’t seen on any other scooter until now, except the Wego.

Ergonomics – Ergonomics on all these scooters is almost the same. The rider sits upright while the handlebars are positioned slightly lower in the Ray and Jupiter. The Activa is more upright biased. The Ray, Activa and Jupiter all have a comfortable riding stance with a mighty comfortable seat for city roundabouts and for intercity highway stints. The most comfortable of the lot with excellent seat cushioning is the Jupiter, it truly feels like a sofa when it comes to padding. The Activa and Ray too have mature seat cushioning but for intercity long runs, the Jupiter just seems to be slightly ahead. The Ray with its low seat height is a boon for short and tall riders alike, which is surprisingly brilliant. The rear view mirrors are well positioned on these scooters and pillion comfort on the Activa and Jupiter is better than the Ray by a small margin.

Practicality – Offering the highest leg space in the segment is the Jupiter and Activa while the Ray with its tiny dimensions comes last. When it comes to under seat storage, the Activa trumps the Jupiter by offering 18-litres of under seat storage while the Jupiter offers 17-litres. The TVS Jupiter comes with two hooks for carrying bags on the leg board. One at the bottom exactly like the Suzuki Swish, which does not help carry longer bags or edible stuff. However, the one on the top is retractable and will end up doing most of your job. The Yamaha Ray offers a similar hook at the top, which seems to be the clever option currently in all new scooters. The Honda Activa continues with just one hook mounted below the seat, but a job well done when it comes to mounting it right. The unit is a metal hook unlike the Jupiter, which has a plastic one, hence the comparison with the Swish. None of these under seat storage compartments can fit a full faced helmet, smaller or half face fit well in the Jupiter and Activa and even after that they provide decent storage space for more. The Ray has the least under seat storage (15.5-liters) and can carry only tit bits.

Performance and Gearbox – Different engines power these scooters with capacity varying by a small margin. However, the king of displacement is the Yamaha Ray with the 113cc motor producing 7.1 PS of power at 7500 RPM and 8.1 Nm of torque at 5500 RPM. The Honda Activa is powered by a 109cc engine producing 8.08 PS of power at 7500 RPM and 8.74 Nm of torque at 5500 RPM. The TVS Jupiter is powered by 110cc engine that belts out 8 PS of power at 7500 RPM and 8 Nm of torque at 5500 RPM. What did we learn here? All the scooters produce different amount of power and torque at exactly the same RPM. However, the performance on road is very different. Performance depends on how the transmission behaves and how the engine is tuned and the important factor is the weight of these machines. The Jupiter tips the scale at 108 kgs while the Activa weighs 110 kgs and the scooter on a diet is the Yamaha Ray with a weight of 104 kgs.

Jupiter vs Activa vs Ray

Like we said in our first ride report, the engine of the TVS Jupiter is not as energetic as the Wego’s and after testing the scooter thoroughly we stand by it, again. The engine on the Ray offers good performance and the Activa has been the boring of the lot before HET came and dropped a wee bit of fun with crisp throttle response. The Jupiter yet again wins, why? After all, the Jupiter’s engine is derived from the Wego and it has not completely lost the throaty nature and crisp throttle response. Overall, all these engines offer linear performance, nothing to rejoice.

On the road then, performance competition is between the TVS Jupiter and the Yamaha Ray. Both these scooters are extremely quick of the line and have stupendous low and mid-range pulling power. However, the Activa just keeps watching them when it comes to a standing start despite the numbers being in the same ballpark. First thing first, the Activa is 2 kgs heavier than the Jupiter and a massive 6 kgs heavier than the Ray. Then we come to the transmission, which on the Activa is tuned for pulling hard after 50 km/hr, which translates into only mid-range power. Transmission on the Jupiter is very seamless, there is no lag or jerks and it just pulls effortlessly making it the best transmission in the 110cc scooter segment by far and thus posing a faster time from 0-60 km/hr too.

Coming to top speed, the Jupiter and Activa do reach 85 km/hr on the speedo while the super optimistic meter on the Ray shows it is doing 100+ km/hr. GPS results show that the Ray was doing 80 km/hr. All this translates into these scooter having roughly the same top speeds. However, to the junta out there who need low and mid-end power, the Jupiter and Ray are equally matched because they always have power on tap when pottering in city traffic while the Activa loses because it takes a wee bit of time to build up momentum, not a deal breaker though. The Ray is the most fuel efficient of the lot offering 45.4 km/l in the city. The Activa returns 44 km/l while the Jupiter despite riding hard and fast all day long with speeds in the range of 60 – 70 km/hr, managed to return 44.4 km/l. We are talking about the Jupiter which has not seen first service yet and has done its first 200 kms with us, expectation of increase in mileage is imminent.

Riding Dynamics – If a Yamaha comes into a comparison, do we need a verdict on who wins the dynamic round? The Ray is just mesmerising when it comes to dynamics. Armed with the grippiest tyres of the lot and firmly tuned telescopic suspension at the front, you are in for a treat on the Ray. The perfectly synced rear with the lowest kerb of 104 kgs in the entire scooter segment, it is the recipe for pure riding nirvana when it comes to scooters. Brakes on the Ray are the best in the entire segment. Perfect feedback and feel from the drum brakes makes you feel that drums are not outdated. The Jupiter then, does not let the Ray easily reach the finish line of a twisty track without stiff competition. 12-inch wheels, telescopic suspension, gas charged suspension and what TVS calls body balance, helps the Jupiter ride like a more mature scooter then it is. Brakes are good on the Jupiter as well but the Activa’s combi-braking system (CBS) offers the most confidence to the rider.

However, it is the TVS made tyres on the Jupiter that absolutely play spoilsport. They screech whenever you brake hard and do not offer a confidence-inspiring ride. The front of the Ray and Jupiter offer quick direction change and feel agile and nimble making riding a pleasurable experience with excellent feedback which makes high speed direction changing less nervous then the Activa. The Activa then, bolted with trail link suspension at the front and conventional spring suspension at the rear makes it feel outdated. There is a skittish feel from the front and the scooter behaves the worst on bad roads. The Activa does not feel in sync while riding hard despite it having stiffer suspension. It is simply no where near fun to ride as the competition.

Coming to the most important part, ride quality of these scooters. The Ray handles beautifully but has a downside and that is the stiff ride quality, which gets better when you start going faster but is not exactly what we call plush at low speeds. The Activa has a better ride quality than the Ray, however, it could have been better though because of the shortcomings in the dynamics department. The Jupiter is here, changing everything. The Jupiter with 12-inch wheels offers superior ride quality and ride stays the same if you are going faster on bumpier, broken roads too. Low speed ride quality is excellent but not plush, let’s say like a Vespa.

Verdict – All these scooter are positioned differently but which is the best of the trio? The Honda Activa has a lot of shortcomings, being the priciest of the the three, it doesn’t offer much and feels outdated in front of the others, putting it last in this test. The Yamaha Ray comes in second and although a very potent scooter, it lacks in terms of practicality. The TVS Jupiter easily emerges on top. It comes with more features, better ride quality and fresher styling. Not to forget, it is as practical as the Activa with same km/l and km/hr numbers being offered by its tried and trusted engine. The Jupiter is a no brainer of choice and the most sensible option in our market today. If you have TVS dealer and service centre in your locality, go ahead and buy this planet scooter.

The TVS Jupiter is the best package in the 110cc scooter segment today, which helps it easily beat the Honda Activa to emerge as the new king of the segment.

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  • Ben

    good review, very informative . you guys must have also included swish in the list, as it would have taken away the performance department with a great swish. any way make another review with swish, rodeo, vespa.

    • Mohit

      Thanks Ben! Dont worry, Loads of other things lined up!

  • Beamer

    Good to see an Indian brand topping the comparison with Japs. Hope, Jupiter shows its strength in durability too!

  • sandy

    Winner was expected one, some initial glitz about the collection for comparo, like Jupiter should have be pitted against Honda Aviator, Ray should be pitted against Honda Dio and Activa with the like of Mastero. But your Verdict clears off all the mess, since in practical world we tend to mix and come out with these products to get compared.
    Very true about TVS tyre, it also wears out faster then others is my experience.

    • Mohit

      Ohh thank you so much sandy for clearing most people’s doubt! This is what we had exactly in mind and lets forget they fall in the same “displacement category” too

      Aviator is lot expensive then Activa and Jupiter.. The Jupiter really comes against the Activa i, but since the same thing inside out and Jupiter still irons it out by being 1.8k cheaper here in Mumbai!!
      Ray was bought in the shootout because it is a fab product and falls in same price bracket!

    • sandy


  • Nitro

    FACEPALM!. The Activa is for the Matured working class people who want to take their wife or kids along and therefore has more midrange power. Old people do not want off the line kindof power which is why the Dio is present with lower weight and marginally better performance.
    Before reviewing performance of a scooter, make sure you pick the right scooter from a Manufacturer.
    Activas are mainly for the working class while the Dio is for the Young generation.

  • Shreerag

    Mohit what does it mean 44.5km/l(city) before the very 1st service? will the mileage increase aftr the 1st service to nearly 50km/l? i kno abt the highway it might touch 60km/l but wil it increase in city riding?
    tvs jupiter should be compared with honda aviator thn the rather outdated ACTIVA…

    • Crazywheels

      True, Comparing with Ray is not a good option. In my opinion Activa, Jupiter, Access and Aviator must be compared. Ray can only be compared with Dio , Wego and rodeo. Activa still has the most refined engine – eventhough activa still uses the old fron link suspension, they have the most advanced tech in the engine department. Activa is not outdated by the only way they are not using telescopic front suspension.

    • balu

      Engine alone is not only a solution to all problems
      Look all aspects of a scooter.
      Clear winner is jupiter here.

    • Mohit

      Sheerag, Yes the mileage is bound to increase, we were riding with a 100% throttle most of the time still it returned this much like we said Rise in kmpl numbers is imminent you can expect 48-50 km/l

  • Tarun

    Nice comparison. How about comparing all the gearless scooters in India? I mean all the way upto 125cc.

    • Shreerag

      yes bro …thats true indians r fooled by HONDA… its only brand name!!

    • Gokul

      Honda fooled Indians by launching a mature gearless scooter while we are driving greasy chetaks , They also fooled indians by launching CD 100 when we have only gas guzzling 2 stroke bikes, They launched CBZ to know the power, They even launched 250R to unleash the beast within. There is some reason why Activa is the topper, and its not only the brand name. Yamaha and suzuki dont have a brand name? they sure do. The long lasting engine freshnes only lie with Honda. People want to own a vehicle for a long time without spending too much on the after sales cost. The service quality of all the 2 wheelers except Bajaj is very poor. If we own a honda, we can go through a very long time.

    • n

      Please buy it… be happy.
      you have enough extra money for some 90’s tech in the honda scooters, please go ahead… feel happy when the service guys treat you with great respect (a wish at honda)… go ahead coz, honda is for people like you… sach kar denge honda ke sapne!!!
      I dont have issues with honda products if they offer value for my money… but they dont… I have owned them and they suck… incompetent service staff who are least interested in you… do you really own one of these?
      Activa is a topper coz it was never contested… but now it is. But for people like you, the Activa is still there from ages!!! please buy it its waiting 4 u.

    • Binay

      Well said “N”. Its slap on face of people like Gokul. They have great faith n trust in Foreign companies, Foreign Brains. But no faith in their Home Grown Companies as They have faith in themselves.

    • Gokul

      I never said Honda service is good. I know as a customer, but what about others?. I know a lot of wego owners who are not getting the minor spareparts. Also You said Activa got no contestants- Think man. Since Activa was introduced in the Indian market, more than 20 competitors were emerged starting form Chetak pulse, Crystal, wave, Kinetics to Jupiter. Still Activa is here still facing the same old bad servicng centres. We are buying a vehicle not thinking where they originated or what country they are from. Just think there must be some reason why Honda and Yamaha is still in our heart, not because they are japanese.

  • Sangeeth

    Wego or Jupiter?

    • Shree

      bro go for the tvs jupiter..its an improved version of wego with xtra featuers..And most importntly its bigger thn the wego but similar to most aspects..

    • saumil

      out of two I have choosed WEGO..!!! just booked on 27th oct 2013 ..!!! I feel the metal used in jupiter is of not so good..!!! & by riding experience i finalised WEGO..!!!

  • kp

    ppl not aware for telescopic front and 12” inch wheels….i told this to my dad but he went for activa-i….

  • Riju H Das

    There are many scooters came to beat activa with more features….noone could. Bajaj tried a lot with their scooters and failed.They stopped even the scooter production. Normal people still beliving in activa due to honda’s brand name. Let see whether jupitor can do something or not……..

  • Suresh Menon

    Maestro should have been included for comparison , I think in all respect it is good , presently Iam using Maestro very comfortable to ride 50 mileage in city roads , previously I was using Activa , Maestro is far better than Activa . Due to its popularity & huge demand now also it is selling well in the market but Activa days are numbered.

  • paturi

    Ray is fibre body, activa 80% metal and 20% fibre. what about jupitor?? is it metal or fibre body or combination of both??

    • Faisal Khan

      Paturi, Jupiter also a combination of both.

    • AJ

      Hello Faisal
      Could you please tell me which is better in terms of Long-term usage and good residual value? Ray or Dio?

    • Faisal Khan

      Both will be equally good.

    • AJ

      Does Jupiter fit in? I hear it has high maintance costs…. and also, not good in the long run. true?

  • sidd

    sweet review, nice writeup
    just some points-
    1) you could have added the picture of there under seat storage as it would also have shown the shape of it
    2) you haven’t mentioned about the USB charging port in jupiter yet

    • Faisal Khan

      Sidd, under seat storage picture in individual reviews.

    • Mohit

      Sid, wait for the full review because USB system has some explanation to be done ;)

  • yila

    Waiting for the Disc version of Jupiter…….

  • santosh

    Honda manufactures most reliable and refined engines than TVS. I have unicorn from past 7 years. till date i have not come across even a minor problem with engine and vehicle. engine still runs smooth and silent. My friend has apache and he always complaints of engine weird noises and vehicle parts.

    • ben

      Just to remind you…unicorn is a bullshit. Agreed engine is smooth but lacks grunt as of pulsar. Design is heights of shitti…

  • Akki

    Im a proud owner of a TVS jupiter since 15 days.. have alomost covered 200 kms.. the scooter is just heaven on earth.. I travel 25 kms everyday on it and trust me i dont have any body pain.. the shock absorers are excellnt.. The scooter catches everyones eyes while im on the signal.. Undoubtedly one of the best scooters to hit Indian markets.. Go for it without any thoughts… the engine is superb making almost 0% noise on the roads.. it feels u flying on the road.. Mileage should be 45+.. the front and tail lights adds to the beauty.. I hope the service centre is good.. if u need more help pls mail me on

  • rakesh

    Which is good for a 6 feet and 73 kgs guy… jupiter /maestro/Aviator?

  • Bk Vaibhav

    i bought Tvs JUPITER yesterday ,and trust me itz better than anyother like Activa else. in comfort everything itz best.and if u want to ask anything about jupiter ask .i love when i ride it .cool

    • Jaideep

      Which will be more reliable in rough driving and gives good milage
      activa het/jupitor/mastero

    • Faisal Khan

      Jaideep, if you maintain the scooters, all will be equally good.

    • Jakarta

      Which has low cost maintenance in Jupiter/Ray/Dio?

    • mishra

      what is the actual mileage of jupiter?

    • Faisal Khan

      Read the review above for answers.

  • Shubham

    Compare jupiter with maestro..?which is best?

    • Shreerag

      go for jupiter… its an allrounder in the 110cc segment..maestro is gud for rough use but lacks the superier telespopic suspensn, outer fuel fill, pickup,etc…

  • Rahul sharma

    I dont have jupiter but trust me after taking test ride few days back.. I m just thinking again n again about it.. As compared to honda activa or activa i .. Its power is same but its much better in features.. I was planning to buy vespa but i changed my mind because there is no availability of spare parts and accessories in local market and maintainance of vespa is high, its only good in looks and pickup, but i felt slow pickup in jupiter but for local use and bringing home grocery jupiter is much better with space.. Jupiter waiting period is more than honda scooter… Sudden demand of tvs jupiter … Suspension of jupiter is best , i personally tested suspension of jupiter on road with full of potholes… I didnt feel single shock on it.. It was so smooth… Jupiter is better than ray in suspension but pickup of ray is good and handling is also good but telescopic suspension is bad… Those who are asking about charging point under seat storage of jupiter, i want to tell them that charging point is given under seat n its on right corner side but company is not giving you open ready charging point in jupiter as it is covered with plastic blank so i asked about it from tvs showroom, they said company is giving scooter like that without charging socket, from service centre u have to buy seperate charging socket which will be fitted under seat storage and u will be able to plug any mobile charger.. So tvs not providing inbuilt usb or charging socket.. Hope i cleared this charging socket point of people here :)

  • Mayur

    GR8 Article Mohit ,
    It will help choose a scooter for me , as i was looking to buy a gearless scooter, do you have any info , when India will a get a heavy scooter like 250 cc gearless scooter lanched in India

    • Mohit

      Mayur, Thanks! 250cc scooters are literally a dream as of now. We enthusiast are tired of asking a 125 cc 10-12 bhp scooter which also manufacturers cant come up with! There’s only one which is the Vespa!

    • Vipan Ranout

      LML star euro 150 gear less is only automatic scooter having 150cc engine with automatic transmission. However looks are almost similar to old LML scooters.

    • Faisal Khan

      LML is retro in the real sense of the word.

  • Mithun

    The three choices here are not well matched. First of all nothing can match the loyal following of Activa. Even Honda`s own better styled telescopic suspension Aviator could not do anything to Activa. A young girl or a guy looking at a scooter will only pick Dio or Ray. So if Jupiter is aimed at the male buyers, is it so better than the available options? Suzuki Swish, Hero Maestro, TVS Wego. The Swish offers almost all that Jupiter offers with a great engine and less mileage. The Maestro offers some funky features with Hero branding. Tvs own Wego offers body balance in addition to everything that Jupiter offers. So what does Jupiter offer…Fat panels and an Activa look?

  • Shree

    Hey mithun… Ur wrong..! Things r changing now & ppl r not so loyal they used to be.. Activa is the best selling scoot, i agree for tat.. But more no of ppl r lookin for othr options lik suzuki access, maestro, swish, ladies lookin for wego & ray & activa’s sales hv gone down in the recent years.. The sales wt they got 2years back is not same in the current scenario.. Oh but honda aviator is the lot more costlier & ppl hv complains regardin this vehicle…but due to the introduction of tvs jupiter ,things r changing..! Thr s a huge demand in north india & its goin to get released in south by diwali..& also its more worth thn the activa in terms of value for money..

  • Bhargav

    may be jupiter is more stlyish than Activa.. But Honda Activa has been the highest selled scooter till date.. No one can take on it ..

  • Shri

    I have confusion between , Swish, Access ,Activa,Ray and Jupiter.
    some one please help me.

  • saikrishna

    Thanks for your valuable review.I want to know Honda aviator HET or tvs Jupiter is having refined engine.and which gearless scooter in market lasts for more years without sacrifying its mileage.

  • Manish

    if i have to choose between jupiter and activa which one should i prefer ? Please suggest i dont know any thing about motor techs .

    • Faisal Khan

      Manish, read the review above and you will get your answer.

  • saumil

    Dear Friends;
    After lots of study & comparison with available option in scooter segment, finally booked TVS WEGO (White) on 27th Oct 2013 @ 56,000/- Inclusive of all accessories (mumbai) this is what i got Best rate after inquiring all showroom…!! all my friends & showroom executive was forcing me to go for HONDA ACTIVA by telling 1) its an successful running model 2) low maintenance 3) high resale value… but my personal experience after taking drive of WEGO, was the smooth buttery ride …that the only thing that makes me to go for WEGO..!!! I have choosen this option because I don’t want to go for the option which all are taking , & me & my wife will drive this so thinking for unisex option WEGO gives me more riding confidence ( this is my First Ever vehicle..) …!!!
    Hope TVS Fulfills my basic requirement of High mileage, low maintenance..!! & give confident riding experience..!!!
    Just shared my experience to all of you, hope someone here also like me & this information will help them to decide his vehicle..!!! have a great day to all… & after receiving my WEGO will update you with my experience

    • ramu

      Hi baba what you have done….wego will give you problems and after sometime you and your wife is going to run crazy…I don’t own wego but honda paid me to tell this.

    • Sachin

      How is your experience with WEGO so far? I am also planning to buy a scooter for the first time and would like to know if you had a good experience with WEGO. Also how is service in mumbai?

  • Avinash

    i am i have seen Honda’s fuel efficiency is equal to Jupiter
    but what about maintenance charges..i can at best have 1500₹ in a month for vehicle’s run..and
    i need to,travel for 15 kms a day..
    plz help between dio and Jupiter..

    • Arun

      Activa is Activa and no other scooter in india to beat them. however paisa barbad karana hai to kharido re or jupiter. jo halat bajaj, tvs, hero ka hua hai wahi inaka bhi ho ga. India ke log bebkoof hai jo activa kharidte hai aur shan se chalate hai. Ha agar Ray or Jupiter wale stamp paper 60 KPl of likh kar dete hai to jarur kharedo, phir bhi salah dogo ke Activa le lo sukhi rahoge. Koyke jan hai to Jahan hai.

    • Jiten malhotra

      Arun bhai humne maana ke apki activa ki resale value bhaut hai par jab usi same specifications me zyada features mil rahe hai aur rate bhi activa se kamm hai to banda jupiter kyu na le.. Agar aap sirf resale value ko dekhoge to koi bhi scooter ya bike bechne chale jao.. Dealer hamesga kamm rate hi lagayega aur aajkal second hand market barbaad ho chuki hai kyuke ussi rate me log scooter bike finance karake nayi cheez lena zyada pasand karte hai… Activa bahar ka brand hai jo pehle hero ke saath tha aur usne chalaki se hero ke saath india ki roads aur condition ke bare me jaana fer hero company ko laat mardi… Aur aaj honda number 2 pe hai lekin indian company hero number 1 pe hai kyuke hero company hi hai jisko indian roads ke bare me sab pata hai… vaise hi tvs bhi indian company hai jisko india ke bare me sab kuch pata hai ke yaha ki roads aur india ke log kaise hai… Jaise honda ke spare parts local mil jate hai vaise tvs ke bhi mil jayenge… Honda me sirf activa scooter ki resale value hai bass baaki saari scooter to second hand market me bikti bhi nahi hai

  • kalpesh sethi

    Mohit sir, which scooter right from hero plesure to piagio vespa has the largest front space? I am small businessman and usualy hual small goods, i think suzuki swish has largest space.

    • Faisal Khan

      Swish is a good option indeed.

  • Pratik

    I have already booked for TVS Jupiter White in Pune. But the waiting period is 90 days.

    • Faisal Khan

      Pratik, cost?

    • Pratik

      55,000 On road

  • Raghu

    Very helpful, thanks Mohit

  • Rohit Singh

    Activa is better than best because activa is comfortable and better road grip than jupitar and ray

    • Faisal Khan

      Nope, Ray has better road grip than all other scooters.

  • Ashish yadav

    Booked my Jupiter yesterday at Rs 60221,but how reliable is its engine?

    • Faisal Khan

      Considering Wego is around for sometime, the Jupiter’s engine should be quite reliable too.

  • purav

    Jupiter is surely a winner
    I live in mumbai
    n here d waitin 4 jupiter at most of the showrooms is 3mnths minimum
    so is der sum1 who knows a dealer who will give it early by takin a few more bucks
    I want d scooter b4 5th dec

  • Ricky

    Nice comparison. .!im about to book Jupiter from a local dealer at around 61k.. one query-can I get mrf or some good tyres case it gets worn..? Or only tvs ones are compatible..?

    • Faisal Khan

      No, even MRF ones are available.

  • Akhilesh

    All 3 are good one and good comparison by motorbeam. Thanks a lot.!! Here matters, what is my favourite taste? New generation (like me) prefers Ray and Jupiter because of new refined design and stylish looks with added an advantage of refined engines. However Activa still makes interest in medium age/ used peoples with high satisfaction factor. I have a yamaha Ray with two months old Activa HET for my mother. Both are good performers and deliver 40 to 45 Kmpl in city ride. I prefer Ray- Jupiter for ride quality, style, looks and performance while Activa for “Medal for Satisfaction”.

  • arun

    Wego too is appreciable .
    It has enough power and acceleration,really comfortable seating and is best to handle at any speeds.
    It gives me 46km/l.

  • anil

    I am from kerala, till date i have ever seen jupitor on road, Why?

    • Faisal Khan

      Deliveries not started on full steam.

  • kk

    Hi, nice discussion
    has anyone used jupiter
    i asked a local dealer charging 64000 fr jupiter and 65000 fr activa.
    dealer forcing heavily to go for activa and offering lots of free accessories.
    i wonder how these ppl give activa in one day and company showroom cant ,say 90 days waiting.

    final advice jupiter or activa, considering both ill b getting at same price on road.

  • Geet

    Wego or Jupiter ??
    Specialy for Ladies,
    Which is better in Handling, Mileage, Overall??

    • TunaFish

      Jupiter & Wego are clearly targeted towards males. For females, there are better offerings like Scooty Zest from TVS.

  • Sandeep V

    hi..i want to buy yamaha Ray…what is ur opinion guys????

    • Faisal Khan

      It’s the best scooter when it comes to dynamics.

  • Sukhbir Singh

    I am happy customer of TVS Wego and driven more than 30000 kms trouble free ..

    Planning to buy a TVS Jupiter now .. combination of power / style / bigger wheel base and more over fuel tank access outside ..

    • Faisal Khan

      What mileage did you get?

  • Sukhbir Singh

    Go for TVS Wego .. best for ladies :)

  • maddy

    which is best among jupiter and aviator?

  • Debasish

    Sir i want to buy a SCOOTER.
    please suggest me . main priorities are mileage and comfort highway riding
    my shortlisted scooters are

    • Faisal Khan

      Jupiter is a good bet.

    • Rajessh

      Most u r commnts sy Ray also good.. please sir.. i wnt to buy one nd i m vry confuzed.. mny sying Dio good becos of Honda… but Yamaha also good.. ppl also sying TVS dnt trust.. bcoz aftr usng lng time.. bike will fall aprt… and mst service oll the time… i wnt bike with low maintnce cost sir… pls hlp sir..

    • Rajessh

      Vry difficlt to deside sir.. bcos here dey dnt gv fr test ride sir :( pls hlp sir..

    • Faisal Khan

      Trust me, Ray is a shade above the Dio.

  • ABS Rama Krishna Rao

    Jupiter is the most well-rounded package in 110 CC scooter range. There absolutely is no doubt!
    Butter smooth, refined & time tested engine with the best of mileage anyone can expect!
    Coming to the other important factor is good dealership/service network.
    One doesn’t need to do any research. Great engineering and a great product and most reasonably priced.
    Can blindly buy this magnificent scooter!

  • kathiresh

    Jupiter – Dio – Activa

    Which Scooter is best for pillion seat suspension ? Which one is good for rear seat comfort ?
    My area roads are not good and also so many speed brakes .

  • Swapnil Natu


    I agree that Honda isn’t interested in bringing new technologies. But worldwide Benchmark in Petrol engines are the Honda & Diesel are the Toyotas.

    We own an Activa of 1st Generation, but last production. It still delevers 58kms/ ltr for our Mom’s daily usage with same smoothness & refinement which lacs in TVS Engines. Once you cross 2 years on TVS, you yourself will start shouting saying oil eater, better to opt a car than TVS & all. Regarding Yamaha, i would love to say that Yamahas might be little more petrol eaters, but the engine quality is the best. I am using Yamaha bike since 2006, still it’s delivering around 48Kmpl in city for my rough ride. I just change oil once in 3000 Kms. Just get chain tightened & air filter cleaned once in a year. Breaks i check whenever i loose the confidence over it. But i am proud to own Yamaha Gladiator too. Now Ray is good scooter but no one can’t beat Activa’s HET engine. It has got a proven milage of 55+ without fail. Jupitor might be good now, but be ready to carry on it’s auto clutch repairs after 1 or 1 1/2 year max. My friend was telling he spent almost 2000/- after 15K Kms on it.

    I would suggest, better to go with Activa HET, it has got Variomatic drive- Dual CVT which is more efficient.

    Good luck.
    Swapnil Natu.

  • psingh

    Got 2 Jupiters for my father and sister, the only time you will realize that the engine is running is through the noise of engine, there is no vibration at all, utterly smooth, though figures show higher or same torque/pick-up of Activa but practically driving Jupiter will make you feel as if Jupiter has higher torque and power. Its quite obvious why roads have started to flood with maestro’s and Juputer’s. The problem with Honda is that they are trying to become Hero Honda (now Hero) of the market but in that due course they have forgot it is Japanese firm, they should stick to strategy of Yamaha and Suzuki, which are known for their refinement, although their product’s success in Indian conditions is still questionable but that could be overcome.

    • Faisal Khan

      Which colours did you opt for?

  • psingh

    White and red :)

  • Zaid Sayed

    I want an advice on which scooter to but for going to my college! My college is around 36 km frm my home and the option available fr me are tvs jupiter, yamaha alpha and honda activa!!
    This will be my frst 2-wheeler and I hav no experience in riding one before!
    Also im 6ft tall and my wieght is around 90kg!!
    Plz help me out!

  • s mahesha

    dont take honda scooter totally cheat HET i am purchasing honda deo june 20th 2014 starting milage is 55km after 1st service 50km after 2nd srvice only 45 km . also not good service

    • Akilesh

      Tune your carburetor back to factory settings. I never trust the service centers too.

  • Vipan Ranout

    I have bought TVS Jupiter about a month ago. The mileage before first service was a little more than 50 Kmpl. After first service I haven’t done a refill yet. It handles quite well. I am not an expert rider but even to me it feels really confident to cut tight corners. Engine sounds nice and there is very small amount of vibrations that too at higher revs. Under seat storage space is sufficient to keep my Aerostar Full Face Helmet. Fuel tank is just 5 liters but Low Fuel Indicator light is sufficient to warn you about the fuel going low. Overall it seems to be a very good scooter till now and I am satisfied with it. Honda Activa is a bit silent while idling but during revs I think it shouts more than Jupiter. Also outdated suspension of Activa is a bit letdown. The new Activa 125 makes up for this but really is too costly. I would have gone for Suzuki Swish 125 rather than Activa 125 if 125cc would be my preference just because the engine of Suzuki Swish feels more refined and vibration free and also it is lot cheaper than Activa 125. In 110cc segment TVS is my first choice. That’s why I went for Jupiter. I think Honda is really selling their brand and in my opinion almost every scooter will last longer if you take care of servicing regularly from a good service station. As far as resale value is concerned, every vehicle will have a good resale value if it is well maintained. One thing I do admit that Honda has much more brand value, that’s why you pay more for Activa even it comes with less features and outdated suspension. As far as problems are concerned there are many people which suffer various problem with Activa and never tell to others just because they don’t want to be called idiots after buying an expensive scooter. Due to bad maintenance and handling every scooter can suffer with problems whether it is Activa, Aviator, Ray, Alpha, Jupiter, Wego or any other brand. So don’t pay for brand instead pay for the package that you are getting. I have seen my neighbour kicking his Activa for about 40-50 times before it gets started in the morning even in summer, i.e. Activa do also suffer from problems and that is a truth. In my opinion as a package Activa should be priced much lesser than its current price. Only then it could become a sensible deal. Or if it retains the current price then it should be equipped at least with Telescopic Suspension at front and Gas Charged dampers at rear because roads in India are not as good as in Japan and suspension plays an important role in maintaining good ride quality and stability on the road.

    • Faisal Khan

      Thanks for your quick review, the Jupiter is one of the best scooters in the segment. It’s much better than the dated Activa.

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