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Bajaj To Launch Pulsar SS200 First, SS400 Later

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Pulsar SS400 2014

Bajaj Auto has been testing a slew of Pulsars since quite some time now and the launch is still impeding. The company rocked the 2014 Auto Expo by showcasing two new Pulsars – the Pulsar CS400 and Pulsar SS400. Amongst all this, the Pulsar SS200 wasn’t seen or heard about. We spoke to a Bajaj representative who informed us that the lower capacity version of the fully faired Pulsar will come first, followed by the SS400. The Pulsar CS400 power cruiser will be launched in 2015 while KTM’s RC 200 and RC 390 will be launched by the middle of the year.

While the Pulsar SS400 is the distant cousin of the RC 390, the SS200 shares the same relationship with the RC 200. Bajaj Auto always follows a bottom-up approach when it comes to launches and that’s the reason lower capacity offerings are brought to the market first. The Pulsar SS200 will bear heavy resemblance to the SS400 which is very good news indeed as the SS400 does look striking in person. The design of Bajaj Auto’s first full faired bike is spot on and we love the floating LED tail lights.

The Bajaj Pulsar SS200 will draw power from a 199.5cc, single-cylinder, triple-spark, 4-valve engine which uses fuel-injection instead of a carburetor. The bike is expected to get ABS as an option and will produce 24 BHP of power. While the engine and underpinnings are largely similar to the Pulsar 200 NS, the Pulsar SS200 also gets projector headlights, clip-on handle bars, and steel braided brake lines. We expect Bajaj Auto to price the Pulsar SS200 at around Rs. 1.20 lakhs (ex-showroom) for the non-ABS model. The launch is expected in April.

Pulsar SS400 Instrument Cluster

Bajaj Pulsar SS400

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  • Akash

    bring it on bajaj……. yey

  • Akash

    now since bajaj is all set to cross 1 lakh mark for its performance bikes. I want the quality also to be top notch. If anyone is spending more than 1.3 lacs for 200ss and 1.8 lacs for 400ss they should get better quality bikes… M I wrong in this regard….?????

    • tej

      well its on all your maintenence of the bike..I own a 3 year old p180 & the quality is still the same as it was on its first day! I m really surprised why people complain about bajaj quality!

    • Abhi

      I completely agree with you akash. But the blind and mad fans of bajaj wont agree with this point. And ofcourse motor beam is always there to promote bajaj as VFM :P

    • namo

      What the crap u get after spending so much bucks ??? A design with so many slashes all around ??? When i saw pulsar in auto expo…it dint turn out to be as appeling as the complecated design looks…also to be noted..bajaj first launched 220 dtsfi and replaced by carburetor due to cold start problem and marketing it as cost reduction of fuel injection by carb…the same will pulsar 200ss follow…

    • Richdad

      Chill! namo I think ppl are spending coz they like bajaj. They wont be around for so long if pulsar was not liked.

      I would say the Pulsar 400ss looks say better than Karizma ZMR but in comparision to R15 V2 it looks dull. Pulsar 400cs looks better than the Duke 390 to me. If I want a fairing bike I will get the Hero HX 250 it looks great and EBR is a great dev and if I want a standard I will get the pulsar 400cs.

    • Arjun

      comparing pulsar with R15 and KTM but want to purchase Hero 250 ….. You look confused ….

    • Sanjay

      Its almost 13 years now i am using bajaj vehicles, There will be always an update for each and everything why not bikes tell me? and you want me speak about the HERO HONDA AND TVS etc all are using different colors and names to fool customers you think that is quality, Please come out of the illusions, bajaj is being very practical and very pocket healthy maintenance of each and every vehicle. And coming to issues that they have changed the carburetor of 220 pulsar is for more technical reasons and U and ME will not understand, thats the reason even bullet is using the same carburetor now.

      Honda and other companies might be good for all over the world but in india Bajaj is the best.
      starting from boxer to pulsar.

    • Subhadeep

      @namo Its a complete different prospect of viewing. When some one is spending so much bucks to buy Pulsar then he is not a fool neither mad that he will spend money to buy a shit. He must have his own reasons to buy Pulsar.

      From my point of view Pulsar SS400 loks very matured and stunning. And also BAJAJ knows how to price tag their bikes which is also one of the major reason why people go for BAJAJ.

    • jake tyler

      your absolutely right akash bajaj people they give nice engine and performance but they lack in control
      tej i think akash is not talking about maintenance he is talking about quality
      most of the 2 wheeler accidents in india pulsar held’s top record
      and seriously pulsar 200ns sucks

    • Arjun

      Lack of control ??… today i have learned a new thing about pulsar

    • Sanjay

      because people are using more number of bajaj bikes.
      how foolish using bicycle accidents are rare but we cannot use bicycle right,
      its how you use its not the bike mets with and accident its people on it make them.

  • namo

    Must say bajaj is under threat from the least expected performance player…Hero ! Infact it have shaken the whole industry by strom…dint expected this from Hero.

  • namo

    Just imagine Pulsar 200ns weigh around 145kg….how it would be after wearing such bulky Fairing ??? +10= 155??? Can u compare that with Hero HX250R with just 139 kg ???

    • kp

      while studying graduation if we compete with classmates we dont go anywhere in our career instead we need compete with ppl who passed before you from few years and also ppl going pass out after you…bajaj strategy is always like kill 2 rival bikes with 1 bajaj bike i.e pulsar 135 try to kill honda stunner and fz…bajaj launched pulsar 200ns try to kill both cbr 250R and yzf r-15(short term benefits)…hero motocorp vision is different thy try to compete with best of best right from p200ns to upcoming yzf-25…thts why product HX 250 or hastur r showcased…when i saw new karizma R and ZMR i thought hero motocorp is losing 2 wheelers company but now little faith in hero motocorp….

    • namo

      And needless to say with low power of 24~26hp with over 150kg+ weight…it will be running like Discover125…chalta nahi doodta hai :D

    • kp

      power figures and hardware looks good on paper..its like our batsman always good on paper..let the bikes release and we can get hands on the bike wil come to knw which one is class leading product!

    • namo

      Those who score high have good card…be on paper or on mind….cant imagine Pulsar 220 is a fastest indian declared with speedo error :)

    • Richdad

      Thats same as CBR, also Ninja 250 weight almost 182 kg and its only 32 hp and is considered world best 250cc sports bike.

      It also depends on engineering, Pulsar 200ns is a good work of engineering. Its a made in India product. Bajaj used tech from KTM but still its R&D is Indian. Hero has almost no engineering back ground. HX 250 and Hastur are from Erik buell group. Which is a US based firm.

  • namo

    This bike is a pure copy of energica. We expect bajaj to bring some brilliant engineering to shake the complete segment. Adding farings-spark plugs-valves-projectors are not a technology… It is called as boasting about technology…. Better grow up bajaj and put hold on your falling sales figure.

    • Abhay

      Yes completely agree on design copied from energica..

  • namo

    It is better to learn from Hero who dint have their own drawing board and have now grown swiftly with multiple tie ups….they already have strong marketing nd sales network…now with strong product tooo….can anyone think of beating them…those who still think…keep on rubbing ur ass…so spark will come so dtsi…digital twin ass spark ignition…lol :D

  • Manoj Gogoi

    Am I the only one who noticed the active digital console without the ignition key??

    • That’s a display bike which is made in a way to show the console in action.

  • Ben

    Now Bajaj is heavily trapped by Hero. I think they didn’t even expected this from Hero. The hx250 is really a marvel from Hero-EBR. Though I agree that the refinement and true performance is still a question, for sure it is bound to throw away every other bike in its segment as well as in its price range. So if and only if Bajaj launches the 400ss at a price below duke390 and cancel 200ss launch it can survive, else hard time is waiting for Bajaj.

  • ipanase

    wow, 200 first?

  • Veeru

    Great, will it be the case with CS as well, I mean will 200CS come before 400CS? I was sold on 200NS, but if 200CS is in pipeline, I can definitely wait.

    • Ram

      Blind fan :P Tell them to release with new name man.. Bored of hearing pulsars and discovers names.

    • Veeru

      every time I think no one can be stupid than that, boom comes another one!

    • vijay anand

      so you are bored with the name of CBR , NINJA and Yamaha R series…?????
      if no then why from Pulsar….:)

    • I don’t think a 200 is planned for CS.

    • kp

      what you mean by cruiser sports???(cruising+sports=sports tourer! )400 cs is naming disaster just like discover 125 st!…pulsar 400 cs is naked bike and design theme is similar naked bike…

    • vinil raj

      no its just like ducati diavel .it’s named as “sports cruiser”

  • Pravin

    200SS is just a faired variant that’s all.. which would be replacing 220..

    The bike that can excite is only 400SS…

  • varun

    kp its something that actually caters to a segment called power cruisers and 400CS is india’s first mini power cruiser.

  • Varun

    and don’t tell me now that u knew that for ur info the cs or any power cruiser for that saying possess a more muscular stance of a street naked combined with the conventional low slung theme that the cruisers are known for and modern power cruisers like vmax and daivel combine cruiser looks with muscle of modern european naked bikes.

  • Akash Rathod

    Is the news sure Faisal bhaiya ? As I have already said in r15 v3 discussion I’m planning to buy one in April so if it is for sure expected in April then I would wait for this too……

  • sannat

    @Faisal: Only good news so far in Auto Expo for real bikers in India is CBR 650F and harley street 750 made in India…do u agree ?
    KTM sucks(its a furnace in Bangalore traffic), they will be using same technology for their bikes too.

    • Only the 390 heats, the 200 doesn’t.

    • sanant

      200 also heats..I own one now :(

    • MentalManja

      After experiencing 390’s heat, I can safely say that 200’s heat is pretty much negligible.

      You guys also gotta remember that bigger+liquid cooling = more heat at slower speeds(city traffic).

    • MentalManja

      bigger engine*

  • vicky

    i m wait fr pulsar 400ss……….
    plzz tell me the launching date……

    • Second half of the year.

    • Nirjan Sarkar

      & launch date of cs400?

  • Aaqib Shehzad

    I find it very disappointing, there was no pulsar 200SS on display or announcement of launch schedule done. What if we have all been mistaken in expecting a pulsar 200SS launch and it was different variants of 400SS on test all these months. According to interview given by Rajiv Bajaj, he mentions specifically launch of 2 new pulsars, one which is of higher displacement than NS i.e now revealed 400SS and smaller displacement which could be the 150/180 NS.
    Ive been eagerly waiting to buy the pulsar 200SS, Its already march and no hints or signs from bajaj other than 400SS.

  • vicky

    Guys can anyone literally tell me about the real scene wid the pulsar ss400..!!
    I mean abt the launch and the expected pricing..!
    Realy hoping for the bike to get hands on..!

    • It’s being launched by August with a Rs. 1.75 lakh pricing.

    • vicky

      Thanks faisal..
      Nice job..!

  • Asif

    Nly 220f rocks…bt nw its tym 4 yamaha r25..

  • Amaan khan

    Faisal bhai August 2014?

  • Arjun

    Good News
    Pulsar 200/400 SS is the bike riders are waiting for many including me but some people confused me on bajaj reliability and after sale service as I am Honda’s happy customer (CBR 250 is old now)
    Hero HX250 — Are you kidding me ?? it’s Ugly, skinny frame smaller than CBR250/R15 ( just liked under seat exhaust only) looked like budget chinese sports bike
    R 25 — Hell YES hope they price well
    Pulsar 200SS/400 SS — Yes/May be
    KTM RC 200/390– May be ….. have to look at it first in flesh to clarify few things like back seat size, height and length…. and suitable seating posture
    Because looks matters to me and I prefer framed version My final pick will be between Pulsar 200/400 SS and R25 everything depends on price now

    • kp

      if ur happy customer of honda cbr 250R thn wait for cbr 300R and by the way HX 250R is not ugly by means

    • R25 will cost at least 50% more than the SS400.

  • sibananda mallick

    I am waiting the new pulsar200ss fr the lunch

  • Bhagwat singh

    My wait 400ss

  • Pratik patil

    Hello friends.. I wana buy new bike..
    Need lil bit of ua suggestions..
    KTM / pulsar / or other?
    And plz let me knw the exact date of launching for rc200
    Rc390 pulsar 200/400ss
    And let me knw the price for these bikes too

  • shariff

    Hello MotoBeam,
    Great reviews, and good work. I started reading your forum recently and really started liking it.. I appreciate the effort you guys put into.
    Wel i just picked 200 NS may be 2 weeks back, couldnt wait for SS200 as i required for daily use.
    can i know the difference between the two or any advices that i sell 200NS later off and pick up 200ss or 400ss.
    I didnt like KTM cause of Backseat is v small and the upright position.

    • Minor increase in power because of fuel injection and fairing. We would suggest to keep it for 2-3 years and buy a 400cc motorcycle as a upgrade.

  • Rashmin

    Can anyone plz confirm when will the booking start for ss200, as the news is comind that its supposed to be launched in June… so when will the booking start?

    • Should come this year in September or before festive season

    • Rashmin

      Thanks bro…

      I must buy a bike now.. as I cant wait till september, but Im confused in Pulsar ns200 and CBR 150. as i owned Fazer 150 for 2 years…. now I feel a lil odd buying a naked bike, and R15 v2 is not for me, I have back problem, now what do u suggest?

  • Swetank Singh Rajput

    Guys,, Leave this discussion panel. Folks who likes Bajaj-Ride Bajaj, Folks who likes Hero-Ride Hero….. and whatever Honda, TVS, Royal Enfield, Harley Davidson, KTM, Kawasaki, Hyosung….
    “Kyoki apne ko kya hai… apne ko toh sirf paani nikalna hai…”

  • Sushil

    which byke is better in terms of Quality,Reliability and Performance in between 400ss pulsar and ktm Rc 390…..?
    plz suggest me faisal bro….!

    • KTM RC 390.

    • guru

      faisal bro….how can u coment on pulsar 400ss quality evn before it is launch…..v all know bajaj is now improving on quality factor…eg pulsar 200 ns much much beter than previous generation pulsars

    • Yes but not external quality, internal one is the worry.

  • Sushil

    There were some minor drawbacks in duke 200 and 390 like Overheating, Stiff seating and suspension like wise,,,, would these gaps be recovered in the Upcoming Rc series or they may remain the same as in the duke series as the upcoming Rc is just a faired version of these Dukes(in my perception),,,,or else ktm has tuned the engines also for the Rc series…..????
    Iam in Little bit of confusion to own a Kawasaki ninja RR mono or Ktm Rc 390 as these two being in the same price range,,,, Plz suggest me to opt the best byke in between these two bykes,, @ Faisal bro

  • Rizwan Ahamd

    Nice bike

  • Adithya

    Plz tell me lunch date

    • Nit

      Hold your breath buddy, SS200 is expected to be launched at the Pulsar Mania Week carnival that is on 29th of June 2014. Hope it happens!!!

  • asif

    awesommmmm bike

  • mjey basu

    i can’t wait i want bajaj pulser ss 400 batter it launch soon.

  • mjey basu

    bajaj pulser 200ns was batter than 220f, i hope that bajaj pulser ss400 will be better then before pulser family.

  • vicky

    im realy not sure that the mule we are looking is the pulsar ss 200 coz i personally dont find any diffrences btwn the two.

    i jst hope its pulsar ss 400 and is launched first.

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