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Race Dynamics PowerTRONIC vs Kiirus Remap For Duke 390

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Race Dynamics KTM Duke 390 Review

The Duke 390 is already very very fast but can be made even faster

Ride a tuned 390 and you will be pleasantly surprised with the change in character.

The quest for speed and performance is never ending which is why in spite of the KTM Duke 390 being a very fast bike, tuners are going ahead to make it even faster. We all know that stock bikes are restricted in the interest of controlling emissions and boosting reliability but there is always that extra bit you can extract from the engine without bothering the environment or worrying about the internals of your bike’s motor. The Duke 390 is quite a rocket but the engine isn’t very refined and drivability in the city is nothing to write home about. So when RaceDynamics called us and told us about their PowerTRONIC Box, we did not hesitate one bit before slapping it on to our long term KTM.

KTM Duke 390 Performance Test

Stock, RaceDynamics ECU equipped and Kiirus remapped bikes tested together

Race Dynamics’ offering isn’t the only one in the market, there is Kiirus with their remap. The Duke 390 is so fast that judging the difference in the characters of the three bikes isn’t as easy as it appears. So we got hold of three Duke 390s; one with the PowerTRONIC, one with the Kiirus remap and one bone stock. Riding all these bikes back to back gave us a better understanding between the difference of these machines but before we get going with the real world results, let’s quickly look into what the respective tuners claim from their products.

Duke 390 PowerTRONIC ECUDuke 390 Race Dynamics ECU

The dyno results of the KTM Duke 390 – stock vs Race Dynamics PowerTRONIC (wheel hp)

The KTM Duke 390 produces 43.5 PS of power and 35 Nm of torque but this is on the crank, not on the wheel. Race Dynamics has dynoed both the tuned and stock bike and they reveal that the stock 390 produces 35.22 HP of power and 30.66 Nm of torque while the one with the PowerTRONIC ECU outputs 36.08 HP of power and 32.3 Nm of torque. Now that’s close to 45 HP and 37 Nm on the crank which means the power output has increased so the bike should be faster. The rev limit has been hiked to 11,500 RPM as well. You can go to stock setting by plugging in an adapter, which is like 10 seconds work.

Kiirus Remap Duke 390

Kiirus remap increases the rev limit to 13,000 RPM, in gear speeds increase drastically

Kiirus on the other hand has removed the rev limit altogether and the tuned 390 now revs freely till 13,000 RPM. They also claims the drivability is much improved and the bike is faster and more fun to ride as well. His remap isn’t visible as there is nothing to differentiate the mapped bike from the stock one, so unless KTM service personnel check the map of your bike, there is little to tell this bike has been tuned. While the RaceDynamics PowerTRONIC box is priced at Rs. 15,000/-, Kiirus has priced their remap at Rs. 12,500/-, so there isn’t much in terms of pricing between these two.

Tuned KTM Duke 390 Review

Besides making the Duke 390 faster, the tuning options improve drivability

Turn on either of these bikes and you will instantly notice the idle is softer and the bike doesn’t jerk as much in the low end. There is some reduction in the noise and vibration as well and the tuned bikes sound sweeter too (but not drastically). But that’s where the similarities between both of them end. The PowerTRONIC box gives the Duke 390 a better initial punch resulting in power wheelies being as easy as twist and go. Both bikes now feel punchier in the mid-range as power starts to come in earlier, around 4000 RPM, rather than 5000 RPM in the stock Duke 390.

Duke 390 Piggyback ECU

The Race Dynamics PowerTRONIC ECU sits under the pillion seat and is plug and play

However where these bikes are largely different is the top-end, the RaceDynamics ECU doesn’t make the 390 as ballistic and there is sort of a flat spot at 9000 RPM. The Kiirus mapped bike pulls very strongly at the top-end and feels faster too. Both bikes are now more frugal and our tests confirmed that you would get 2-3 km/l more mileage after getting your ECU box or remap. There is no effect on heat and the 390s continue to reach full bars on the temperature meter, we did notice the RaceDynamics ECU equipped bike taking longer to reach higher temperature.

KTM Duke 390 VBOX

VBOX testing on each bike helped us identify which is the fastest of the trio

Since the Kiirus remap gives a higher rev limit, speeds in gear have drastically increased in this bike. First gear is good enough for 77 km/hr while second will take you past the ton to 101 km/hr, third will see you whizz past 130 km/hr while fourth tops up at 155 km/hr. The Duke 390 with the PowerTRONIC ECU does 66 km/hr, 94 km/h, 122 km/hr and 153 km/hr in first to fourth gears. In comparison, the stock bike does 56 km/hr, 82 km/hr, 105 km/hr and 135 km/hr in the first four gears. Clearly the Kiirus remapped bike feels faster and has higher speeds in each gear but that doesn’t really mean it is faster overall? Does it? To find out, we strapped on our VBOX testing gear on each of the bikes, sending the same rider on the same road in the same time frame, with similar fuel levels to gather data. We did three runs on each bike.

Duke 390 Race Dynamics vs Kiirus

As can be seen in the table above, the RaceDynamics ECU equipped Duke 390 is the fastest of the lot, taking 5.34 seconds to reach 100 km/hr from standstill, the Kiirus remapped bike is faster than the stock motorcycle but the difference between the three isn’t a world apart. All the three bikes do 0-130 km/hr in under 10 seconds with the RaceDynamics ECU helping the 390 take out a .67 seconds lead. However it’s the 0-150 km/hr time where the PowerTRONIC unit really shows its well engineered maps, taking under 15 seconds to do it, 1.18 seconds quicker than the Kiirus mapped bike and 1.43 seconds faster than the stock bike (a whole 50-metres ahead too). The top speed difference between all the three bikes was a mere 1 km/hr on the road we were testing but given a longer road, both the tuned bikes will nudge past 180 km/hr while the stock bike maxes out at 170 km/hr.

Kiirus vs Race Dynamics Duke 390 ECU

Tuned or stock, the KTM Duke 390 is a complete hoot to ride

So the difference in outright acceleration isn’t very large, considering the amount you pay for the tuning options. However the tuned bikes are more drivable and offer a stronger mid-range punch. The in-gear acceleration is better too. The Kiirus mapped bike has a different character than the RaceDynamics ECU equipped motorcycle, if you want higher revs and a strong top-end, the Kiirus tune works quite well but if you want better initial pick-up and a faster Duke 390, the PowerTRONIC unit comes out on the top. To best utilise the tuning options, a performance air filter and free-flow exhaust is recommended, so if you plan to add both of these, then you must consider either of these tuning options.

We like the RaceDynamics PowerTRONIC unit more, it’s easy to plug and play, can be removed anytime, the tuning isn’t permanent and considering you don’t redline till 13,000 RPM, your engine isn’t being put to as much stress should you go berserk. Not to forget, a Duke 390 with a RaceDynamics box is faster than the Kiirus tuned bike.

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  • chinmaya kar

    Nice article and nicely compiled. I had a Duke 200, and had kiirus remap v2 along with BMC stock replacement filter plus a custom made FFE from Automech.

    I had bent valves and engine seized.

    • How many kms did that happen? What was your riding style?

    • chinmaya kar

      My Dukehad just 13000 kms done. To put it straight, I liked Kiirus v1 map, and that encouraged to go for v2. Now Duke’s motor hits limiter in every gear, it is cracker of an engine andis meant to be revved. Now, v2 map was aggressive and was good, faced issues like stalling, but it was very rare to make any fuss about it. I am not sure if the valves bent because of the Automech exhaust. We were testing the exhaust, and within 3-4 hours valves gave way. However, before it broke, bike was performing really good, exhaust felt much better. I am no automobile engineer, and I cant do RCA, so I am not sure as to what caused the catastrophe. If u tell me revving Duke’s engine is wrong, isnt that engine meant to be revved?

    • Valves bent, head blown, is only a indication of a wrong exhaust with wrong back pressure calculations!

      Revving the engine is a good thing but keeping things up to factory limit is also something to consider. There is a reason why 10,000 RPM rev limit exists

    • chinmaya

      yup learnt that…hence I am on my way to book ninja 300, and i vow to keep it stock. No exhausts and no ecu upgrades…

    • Sanjit Tripathy

      May be you have to consider the upgradation of Cam if you are going for Free flow exhaust and remapped ECU. I have an R15 V2.0 and when I checked with the Yamaha dealer to upgrade these above stuffs (Yamaha Racing ECU and daytona Free flow exhaust-Yamaha recommends), the professional storngly suggested me to upgrade the Cam as well.(Which costs around 7K) and failure to do so will harm your existing cam and probably your Valves as well.

    • abhishek@kiirus

      thanks chinmaya for clarifying…appreciate

  • Kedar

    Faisal I am still awaiting for V Box testing of my Punto 90HP :-(

  • Karikor

    This is what I have been waiting for quite sometime. Thanks Faisal Bhai.

  • kp

    different review from other review of MB good work but its insane to tweak more power which is already powerful!

    • Remember the saying “too much is never enough”.

  • shahul

    nice article. .
    but who is goin to tap the 150km/hr every time.. ? seriously?!!
    imo..practicaly 0-120 km/h max range is the best in practical conditions….
    above that is only good under testing conditions only..

    • Actually the Duke 390 goes so quickly to 150 km/hr that it becomes valid to check the timing.

  • abhishek@kiirus

    Honestly stock or tuned, the ktm motorbike has many issues. Go to a service shop and see for yourself. Ask the service boy or the tech there. The same place will also have other kawasaki motorbikes with hardly any faults.

    So the durability of the motor is in question? Thats also the reason ktm has a much detuned map with much lowered down rpm limiters.

    A few bikes may fail if abused all the time over certain rpm. Thats not what you are supposed to do whether you have a box or a remap from any 3rd party. As a supplier of these products we release our best after tests only. Kiirus or any our competitions would never be happy to see unhappy customers.

    And the ones who have our map installed are not dissatisfied, barring few exceptions. For such folks money is Rs 10000 refundable upon roll back. We dont wish to see any unhappy customers out there.

    With existing ecu the power generation is by different methods of correction on the stock files. Tweaking and removing rev limiters etc. Its works differently but always within safe limits.

    For folks who worry too much we suggest Go with the 11700 rpm lighter map on the 200. Its a smaller motor. You will never go wrong. The other aggressive one with 13000 is well suited for 390. No offense if abuse any…you will cease it.

    Abhishek @ kiirus

    • Akash

      very nice…. hey Abhishek from kiirus … do you have anything for Honda cbr150r…???

    • Ben

      @Abhishek. Thanks for sharing a truth. I really appreciate it. “Honestly stock or tuned, the ktm motorbike has many issues.” First of all a dirt bike freely revs and halts quickly. But if this engine is adapted in a flat track street bike things go wrong without any mistake. This is the first mistake done by KTM. Even I can make a 1000cc single cylinder short stroke engine and price it around 3 lakhs and cash in a great profit but that is not true engineering. KTM should realise this first. Also Bajaj’s quality is a well known nightmare. Couple these two you are going to get a true vfm indeed!

    • KAT


    • Jeet

      I can agree with your architecture issues, even though I am not a engineer- what i wholeheartedly support is the quality point that you raise.
      In the quest for the creating a bike within a budget, Bajaj is known to compromise on the durability of components- the only way they can offer market first features.
      If they were to also improve the durability of their products they would really give Honda and Hero both a real run for their money.

      Point in case: I can show you people using 10 year old splendors–show me a 10 year old discover or pulsar !!

      PS: I do love Indian Manufacturers including Bajaj and Mahindra, I’d just love to see them really create a quality product.

    • Ben

      @Jeet. I 100% agree with you. But if budget is taken into consideration, it doesnt mean only low quality spares have to be adapted. Bajaj can make good quality bikes but it is their profit oriented strategy which is hindering them. I have seen decade old chetaks still running like gem. After all we are paying nearly the price of a full sized nano car for a mere locally manufactured single cylinder two wheeler. How will it incur loss for Bajaj? After all they are the leading profit makers in India. But I hope, in future they will sure be forced to change their strategy because Hero, TVS and Mahindra who never gave competiton till date are gearing up to rub shoulders with them. Surely their quality will be far better with compelling tech. The hx250 and draken are best examples.

    • Ben, you are coming to conclusions while comparing day to night. It’s not how it works on the inside. On the outside people make these kind of assumptions and are left with no faith in product or company even before buying it. That is not how the world works everywhere. Japanese give so little and charge so much only because they have customer base like that. People who want more for less will large quantities and manufacturer will give them same.

      Europeans are almost head over heels over Japanese everywhere. Reason why European things in person are so expensive in India is because solely Japanese-Indian manufacturer has been controlling the government to do so. You have very little idea what stories and cookies are being cooked on the inside. Europeans are far more superior in satisfying your deepest hunger for anything if you are true enthusiast and can’t stop asking for more in any field let it be automotive or machinery.

    • faraz

      Ha ha first know then talk big mouth!! The 390 has a nikasil cylinder
      Forged piston like the r15 the top quality ones!! Go check anywhere

    • Ben

      Lol! Even in paper I can write platinum coated cylinder, who knows. Look at the resale value of 4 year old r15 and 2 year old Duke200. It will speak for itself.

    • faraz

      Foolish talk nobody just writes on paper n sell dude
      If u have doubt go put a case on ktm! And moreover ktm has won
      More titles than Yamaha pls do check Dakar rally’s ! Dakar takes more toll on the bike than moto gp ! Know that first.
      And when its easy to built engines like dukes as u say then why the hell RU sitting at home go make a better engine n show!!
      And the resale of pulsar is better than fz does it mean pulsar is better??

    • kp

      ben u do lot of comedy on MB!!!most of Japanese products are overpriced and few of them dont even provide essentials on their bikes so bajaj is cashing on them and KTM duke 200,390 are really good products…

    • abhishek@kiirus

      ben…thanks for understanding the technicals. we develop software data for many different type of motors if they were ecu controlled. As a programmer its better to be honest and customers aware of what they are buying and the KTM services around in our territory. we tune jaguars, c63amgs, complex volvo motors, many smaller ninja 250s, so we know what we are doing. Cant afford paying for damages if our work wasn’t right. So please have faith in your tuners work.

      As a friend and not the owner of a remap business, i refrain from talking about the quality of ktm. you know what i mean. i’d rather put my money on hero honda splendour. Atleast that will guarantee a good sleep thru the night.

      one 390 tuned of the many had some issues and it went to the repair shop. customer was billed 4000 bucks (inr). We roll his bike back and refund so he can pay his bills and stay happy. If it were the software / or a box results could have been the same. Brings us to question? is the map faulty…we check, double check…but see nothing. Also the same must replicate on all bikes we have tuned in the past that are same type, but there is no such history. Poor guy has a lemon hardware…..i cant do much. The map or any other 3rd party product we can guarantee will continue to cause failures if it were not fixed properly. Now when you have an add on exhaust, make sure its the right one and not from the guy who is down in back alley from where you live. A good branded one made for your type of motorcycle is imp. The back pressure if not correctly addressed may kill other parts and you will blame the programmer who made the map….which ain’t right for one to do so.

      Going back to KTM service; The customer mentioned Mayank the service manager would not cover on warranty because it were tuned. Wonder why when he recommends his own Bajaj KTM rider from north Mohit Verma to run our maps before races on his bike. Now we sponser this guys bike tuned each year for his rallies. This is called back stabbing. company is happy, he follows policies….we as outsiders ….all get f@#$ed.

      be safe and chose the right product that makes you happy.

      thanks, abhishek

    • Ben

      @Abhishek. Actually the problem with KTM is its engine size. A massive 373cc single cylinder short stroke free revving engine for an on road bike is not appreciable. Its difficult to achieve proper dynamic balancing. Initially I had high hopes because the reviews were too pleasing but when the comparison was made ninja 300 I was able to sort out the difference. KTM had literally curtailed the top end just for consequences well known to them. Right from 130kmph, the ecu kicks the engine. For example the Aprilia rs250 parallel twin which develops similar power to this duke390 tops out at amazing 230kmph against 170kmph. Even decade old rd350 was a parallel twin. Only limited power is given by the stock ecu of Duke. In my opinion a proper dirt bike with this 373cc engine will steal the show from every other manufacturer because of its free revving character like a two stroke. I don’t recommend tuning this bike for better top end. It does its job well as a king of street bikes which even KTM had felt.

    • db-killer

      Dude You forgot rd350 & Aprilia RS250 both are 2-stroke bikes.
      Please don’t compare 2-strokes & 4-strokes.
      And about the reliability issue if have that much concern go buy a commuter bike.
      Yeah the bikes have problem it’s nothing to to do with the design of the engine.
      It was bulit for agressiveness hence the short-stroke,
      ktm engineers also knew about the consequnces of that much high rpm,that’s why they have put the rpm limit.

      And don’t forget the fact it’s a single cylinder spilling out 25 ponnies.
      You can’t do it without putting stress and exotic parts insie the engine.

      And you should remeber that how the bike is priced.

      Don’t foolishly start comparing bikes.
      Honda’s MC22 used to rev around 20k rpm (Further revised edition lots were then limited to 15k ) it was an inline 4,
      it’s top speed is around 195km/hr (Speedo Indicated).
      when comparing d390 hrere , it gets to 13k(max) (10500k limit ), 170km/hr (speedo) being still a single.

      You should first know about things before start blabbering.

      If you want to ride the bike hard rember the future consequnces,the parts are going to wear out faster.

      If you don’t believe me start riding your old splendour like our duke boys then you will know.

      Stop showing your stupidity by comparing completely different stuffs and imposing your opinions.

  • Basavesh A S

    Please do the same for D 200 bikes.
    RD ppl have been generous and have always shown tuning effects on DynaRD dyno. They show you with dyno instead of just claiming. kudos :)

  • Nikhil

    I have faced same problems with my ktm 200 valves in stock condition, lot of 200’s face these manufacturing problems in India when talking about valves and injectors.
    Its been almost 6 months i had it remapped and its running fast & fine.

    And for the 390 my friends own it and running on kiirus and rd ecu’s and they feel really fast as compared to stock at all rpm’s and speeds, but the above results show real low no. when compared to stock within 0-60km/hr, i think tests done are not right.
    Even due to increased rpm there are increased speed in all gears and less gear changes decreasing shift time, so i completely don’t agree with the tests done.

    • Feeling fast and being fast is different. If you don’t agree then why not do a real world test and prove it?

    • Akash

      @nikhil hey bro…. tests are correct. timings will not be too different because power bump is just 1or 2 ps. and also delimiting the engine cannot help much because the engine power and torque fall to a very low values after 11000 rpm….. so overall things are good…

  • Jeremy

    First off i want to say great test guys.It’s really informative and helps potential customers like my self make more informed decisions. Short of providing dyno pulls for every bike the real world testing with numbers is the next best yardstick for performance imho.
    I have a request, would it be possible, in the same manner to review the various aftermarket performance options available for the bike like ixil exhausts and k&n airlfilters?
    Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks, we will try to get hold of the various performance parts.

  • swagat basant

    I was really looking for something like this…I will go for race dynamics..:)

  • Ben

    @Mohit Soni. I agree with you but Europeans charge premium not only in India but also all over the world. Even in Europe and US, European products are costlier than Japanese. They always take a step above the Japanese. Also they will never dive into a under developed market. Only when the market blooms they will take notice. That is why during 80’s there were no European brands as they are now. Europeans satisfy our thirst for performance but at a price. If and only if they they have altered the quality aspect of their products they are always costlier than their Japanese counter parts not only in India but also worldwide all the time. You take any segment this is true. I can quote infinite examples. Be it litre class bikes or premium cars or any automobile, this applies. BMW s1000rr is costlier than Kawasaki ninja zx14r. Also this doen’t mean s1000rr is faster than ninja. Ducati panigale is so much costlier than Yamaha r1. This doent mean Ducati wins every motogp race. Similarly sports cars of Audi, BMW, Renault, etc are costlier than the sports cars of Mitsubuishi or Nissan. In spite of pricing their products lower than the Europeans the Japanese have also fulfilled the dreams of many enthusiasts. So both the Europeans and Japanese have good products to fulfil our dreams but it is our mindset which tagging the Japanese as third rated and Europeans as better branded. Except locally manufactured KTMs, tell me which European brand offers cheaper products than its Japanese counterparts atleast here in India. Take even KTM, their RC series of dirt bikes are costlier than similar Japanese dirt bikes in Europe.

  • Ben

    @faraz. I will agree with you that Dakar rally is more difficult than Moto gp. But are the Indian made Duke 200 or Duke 390 winning the the race? I didn’t say that building engines like duke is easy but I said the cost is lower when the comparison is made with a multi cylinder. Also you are the only one to say the resale value of Pulsar is greater than that of Fz. I sold my 2 year old Pulsar 150 for just Rs 25000.

    • faraz

      Whatever dude but u cannot tell that a bike ain’t good becoz its
      A single cylinder or its resale ain’t good! Pls do check that ktm duke is the winner of this year’s desert strome edition and duke is the best bike in its class whether a 200 or a 390!!

  • Nikhil

    Bro, could you please post vBox graphs that you have attained, as i dont own one, i cant test the speeds at my end.
    i know the difference i feel on all the bikes, and would be able to know where comes the basic comparison in riding.

    • We have posted the numbers from VBOX which show a more accurate picture than a graph.

    • Nikhil

      The test is so severely flawed, that it deserves a v2 of your study.
      1. Use the *same bike*, *same rider*, *exact same fuel quantity*.
      2. Let the bike adopt the ecu map changes for 50km for RD and KIIRUS.
      3. I just cannot believe stock moving faster for 0-60 kmph.

      K&N Air Filters give a very low torque in initial RPM range. You should have kept the hardware same in all 3 bikes. DROP OF upto 20NM @ 2700 RPM. Look at the dyno graph in this link

      However I appreciate you taking initiative in conducting such a study.
      Looking forward to a more scientific study from you, to debunk all the questions raised on it.

    • Nikhil, using the same bike isn’t possible. Doing a remap isn’t like pressing a button here and there, it’s done at a particular location (by the tuner) and things are much complication than it appears.

      As far as adoption goes, all three bikes had done more than 500 kms on the new settings.

    • Nikhil

      I am feeling as if you are not the expert but I am.
      Testing on same bike is easily possible.
      These tuners also sell tuned ECU which is easily swappable with the stock one! And if not buy, you could also have used the already tuned ECU from other bike.

      I am in no way against your study/expertise but just want to see more scientific tests done in India too.

    • Fariz

      မ mie nge …ဒ ဆ တ တ ပ ဗ Cheers..!!! ) စက ဘ စ တ က င ပမယ က ယ အသက အ ရ ယ က ထ ပ လ င တယ ဆ ရင တ အ ဇ န လ တ လည ပ က က မ ပ က ရ public traorpnst ပ စ တ က င တယ .. )Carrie …Thanks for your comment! Yeah..I understand what you meant. I feel also sorry for not being able to attach Google Translator directly to my post. :Dအမ မ ခ သင …ဗ လ အ န သ က န က ခန က စ င တ န န န န အခ င အ ရ လ န နင ပ မယ ဒ႐ င ဘ လည ႐ ဥ မ … D လ လည တ အတ က ရ က န မန ႔ တ အတ က ပ က ဇ ပ အမ ရ…

    • Oleg

      Exlmreety helpful article, please write more.

  • sanjay

    Hi Faisal
    I checked all the reviews on this website but didn’t get a single article or review for classic 350. Although desert storm belongs to same categories but that is a 500cc bike. Could you please provide expert review on classic 350.

  • abhishek@kiirus

    faisal can you tell us who’s kiirus tuned bike was tested? We have a different report and will soon published in a magazine. your measurements as per their vbox test seems erroneous. was just done yesterday.

    • Abhishek, what is erroneous about the reading? Not everyone’s readings will come the same as there will be 5-8% difference based on time of testing, wind and road conditions, rider weight, fuel level, etc. We took all three bikes and the same rider with similar levels of fuel did runs on the same day on the same road. Clearly the RaceDynamics box equipped bike was faster.

      Besides, the Kiirus tuned bike was also running a K&N filter!

    • abhishek@kiirus

      faisal …you didnt tell me, whose bike was it. usually i would always know who send their bike out for tests.

    • It’s Shreekant’s bike.

  • Ben

    @db-killer. Hey you are repeating the same again. I just suggested using mutli cylinder just because they have good dynamic balancing in engines greater than 250cc. I am not against developing single cylinders. Single cylinders dont have proper dynamic balancing so they are best suited only for dirt bikes. Also according if problems are not because of the engine then where do the problems come from? If you go by price vs performance then well and good I will never interfere with you. I am just talking about true engineering vs price conscious engineering.

  • Sahil

    Sorry to interupt in your coveted discussion brothers..but i got a hell of a question for everyone…!! I have got a budget limit of 3.5 lk and i have shortlisted 3 bikes i.e the 2013 hyosung gt 250r, the duke 390 and the cbr 250r.
    Welll i had a 2011 thunderbird 350 and i was into a lot of touring ….approx made 10000 kms in 3 months. But the bike used ton skid a lot and the rear tyre was really above 100 kmph..there were hell lot of vibrations. This time around I am looking for a good sports cum touring bike which can give me the oooph factor…well i loved the dynamics of the hyosung but there arent a lot of after market upgrades for it. The duke and the cbr offer a lot of options. I am 6ft weighing in at 75 kgs. So honestly speaking, i am really confused as to which bike should i go for! The duke is a really good bike but considering the fact that its exactly the same size as a duke 200..its looks small!! Are there and ECU remaps available for either the hyosung or the cbr? and will they void the warranty or so? Whichever bike i choose…i really need to change the overall factor so would be going in for a lot of after market parts. So pls suggest acc to dat..
    thanks a ton
    fellow rider!!

  • Sumit

    Going through all these posts on this page has been very entertaining.

  • pradip

    faisal can u test these kits on cbr150r and then give a detailed review about it :)

    • Sure we can but we don’t have a CBR150R yet.

    • pradip

      ohh..:( well had it been kolkata i would have gladly given my cbr for the test..hoping to see 1 soon though..:) counting on you guys..:)

  • Dibyanjan

    When i read about the performance ecu’s are there for duke 200/390 i’m so happy but now after reading the issues what should i do now?service centre guys tell that any upgrade definately hampers engine life & void should we go for these upgrades?coz no one wants their bikes to have i always prefer stock,although less power but reliability remains.and either Japs or Euros if you cross the limit life reduces.

  • atul

    I wonder why we people love to criticize our home growen brands. I own a P150 from last 9 years and odometer reading is approaching to 40k. During these 9 years, I never had a single issue. Bike is totally maintenance free. Just clean air filter and replace engine oil once in a year. The total wear n tear till date is the replacement of air filter and chain assembly. One more thing, carburetor is still untouched, never cleaned. :) my wife owns Activa belongs to a so called reliable quality brand Honda. The scooter is not niggle free. Once there was an electric fault in very first year and soon after speedometer and odometer refused to work.

    • Dibyanjan

      Bcoz bajaj makes compromise on quality everytime.if one bike is good doesn’t mean all bikes are good.see we love our home grown & hero never makes compromise thats why they costs old scooty pep+ gives me a trouble free experience.till now i rip it issues,thats it.bajaj is like micromax,more features,less price,crap quality.

  • atul

    From the era of Chetak scooters to Current generation Pulsers Bajaj are making robust and reliable products renowned globally and you are saying them crap? Very unfortunate.

  • digvijay

    How do i contact kiirus if i have to remap my bike
    Just give me the contact details

    • Check their FB page, you can get in touch there.

  • Amit Singh Patil

    Is dyno test available in mumbai

  • rtr180

    I don’t know about the reliability of a KTM 390 but I know its alternative the ninja 300 is not only a pricier option but the overall maintainence of the bike is very costly too. For example my friend owned a ninja 250r and he had an accident, broke his right side fairing and his indicator. This accident almost set him back a whopping 15000 + that’s what the SC guys told him. So he decided to just fix the indicator which alone cost him 1200+ . So a guy living in India decides to buy a full fairing performance bike like the ninja is never going to be at peace given the road conditions and other people on the road in general.

    Just the other I had an accident were a kid came in front of me on his bicycle and just stopped as if he was stunned. I managed to maneuver my bike but ended up skidding by bike and landing on tarmac with minor bruises. I was ridding my rtr 180 , had it been a bike like the ninja this minor fault would have torn a big hole in my wallet.

    My vote will go to the DUKE 390 for Indian roads. If money is not an option than the Ninja 300 was, is and always will be a superior product. Engineering wise design wise performance wise.
    TWINS > Singles

  • Aditya

    Hi Mb guys, are these mods road legal?

  • Rahul Naik

    @Ben pls can u tell which manufacturer in our country offers 45Ps at price tag of under 2 Lacs in India..? I would rather advice you to test ride a d390 instead of just complaining about the single cylinder engine…does it really matter..? If it does matter to you then why don’t you speak about RE535..? Brighter side of the KTM u should look into is that the D390 is very capable enough to outrun a RD350…
    Secondly it’s not fair enough that u hit back on everything that Bajaj n Ktm offers… You speak about pulsar and FZ’s resale value.. Then why do the Puntos n the Lineas have so poor resale value in our country..? A well maintained Palio 1.6 100bhp is selling out for 40k in the market…?
    The Kawasaki 300 is a CKD model, the only reason why it costs more. The bike is too good in terms of reliability compared to the locally manufactured KTM. I have visited the KTM’s assembly line here in Pune only 15 bikes are assembled per day for export market with very high quality parts resulting high price for the export market. Come on dude you just can’t compare a 2 lakhs INR priced product with a 3.9 lakhs INR product.
    @ Faisal: Ur reviews are really very interesting and worthy.

  • Rahul Viswanath

    Hi Faisal , i have booked a 390 yesterday, however i am confused between picking an RC 390 or a naked one, i ve read few reviews which say ,bike’s acceleration has has been compromise by 1.4 seconds(which is a bother if true), suspension setup is stiffer and gets a different frame with a tail, ktm claims RC 390 is a track machine , if it does have better top speeds and amazing cornering ability i’d wait for it, please help me Faisal bhai

  • iftikar

    Faisal bro and whole team of MB Is there any tuned ecu for pulsar 200 ns ?

  • nirav

    hello sir, does the bike on powertronic still show red light shift up indicator and how to check that the piggybank is installed,i have an duke 200 and installed in it but i’am not able to figure out whether it is going 11.7 k rpm or not on road so plz suggest how to verify and answer my above query thank you..

  • Karikorlang Kharkongor

    will this work on the rc390 as well?

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