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2014 Yamaha R15 V3 Leaked, Launch In April 2014

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2014 yamaha yzf r15 version 3

Yamaha will launch the R15 Version 3 in India next month. The Japanese manufacturer hasn’t given many updates to its flagship made in India motorcycle and the updated model has very few cosmetic changes. The Yamaha R15 Version 3 gets a new grey hue colour and a black-and-golden special edition (this was showcased at the 2014 Auto Expo). The good news is, Yamaha won’t hike the prices of the R15 drastically with the new model expected to retail at a similar Rs. 1.12 lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Yamaha has updated the ECU and fuel injection system on the R15 Version 3. The new map offers a power output of 18 PS, which is a 1 PS increment over the old model. The torque output remains the same at 15 Nm but the spread of torque has been improved for better mid-range performance. No other changes are being reported and thus the Version 3 of the Yamaha R15 appears to be quite disappointing. A 1 PS increase in power is very minuscule, considering other manufacturers are boosting output significantly.

The Yamaha R15 is one of the most appealing 150cc performance machines but the lack of major updates is not going to go well with YZF fans. The company should have looked at competing with the upcoming Bajaj Pulsar SS200 and Hero Karizma ZMR by boosting the power output to at least 20 PS. We were also expecting some cosmetic tweaks, on the lines of what we have seen on the R125. A better instrument cluster and improved pillion comfort would definitely boost the appeal of the R15 significantly.

Yamaha R15 Version 3

Yamaha R15 V3

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    Atleast yamaha did some changes but those mo***r f****s at Honda don’t care about their customers in India at all,god knows when cbr 150r repsol will be launched,they r happy with neo and their scooters :-\

    • Akash

      yes you are right…. Honda in India are azzolez…. In Malaysia that 150cc CBR has 19 ps power…. and in India only 17.8 ps…..

      how Much do you think a pass switch and engine kill switch would cost honda to put on cbr150r ???? 500 rupees maybe 1000 rupees ????? F@#k man …. some one go and tell them that we’ll pay 1000 rupees extra for those switches… when one is paying 1.26 lacs than 1000 doesn’t matter much…..

    • Nitro

      Lol what? Even Thai CBR 150R has the same 18PS engine you smart one. The old Carbed 150R was the one with 19ps which has now been replaced with this new model.

    • kp

      dude…honda cbr 150r comes with Dohc engine whereas r-15 sohc technically honda engine is superior but pricing is really bad along with 3rd class switches!

  • kamal

    Can these changes be done on the version 2 to boost the performance….

  • Akash

    Man…. what the hell is this… yamaha gave Europe fantastic pocket rocket in the form of R125.. producing 15 ps. and full digital meter and superb looks…. what the hell on earth problem is with India….???? anyone will pay 1000-2000 extra for a full digi meter and 19-20 ps power…..

    • Dibyanjan

      Bcoz they know indians are fools.they know our”chalta hai boss”attitude.they know people still buy them.

  • Dibyanjan

    What is wrong with yamaha & honda!both are only focusing on volume products & ignoring enthusiast.before 2 years i like them but now i hate them & many people agree with that.

  • Akshay

    Yamaha currently has hired only painters/artists and not engineers!!!

  • Abhiraj

    pretty disappointing… expectations were high after seeing the new r125..

  • tej

    a great bike wid great riding dynamics…let down by poor power figures…

  • tej

    a great bike wid great riding dynamics…let down by poor power figures…the saga continues..

  • Sandeep

    i think this is jst a new colour offering…………………nt the v3…….. nd if its v3 then yamaha should get a bullshit…. however i love yamaha//////////

  • P.Singh

    the best r15 so far was d fst 1 r15 dat came in 2008
    atleast it had sumthing to hold on for d passenger
    last day i sat on r15 v2 n i asked my frn dat wot shud i hold
    he told me dat u can only hold my shoulders
    n god nos dat i was literaly scared when he was riding at speeds of 50-60
    n yes i agree wid akshay cuz d sam case is wid fz to
    d engine in both d bikes is just a piece of $#!t
    ithink if a person wants a 150 cc bik den dey shud go for apache 160 or pulsar 150
    dey also hav sum flaws but in terms of performance dey are way ahead of fz
    dey both hav a great pikup.
    yamaha is just adding long gears in deir bikes to increase top speed but what abt pikup
    dey shud learn frm tvs n bajaj who add short gears in deir bikes for a massive pikup n acceleration
    or shud buy a ktm duke or a pulsar 200ns or d upcoming 200ss which will feature a 200 cc engine wid abs n looks more fab den a r15 or a cbr at d same price
    in d end yes i fully agree dat both fz n r15 hav fab looks but at d price dey ask d engine dey give is jst bull $#!t….plz grow up yamaha…

    • kp

      improving a product is more important yamaha tried tht look at fz long rear fender or increased rear seat space or wide radial tyre on r-15 and regarding p-150 is probably worst engineered product sometimes it shifts left with heavy front handles poorly and rtr is reliable but they bored 150 to 160&180 cc with tweaked power out of it which lead vibes…no fun with more power when refinement go away! gone are the years people anything which looks good youth are more aware on quality issues

    • Antony

      Dude, you got the facts about apache rtr180 wrong. The rtr180 is not just an over-bored 160. The rtr180 has a longer stroke, and hence a more reliable machine with more torque and lesser vibrations.

      Increasing stroke requires a lot more technical upgrades and increases cost. Increasing bore size is easy and cheaper for companies. In fact, bajaj does this over-bore gimmick to increase 150 to 180, etc.

    • sahil

      dude i know Yamaha really needs to pull up there socks but ur comment saying that the apache and the pulsar are better than the fz16 is just crap cause i have owned all of them and trust me when u ride them one after the other u will realise the difference in the power delivery of the fz and the other two …. the ease with which the fz pulls through the traffic is just beautiful compared to the other two … in fact the fz is a little short geared and could have done really well with a sixth cog …. fz has been designed to produce mid range and that it does effortlessly … but yes i think Yamaha really needs to refresh its line up considering the competition is coming up with really good products …..

  • P.Singh

    i think u shud fst ride a pulsar befor sayin anythin…
    regarding fz..i think a mileage of 30-35 in in a 150 cc bike makes it d worst
    i hav a pulsar 150
    my bro has a pulsar 150
    my two frns have fzs
    anoder ftns has an rtr 180
    at fst even i liked fz a lot(befor i rode a pulsar and apache)i thoght fz is d best bik
    fz has a smooth gearbox and a gud tyre but it has long gears which means decreased pikup
    d tyre of a pulsar is just a piece of shit
    my bro has installed a new mrf tyre on it which is gud
    but if u talk of d engine den let me remind u dat even today der r a lot of people who ride pulsars dat wer made in 2001(which has a round headlight)
    i think a 14 years old bike which is still on d road has a gud engine
    regarding vibration it produces vibes aftr 95 or speeds of 100
    even apache or fz vibrate at dis speed
    infact pulsar’s 0-60 tim is less dan fz which means it has better pikup
    it has more power dan fz chek d specs of both bikes
    it gives a mileage of 50 plus in city
    sumtimes it has also given me a mileage of 55!even after hardcore use..
    yes i fully agree its gearbox is not fine
    u have a problem of shifting it to neutral but after 2-3 months of riding d bike u get to know how to shift it to neutral
    a new person can never do it
    but its gear shifting is fine..ive never got a false gear.maybe 1 or 2 timea iv got it i dont remeber
    in d end ill say dat fst u ride a pulsar,race a pulsar wid an fz (which ive don a lot n god noz dat iv won almost evry tim),push it to its redline n den cum to any conclusion..see m not any brand ambassador of tvs or bajaj
    m just telling d facts dat ive seen wid my personal experince
    infact if u are a performance seeker n want a 150 cc bik den buy an apache
    apche dus not gives a gud mileage
    dats y i bought pulsar which has a gud mileage n best perfomance after apache n definitely better prfomance dan fz

    • tej

      agree with you to some extent. I too have a pulsar 180 ug 4 & it has never dissapointed me in case of its reliability. The perfomance of 180 cc is terrific & have won drags wid many bigger machines like zma,zmr too! Regarding refinement..just regularly service ur bike & use quality engine oil (not bajaj 10000..its useless) & it will be fine till atleast 0-8000 rpm tacho range (after which vibrations may kick in).
      It can even keep up wid r15 till 85-90 kmph! All this at a price just 78000 against r15 something 125000.It has pretty good riding dynamics too once you get used to the bike(not track like handling but its good for normal day to day roads)

      But see there is a point for buying an r15 too.handling of an R15 is too much incredible compared to my 180. Also If u buy an R15 you get a sort of exclusivity too!

      But for a person who doesn’t head for a track everyday, prioritizes the performance more than looks, is somewhat on a tight budget (hence needs better mileage) the 180 suits him.

      NOTE :- THESE ARE ALL MY PERSONAL VIEWS. I LOVE BOTH BIKES. r15 owners dont feel offended.

  • Antony

    I don’t understand why people are disappointed with r15 power figures. 18 ps from a 150cc is really good. Increasing power further will come at a cost of torque and result in lesser mileage and reliability.

    And Motorbeam, stop comparing 150cc with 200cc and 225cc bikes in terms of power. It’s just not fair. If someone wants more power, they can buy the 200cc, 225cc, and 250cc bikes.

    The only way you can compare these vastly different bikes is from a price perspective, where I agree the yamaha r15 is overpriced. Even the Fz is overpriced.

  • kamal

    Is there any physical component upgrade….or only tweeks from the existing hardware……….?????????

  • vivek

    Considering the power upgrade traits of Yamaha, not too hopeful on 35ps+ power anticipation from R25, although waiting eagerly for it. currently driving R15V2 and good news that i would be less jealous with R15 V3…Thanks to miniscule upgrades!

  • Akash

    yes…. I love that CBR but…. still switches are like Twister’s….. lol

  • Gillyboy

    A close friend has a R15 v2 and it is a fine motorcycle. ..yes read the last word again motorcycle and when you compare the part’s quality be it the forks or handlebar or console (odo/speedo) and you will understand that the yamaha is a way better bike.

    Agreed the Pulsar is a decent bike but saying the Pulsar 150 is better than a R15 as mentioned by some people is plain ridiculous since you’re comparing a air cooled bike to liquid cooled bike the only thing common is the cubic capacity and nothing else.

    BTW there is a reason yamaha is so revered all around the world ;)

  • Saurabh Shrimukh

    R15 seems to be
    boring now. Be it outdated instrument cluster,
    puny engine, lack of upside down forks,lack of ABS
    and traction control, useless pillion çseat,narrow
    range torque delivery, each of them creates a plot
    against R15. Grow up Yamaha, please!! Even Suzuki
    holds a quarter litre machine in its Indian
    catalogue?? So what are you waiting for? Another
    couple of years to launch R25 like stuff?? Dude, Its
    2014, not 2004, A 150 cc can’t fulfill the needs of
    enthusiasts. The battle ground of quarter litre is
    quite complicated, and there is a cut-throat
    competition amongst them. Be it CBR 250R,
    Hyosung GT250, Dukes, Ninja 300, Inazuma, and
    upcoming ZMRs, Pulsars, and Apaches from our
    home grown stables. Common Yamaha, do
    something serious before the “CROWN OF
    QUARTER” goes to someone else.

  • Ben

    @P.Singh. Comparing Fz with pulsar 150 is really irritating. If pulsar wins drag races against fz let it win against r15. Also before racing with fz, please put a broader tyre like that of fz in that pulsar and race because rolling resistance of fz tyre is higher than that of pulsar. Please let me know who won after these changes done.

  • P.Singh

    yes i agree with ben to sum extent
    pulsar 150’s tyre is just a piece of shit which i mentioned earlier but i installed mrf 130/70 tyre in it which was for 2500 some buks which is really osum
    but still if u race a pulsar wid fz ull get to know d differnce..
    i agree fz has a fab tyre.but d power delivery in both has a big difference..fz-14bhp whereas pulsar 15.1 bhp
    dey also hav a great difference in power to weight ratio (despite of pulsar being heavier) due to which pulsar has better acceleration was not said dat pulsar 150 is better den r15 it is definitely no better dan r15 i agree but m sayin dat pulsar 200ns and duke 200 is definitely better

  • Fabio Briceño

    En Colombia se vende mejor Pulsar que Yamaha pues el rendimiento es superior . la marca de la moto pasa a un segundo plano , las Pulsar son muy buenas.

  • Fabio Briceño

    In Colombia sells better than Pulsar Yamaha because the yield is higher. the brand of the bike goes into the background, the press are very good

  • Fabio Briceño

    In Colombia sells better than Pulsar Yamaha because the yield is higher. the brand of the bike goes into the background, the Pulsar are very good

  • kartik

    Yamaha r15 v3 is better looks than cbr 150

  • Raj

    When is it launching in india??????

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