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Maruti DZire vs Hyundai Xcent vs Honda Amaze

The Hyundai Xcent is the latest entrant into the competitive compact sedan landscape

Shootout: Honda Amaze vs Hyundai Xcent vs Maruti Swift DZire

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 6.10 – 9.17 lakhs (Honda Amaze), Rs. 5.52 – 8.90 lakhs (Hyundai Xcent), Rs. 5.89 – 8.85 lakhs (Maruti Swift DZire)

All the three compact sedans present here have something lucrative to offer the buyer.

A quick Google search of the word ‘compact’ led to 7,85,00,000 results so it’s not just us Indians who are obsessed with compact things. The word compact itself has become popular, it’s a synonym for small but would you rather find yourself driving something small or something compact? The latter will get an affirmative and that’s the reason why manufacturers are working overtime to dole out compact vehicles, mostly in the sedan and SUV space. While we have already extensively reviewed and compared all compact SUV offerings in the market, this time around we take the best compact sedans for an outing to judge which of the three appeal the most. Three very good cars with a buyer not going wrong for purchasing either of these. The Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire – the work horse dominating the segment since time of launch; the Honda Amaze – the first diesel Honda in India and also the highest selling car locally for the Tokyo based manufacturer and the Hyundai Xcent – the latest kid on the block who has big responsibilities on his shoulders as it has to replicate the success of its spiritual ancestor, the Accent. Without much ado, let’s get to the boiling hot compact sedan battle.

Motor Quest: Maruti Suzuki launched the Swift DZire in 2008 and the current model is in its second generation. Honda launched the Amaze in 2013 while the Hyundai Xcent was launched only last month. The DZire was a replacement to the Esteem while the Xcent fills in the shoes of the Accent. The Esteem and Accent were fierce rivals in the early 2000s.

Maruti DZire vs Hyundai Xcent vs Honda Amaze Shootout

The Honda Amaze is the most attractive car in its segment with its flowing design

Styling – Compact sedans have to fit in the sub 4-metre length and can thus look quite ungainly. While most research says that buyers of these cars don’t prioritise on the appearance of the vehicle, we feel that the car should at least not look outright ugly. In the case of all the three cars present here, none look ugly (the old DZire was very very ugly though) but yes some do end up looking disproportionate. Finishing last in the styling department is the Maruti Swift DZire, where the boot definitely feels like an after thought. The car simply doesn’t look smooth and the front and rear don’t match at all.

Maruti DZire vs Hyundai Xcent vs Honda Amaze Road Test

The DZire and Xcent don’t appeal as much as the Amaze, more so from the rear

With the Hyundai Xcent too, the front and rear design don’t match but this Korean car quickly grows on you, something the Swift DZire has failed to do so over the years. The Xcent has neat chrome touches which do add to the premium touch of the vehicle, like on the front grille, door handles and rear tail lights. Even the wheels of the Xcent are the most appealing but when you put it against the Honda Amaze, you quickly realise the Xcent isn’t a smooth flowing design. The Amaze simply trumps the other two when it comes to external appearance and that’s largely because it never looks like a sub 4-metre sedan from any angle, it’s just so well designed with smooth flowing lines and matching proportions.

Maruti DZire vs Honda Amaze InteriorsMaruti DZire vs Hyundai Xcent vs Honda Amaze InteriorsMaruti DZire vs Honda Amaze Dashboard

The Hyundai Xcent is the most loaded car of the three and equipment is so generous, the other two look spartan

Interiors – Step inside these cars and it’s clear the Hyundai Xcent has the most appealing cabin, followed by the Maruti Swift DZire and then the Honda Amaze. The Xcent has a dashboard which clearly looks the more modern here but the DZire also boasts of a substantial dashboard while the Amaze feels a bit paired down in front of the other two. The problem with the Amaze is the equipment or rather the lack of it. It’s the least bit equipped here, missing out on small yet significant things like a climate control system, auto door locking, multi-information display on the instrument cluster to name a few. But neither cars are perfect; the Amaze comes with fixed headrests for all seats while it’s adjustable on the Xcent (rear) and DZire (all); the rear seat arm rest has cupholders in the Amaze and Xcent but the DZire misses out on this; the Xcent lacks a pocket behind the driver’s seat which is present in the other two.

Maruti DZire vs Honda Amaze Rear SeatMaruti DZire vs Hyundai Xcent vs Honda Amaze Rear SeatMaruti DZire vs Honda Amaze Space

The DZire is the least spacious while the Amaze is the most roomy, Xcent comes second offering good space

Both the DZire and Xcent measure 3995 mm in length (the Amaze is 5 mm less in length) with the DZire boasting of the biggest wheelbase at 2430 mm, followed by the Xcent at 2425 mm and the Amaze coming in last at 2405 mm. Besides what the numbers suggest, it’s actually the Amaze which comes out on top in the interior room department. Honda’s clever packaging has resulted in the Amaze having the largest cabin of the trio which gives it the best legroom and knee room here. The Xcent is a close second while the DZire lacks massively against the two. The Amaze also has the widest interiors and can thus easily seat three people at the rear without a hitch, something of a squeeze in the other two. What further tilts the space wars towards the Amaze is its large and generous glass area which not only makes rear occupants feel at ease but also makes you perceive the cabin to be bigger than it actually is.

Maruti DZire vs Hyundai Xcent vs Honda Amaze Test Drive

The Amaze has the largest glass area while the Xcent has the bigger doors

Seats of all three cars are good but the DZire has the best seats here which have the best back support. The rear doors of the DZire are small and the glass area is so less that claustrophobia is a given for rear seat occupants. The Xcent’s rear doors are the widest opening here making ingress and egress the easiest of the three. The Xcent is the only car here to have a rear AC vent which coupled with the strong AC makes it the fastest chilling car here. The DZire’s AC is good too but the Amaze has a heat absorbing windshield (on the top trim) which keeps the car cooler than the Maruti. However it’s really the Hyundai Xcent which emerges out on top in the interior department because not only does it have the best build quality, it comes with features which are lacking on the other two including Bluetooth audio system, keyless go, push button start, internal storage for audio system and rear parking camera (the DZire and Amaze don’t even get sensors). The Xcent and Amaze also get electrically retracting rear view mirrors. The Hyundai also has the most storage spaces inside the cabin and also boasts of a marginally bigger boot than the Amaze (407-litres against the Honda’s 400-litres, the DZire is no way in contention with a 316-litre trunk).

Honda Amaze vs Hyundai Xcent Maruti DZire Test Drive Review

All these sub 4-metre sedans come with frugal petrol and diesel engines

Performance – All the three cars are offered with petrol engines (with both manual and automatic transmissions) and diesel powerplants (with 5-speed manual gearbox). Let’s start with the petrol engines. All are 1.2-litre, 4-cylinder units with output being very similar among the three. The Amaze is the most powerful with 88 PS of power and 109 Nm of torque, the DZire comes in second with 86 PS and 114 Nm with the Xcent coming third with 83 PS and 114 Nm. In spite of the minor difference in power, there is actually not much to choose from between the three cars in terms of performance as all these engines are simply fantastic.

Maruti DZire vs Hyundai Xcent

The DZire, Amaze and Xcent are evenly matched when it comes to petrol engines

All being good on drivability, it’s the Japanese which offer a stronger top-end punch for those who like to live near the redline. The DZire’s K-Series mill is the most alive of the three while the Xcent boasts of the best NVH levels. Both the Xcent and DZire offer a 19.1 km/l ARAI mileage figure while the Amaze returns 18 km/l. In real world though, the Xcent and DZire will be marginally more efficient than the Amaze, returning 12 km/l in the city and 15 km/l on the highway. In terms of automatic, the Amaze is the only car which has a 5-speed unit while the other two come with 4-speed ATs.

Honda Amaze vs Hyundai Xcent Maruti DZire Performance

The Amaze simply has the best diesel engine here but is very vocal

Coming to the diesel, the three cars aren’t so evenly matched like in the case of their petrol counterparts. The Hyundai Xcent has the least powerful engine which also lacks on hardware as it’s a 3-cylinder unit while the DZire and Amaze come with 4-cylinder engines. In spite of being a 3-cylinder, the Xcent has the best NVH here while the Amaze has the worst. The 1.1-litre motor (72 PS, 180 Nm) has a good mid-range and the low-end is decent once you get past the lag but top end is completely lacking. Add 0.2-litres and you arrive at the 1.3-litre engined DZire which has 75 PS and 190 Nm.

Hyundai Xcent vs Honda Amaze

The Xcent’s diesel mill lacks power but has good pep for city duties

The Maruti DZire has the best top-end here with good mid-range to boot and the engine is so well geared and tuned that it feels like a petrol mill at times with its linear performance and rev happy nature (the low-end is weak and turbo lag is pronounced). Add another 0.2-litres from the DZire and you arrive at the power king of this segment. The Honda Amaze uses a 1.5-litre oil burner which belts out 100 PS of power and 200 Nm of torque. As they say there is no replacement for displacement and that’s very true because the Amaze is not only the fastest accelerating car here but also the most fun to drive due to the ample amount of grunt and almost negligible lag. It only lacks the high revving nature of the other two but revving the Xcent past 4000 RPM is pointless, it simply has no juice left in the top-end.

Amaze vs Xcent vs DZire

The DZire scores well with its diesel mill being more fun to drive thanks to better top-end

Where the Hyundai Xcent shines is city drivability, it feels at home ambling around town and just like the Amaze, it has good pep at the low-end of the powerband. The DZire’s turbo takes time to spool making it the least impressive in stop go traffic. All three cars have smooth shifting transmissions but the Xcent’s is the best of the three with the smoothest shifts while the clutch is light on all the three vehicles. Where the Amaze lacks is the top speed, it’s limited to 140 km/hr while the Xcent and DZire will easily nudge past 160 km/hr. The Amaze is the most frugal here with an ARAI figure of 25.8 km/l, followed closely by the Xcent at 24.4 km/l and DZire at 23.4 km/l. In the real world though, there is less than a km/l difference in the mileage of the three cars with the Amaze returning 18 km/l in the city and 20 km/l on the highway. The Amaze has the smallest tank with 35-litres of capacity (compromises on the range) while the DZire and Xcent have bigger tanks with 42 and 43-litres capacity respectively.

Maruti DZire vs Hyundai Xcent vs Honda Amaze Comparison

The Amaze and DZire handle very well while the Xcent isn’t in the same league

Driving Dynamics – All three cars are very similar in terms of hardware – they weigh almost the same (around 950 kgs for the petrol and 1080 kgs for the diesel), use McPherson Struts at the front and Torsion Beam at the rear, disc brakes at the front and drum at the rear, 14-inch wheels on all variants except the top trims (the Amaze doesn’t get 15-inch wheels on any variant). In spite of the similarities, these cars have very differently set up suspensions which gives them very different characterises. The DZire is the only car here with ventilated discs but ironically it has the worst brakes of the three, the Xcent having the best.

Maruti DZire vs Hyundai Xcent vs Honda Amaze Review

The Xcent is the best riding car here with the best brakes too, all feel stable at speed

Handling of the Honda Amaze is the best but the Maruti DZire has more feel at the steering while the Xcent neither handles as good as the other two nor does it have a feedback rich steering wheel. To Hyundai’s credit, the Xcent is the easiest car to drive and the light steering is a boon in congested traffic as it makes turning at low speeds and parking a breeze. All three cars remain stable at speed with the Xcent having the least outside noise in the cabin. The Xcent trumps the other two when it comes to ride quality which is simply excellent, absorbing most things in its stride without a hiccup. The DZire rides well at low speeds but the Amaze betters it at high speeds but overall it’s the Xcent which is the best riding car here.

DZire vs Amaze vs Xcent

The Honda Amaze is the best equipped when it comes to safety across variants

Safety – Neither of these cars have been tested by NCAP but the DZire is the closest since it’s based on the Swift which is sold in Europe where it received 5-stars. Honda offers ABS on all diesel trims of the Amaze while in the petrol variants, the SX and VX get ABS. Airbags are standard on top trims of all cars (Honda also offers it on SX variants) but Hyundai and Maruti only offer ABS on the top-end variant, they should make it available on lower trims as well.

DZire vs Xcent vs Amaze

All three cars are fantastic but the Xcent trumps the others with its VFM proposition

Verdict – Buyers are a confused lot and here is why. The Amaze is the most powerful car here with the most space inside and the Honda badge is the more premium of the three (aka better resale). The Swift DZire has the best steering feedback here with involving engines and Maruti Suzuki’s dealership network easily trumps everyone else. The Xcent is feature loaded and has the biggest boot, Hyundai has also got the ride quality spot on. However there has to be only one winner and in this shootout, it’s the Hyundai Xcent which comes out on top. The Amaze lacks equipment, the DZire lacks space and while the Xcent doesn’t excel in all departments, it does the best of most. Not only does the Xcent offer a ton of features, it also has a spacious cabin, frugal engines and an excellent ride quality. The Amaze and DZire are both due for a minor facelift when the respective manufacturers will up the equipment levels to match Hyundai’s latest. Till then, the Xcent clearly emerges on top for offering buyers more for less.

The Honda Amaze is the most expensive of the three while Hyundai has gone ahead and under cut the pricing of the Maruti Swift DZire with their Xcent. Clearly the Korean car offers the most bang for the buck which most buyers in this segment sought after.

Honda Amaze vs Hyundai Xcent vs Maruti DZire

Sub 4-metre in size but with a decent boot, compact sedans offer practicality

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  • Ben

    A pleasure to read this review.

  • J C Bose

    Please note Honda Amaze offers airbags in both SX & VX variants for both petrol & diesel. Amaze SX diesel with ABS & Airbags is much more VFM at 6.99L@Hyderabad and its much cheaper than top-end VX by more than 75k.

    • No doubt about the Amaze being value for some of the variants but Honda needs to give it more features.

    • J C Bose

      Thank you for the nice comparison Faisal.
      I only meant to correct the statement “Airbags are standard on top trims of all cars”. You now added info about amaze SX version with airbags, thank you, cheers :)

    • Thanks for the heads-up JC Bose, we take reader comments very seriously ;-)

  • Dibyanjan

    Please never buy any hyundai cars.quality sucks.they are loaded with features but in terms of safety they lacks.ride quality though good now a days(improving) but handling sucks.and the styling of this car is as bad as dzire.wait for tata zest,ford figo sedan or if u can’t wait go for quality & durability.again maruti also compromise on better to go with reputed brands and if boot is not a main criteria please buy premium hatches(polo is best) and always prefer safety first.

    • Polo is a good car but expensive and the 1.2-litre engine lacks power. It also is expensive to upkeep.

    • Dibyanjan

      Ya i know polo is underpowered but the dynamics are best.what about 1.2 tsi or tdi?:-P

    • yila

      Maruti’s bigger cars, like SX4 and Swift, have performed very well in NCAP tests, scoring 5 stars (with generous safety equipment), but Honda Amaze or Brio or Hyundai Xcent are shy of crash tests, maybe being afraid of the possible unfavourable outcomes of the tests. Small Maruti cars are just the opposite. So, by considering the genes of these cars, at least we can assume, and only assume that Dzire is the safest.

  • Pravin

    I would prefer the sexy Fiesta Classic 1.6 ltr high revving engine over these miniatures anyday..

    For diesel the Amaze Diesel SX variant is the best in terms of value for money and overall performance..

    • Pravin, the Fiesta is very good but the Classic is now dated and lacks features and space of these cars.

    • atul

      Please tell me how Fieasta is short in feature. I think it is more feature rich tha Amaze. Fiesta have BT music system, auto door lock, ABS, airbag, adjustable head rest and not forget, Fiesta is the best handling car this side of 20L.

    • Jacob

      Faisal Khan & Pravin , Should I go for Ford Fiesta classic ( Petrol ) or Hyundai Xcent(1.2 s) not considering the looks but just the driving easiness, mileage , compact vs real sedan , cost , and comfort .

    • jacob

      Faisal , I did test drive xcent today . Bit worried about the rear seat space as I found it extremely congested with three passengers . Also , I don’t find the styling too appealing , though looks fabulous in photos. height too was a problem at both front and rear seats . So I am gonna get a test drive for Fiesta classic on monday . You were mentioning that the classic will be discontinued soon , Which means there will be no availability of spares in 10 years ( I am gonna keep my new car atleast 8 yr or so ) . Or do we have any other problems associated with a discontinued model . Please advise at the earliest . Thank you . and wats the real world milege figure for classic ??

    • Yes, the Xcent isn’t wide enough to seat three. I would suggest not to get a discontinued model. have a look at the Amaze too.

    • Mahesh

      Hello Faisal, Jacob,

      I am also planning for the diesel car. I took the test drive of both Xcent and Fiesta Classic, and feels classic is better. Would like to know your opioin on both. Quality and Durablitywise I feel – Classic will be always better ? or Xcent..?
      I feel in xcent they have added cosmatic features, which may add value but what about the durability over the next 5-7 yrs..?
      I had seen Ford’ s car for 2 Lacs Km running without any problem ( if regular service done), but not seen any hyundai cars in that running range..!!

      Would like to know your views.., because I am also confused whether to go with New Xcent or Ford Classic. Diesel..?


  • Lalu Damu Patil

    Will go for Amaze for its bigger & better engine. Xccent’s 3 Cyl diesel engine for a sedan is strictly no no… whatever the paper fig of its bhps & torques, 3 cyl pot looses the steam very early while u need it.. eg at overtaking. And what to say about Desires back benches? u can only fit ur mother in law there…

    • Hyundai should really have plonked in the 1.4-litre diesel from the i20/Verna.

    • Syed

      Also, Mother-In-Laws are funny creatures and can be fitted into back seats of a Nano too…. :-)

  • John

    As always here in the comparison Hyundai vehicle made better than competition.
    wat a joke xcent better than dzire and amaze.

    • John, you need to drive all these cars back to back. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Also, please go through all our reviews; in the GO vs Eon, the GO won; in the Elantra vs Jetta vs Octavia, the Octavia won, in the Verna vs City vs Vento, the City won; so Hyundai vehicle made better than competition is all in your mind.

    • John

      I have driven Xcent and couldnt feel it as good as a Dzire in handling and dynamics.Agree there are lot of features in Xcent but not that much essential.The only one which I feel lack in Dzire is the reverse camera with sensor…that can be added aftermarket in not more than 10K..

    • Reverse camera? What about Bluetooth, storage in audio system, rear AC, keyless go, button start, etc?

      And read our review, we have clearly mentioned the Xcent diesel lacks power and handling isn’t in the same league.

    • John

      You are completely biased towards Hyundai.anyway you forget about the peppy Suzuki and fiat engines in dzire and the sporty handling and steering feel before commenting such use less push bottom,rear ac etc…who cares for those if a car is with all the equipment without a feel of driving.anyway all the best for such reviews…bye.

    • Yes Mr. John, your problem is that you don’t read and only talk baselessly. Where have I not acknowledged that the DZire has the most fun to drive engines and the steering is the best. Think from a customer’s point of view. The car with the best steering in India is the Ford Fiesta, it also has the best handling and it’s the least selling, you know why? Because majority customers want comfort, mileage and features, thus our verdicts are also based on the same.

    • Vishwas

      I do not agree with John that Faisal is more biased towards Xcent. He did mentioned all true facts of both cars. I drove Honda Amaze Disel for 7 months, 10K. It is really amazing in performance, inside space, outer looks, driving pleasure but lacks features and interiors.

      Thats why I say, Xcent Petrol is better than Amaze Petrol. However it is difficult to decide on Dizel version, as Honda Amaze is better in performance and power than Xcent, but Honda Amaze lacks features. So the buyer will have to decide whether he/she gives more weight-age to performance or features richness,

    • Thanks for understanding Vishwas. No doubt Amaze diesel is the best car in its segment but for those who drive mostly on the city, they are ok with lesser power too.

  • Akash

    again a fabulous job by MotorBeam…. kudos to you guys….

    but I dont like piddi compact cars…. :D

    • Thanks Akash, it’s the pricing which pulls people towards these cars.

  • Baljinder

    Well written review… it. Amaze is really a VFM with good features, boot space, interiors and cheap too. Please a review should also be thr on SUVs……

    • All SUV reviews already there, which one are you looking for?

    • Baljinder

      I mean a competition and comparison should be thr of all SUVs…… like u guys do for Sedans

    • We did for the compact SUVs (Duster vs Terrano vs EcoSport).

  • Susmeet

    Things will get even more hotter when Tata Zest will arrive. Which also seems to be a VFM package.

  • nameer

    how is the chevrolet sail? why you are avoiding daat gud looking car? actualy i am not a chevy fan but i am really impressed with car looks…

  • nsnagpure

    I have a question for Mr.John. Do you have owned a hyundai car previously or now.?. I am a proud
    owner of SANTRO for last 10 years . its as it is of now. Maruti desire look new until getting number plates .please reply

    • john

      Yes I own an i20 sports now,but i feel i have done a big mistake buying this that time in 2011 going by looks and features.
      i can never say a santro or an accent or a Santa Fe are bad.but these i segment cars are just the bad handlers be it i10 ,i20 or xcent.
      i have driven swift many times and feel its a charm to drive this in indian roads and so is a dzire.

  • mahantesh

    dear Faisal Khan, I’m planning to buy my first diesel car, which would you suggest me? xcent s(oh or amaze s ? Pls help I’m really between the two. confused

  • mahantesh

    dear Faisal Khan, I’m planning to buy my first diesel car, which would you xcent me? xcent s(o) or amaze s ? Pls help I’m really between the two. confused

  • mahantesh

    dear Faisal Khan, I’m planning to buy my first diesel car, which one would you suggest me? xcent s(o) or amaze s ? Pls help I’m really confused between the two.

  • nikhl

    I actually dont find many amaze car on highway or roads as compare to dezire soo what might the possible reason ??? And I dont want to buy a car which have poor sale ….. according to ur reviews I would go with amaze but due its less sale as compared to dezire should I buy amaze ????

    • Honda resale is better than Maruti, go with the Amaze.

    • jeelu

      How …amaze resale better than a Maruti dzire???plz could u clarify….i am surprised by your comment..

    • Honda resale is among the best in India. Remember many people consider Honda to be premium, which they actually aren’t.

    • jeelu

      But how amaze is a premium one..imo amaze ia the least premium quality like a etios in the mid segment.same with Honda city.i feel verna and rapid feel more premium than city.

    • Agreed but Honda is perceived this way in India.

  • S. Thomas, Mumbai

    The Honda Amaze has been in the market for just a year, whereas the Maruti Dzire has been around for over 5 years.
    I think that until the Amaze was launched, the Dzire was the only sub-4 meter sedan available in India.

  • Lokesh

    Hi Faisal, nice review. Hyndai always provides more features than any other company. However, i think xcent-diesel engine is really underpower, however in real world how it matters i dont know, cause i feel the more power would required mostly when you riding on highways. The other thing, i heard lot of negative review related to amaze-diesel noise, what is your opinion on that and how much it matters (mean is it really annoying).

    In short, I am looking for Diesel car, which one is better option to buy, xcent-diesel or amaze-diesel (dzire not in my list)

    • Amaze is way more powerful and that’s a big boon. The Xcent has decent power but lacks the punch when you want to overtake. It all boils down to what you are looking for.

    • Lokesh

      Well i would say, I am looking for a car, which i wont regret for atleast next couple of years (current version of Dzire looks odd and i dnt think i would like to buy dzire in front of Xcent or amaze, although i had the old dzire and i like the old one).
      For xcent i think, hyundai might replace the underpower diesel-engine with powerful one in near future,
      but for amaze i heard negative review related to noise, is amaze-diesel is really annoying in term of noise? or it is over-hype by critics.

  • Bhushan Dhotkar

    Hi Faisal,
    Which one is better in Automatic transmission.. Honda Amaze or Hyundai Xcent?
    I am going to drive mostly within city limit.


  • Vishwas

    This review is really good. I have used Honda Amaze(Disel) for 7 months before it went into salvage loss because the car went on road dividers. Honda Amaze is really very good from the prospective of driving pleasure, performance, outside looks, inside space and boot space. However it has OK type but workable interiors. Since I am considering now petrol versions because my daily use is around 30-40kms only.
    When I seen Hyundai Xcent and had a test drive, I felt that Xcent is much better car than Honda Amaze at least in petrol. The reasons are its beautiful internals and super rich features like rear a/c vent, cooling of waterbottle, blue tooth connectivity, two internal lights, microphone at roof, reverse parking with camera, keyless entry and so on. Even Xcent Petrol is marginally good in performance when compared to Amaze.

  • Vishwas

    I would like add one more feature about Hyundai Xcent that its gear shifts are very smooth and effortless. Again it has climate control A/c which Honda Amaze do not have.

    Though some features can be added externally, I am for in-built features as they are better integrated and more convenient. When I fitted reverse parking sensors in Honda Amaze externally, the mirror was greater than the mirror provided by Amaze and I had issue when sun comes in front of you.

  • Kuppusamy

    I am planning to buy Petrol Auto transmission. I am confused to choose between Honda Amaze SX/VX and Hyundai Xcent. I would be using mostly in city conditions and occasionally driving to long distance. Between these two which one would you suggest. My order of preference is safety, performance, drive experience and feature. Also I need input on three more items
    1) Any idea on the services & parts between these two cars — how often it needs service; how expensive would be service, service area coverage within India.

    2) How is the suspension in these cars? Also how is ground clearance? My neighborhood and the places that i will drive will have bumps and I do not want my car get hit at its bottom.

    3) As far as leg room is concerned I understand Amaze is best for frontal leg room, but how about floor to seat leg room is it higher or low built seat where it kind of creates trouble to tall people (despite having good frontal clearance)? I experienced this problem with old Honda City. So am bit wary of it. Same question is for Xcent as well.

  • Vishal Vyas

    Hi, Im planning to buy my first car. Budget is 6 to 7L. Looking for a petrol car. Kindly suggest a good car as the first car. Preferably a sedan. look forward to your suggestions.

  • Dr Mandar Shah

    Thanks for the review Mr. Faisal. In my opinion, the tenure is spot-on, and I agree with you on most points. I was wanting to upgrade from my I10 petrol to a diesel model. I spent a long time with each of the compact sedan and took long test drives, & nothing pleased me more than Xcent. I had also liked Amaze for its powerful engine, but my 7 yr old son solved the dilemma- he asked me, “dad, you want to spend more for a car that makes such a loud noise while it is still new? (! !)”
    I’m going ahead & booking xcent today itself…

  • Obed Daruwala

    Great review as usual Faisal!
    I think the Dzire is still the best car here. I am saying this because of the hatchbacks they are based on. If you compare the swift with the brio and the grand i10, we know which is the best car and that too by a wide margin. The brio and grand i10 are not even in the premium hatchback category. Honda’s to be launched Jazz and Hyundai’s i20 are more of the swift’s competitors.
    I agree that the dzire’s boot is not the best looking one and is the least spacious too. But on most other parameters, the dzire leaves the other two in the dust. The amaze’s interiors are no match for the other two cars and the Xcent has Hyundai’s “legendary” nervous handling and look too plain.
    Even though the Maruti may lose out in some things, it is still the overall best package.
    Maruti know what Indian customers want since they are the most experienced in our market and that is what keeps them on top.

  • Muralidhar

    Hai faizal pls let me know which variant of hundai xcent is better i am confused in between honda diesel , hyundai xcent petrol or diesel one…..


  • raj

    1500 cc+ 100 psi +4cylinder but still u get 25.3 Its amaze n xcent is 1100cc+70 psi+3cylindern still u get 23odd 3 cylinders r made for economy still xcent lags even though Its having 1100 cc m waiting for a xcent with amaze diesel engine dikhawe pe mat Jao apni akal lagao

  • raj

    Ek bat bolna to bhul hi gaya m cancelling my xcent diesel booking

  • paramjeet

    I want to buy new petrol car can any body advice me which one is the best xcent or amaze


    Hi, Faisal bhai and everyone i am planning to buy the xcent or grand i10 but have a budget of around 7 lacs and i completely want the top model of any car i buy so wud it b ideal for me to shell out an extra lac and buy xcent or go with grand i10 top model diesel. And also suggest me any other cars in this range. Thanks a lot in advance and a superb review.

  • Akkshita

    Dzire is the best car out of three because xcent lacks engine capacity and comfortability than dzire and amaze is having ugly dashboard and very thin seats and failed air conditioner……according to me a smart person will always go for dzire :)

  • Amey Nevrekar

    Congrats to you for the knowledge you have on the cars, though i wonder how do u keep abreast with the latest cars and their techniques. R u married? If no then i stand answered.

    I would like to buy a car that has the following requirements from my side:
    1. Rear seating luxurious capacity for 3
    2. Would have a good resale
    3. Long distance driving comfort
    4. Good legroom space
    5. Good quality interiors material used

    I had optioned the following 3 models:
    1. Maruti Dzire VXi
    2. Hyundai Xcent S(O)
    3. Amaze (please suggest a model here. My budget is max to max 6.30lacs on road price)

    Which of the above 3 cars should i opt for?
    Also which other car should i consider? Maybe Ertiga?
    My budget is not beyond 6.5 lacs on road price.

    Waiting for your suggestion

    Do you have any insight of the new Dzire refreshed model to be launched in abt a months time? WHat are the features that shall be provided in the VXi model of the new look model?

    Waiting for your answer. Do not disappoint me by ignoring my comment. You can earn a fan here :)

    • Amey, looking at your requirements, the Amaze seems the best bet. The mid SX variant is what you should opt for.

  • Chander Tejwani

    Hi Faisal
    I find your assessment of these three cars most scientific & reflective.Thanks for these reveiws

  • Ranjan

    Dear Mr. Faisal,

    After all these discussions, what’s ur suggestion ’bout petrol Sedans – Amaze, Xcent or any other ones? Pl. reply…

  • Ranjan

    That’s good… OK, awaiting your response till then, Mr. Faisal.

  • Sanjay Koul

    Sir among Hyundai Xcent S (O) and Honda Amaze VX-iVtech which one is better to choose from ? Its got a great dilemma ..Amaze being better in looks and hailing from a Honda like brand but seeing the ride comfort and interiors Xcent edges out of the two…please suggest sir…Thanks.

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