2012 Chevrolet Tavera Neo3 Launch

General Motors has announced one of the biggest recalls in India for the Chevrolet Tavera MPV. The carmaker is recalling 1.14 lakh units of the Chevrolet Tavera. Units manufactured between the year 2005 and 2013 are being recalled to address emissions and specification issues. The affected vehicles will be repaired free of charge at General Motors 280 dealers across the country. Both the BS-III and BS-IV models are affected and don’t meet certain specifications.

General Motors had also halted the production and sale of the Tavera BS-III on June 4 and the Tavera BS-IV on July 2. The carmaker claims that these issues are not safety-related. After the proposed solution gets a green signal from government authorities, General Motors will resume Tavera production and sales, and later commence its recall and customer notification plan for both the BS-III and BS-IV Tavera models.

Last month, General Motors also suspended the production of Sail diesel hatchback and sedan alongside the Tavera stating quality control issues. GM is investigating the case of Sail twins to ascertain the units affected. Recall of Sail hatchback and sedan is also possible in the coming days. According to the company, production of the Sail diesel variants will restart by the end of this month, while that of Tavera BS-III will start by the end of August. Petrol variants of the Sail hatchback and sedans are unaffected.

Chevrolet Tavera Neo3 Dashboard

Source – The Economic Times