Audi Q1 Compact SUV Rendering

Audi is planning to launch its future Q1 SUV as a hybrid model. The Q1 will be the smallest SUV vehicle in Audi stores, positioned below the upcoming Q2. Audi has already unveiled the A3 sportsback E-Tron concept at Geneva Motor Show in February, featuring the same hybrid technology which showed a glimpse of Audi’s future models with hybrid technology. Audi is considering two powertrains for the baby Q1 SUV. One option is Audi’s Dual Mode Hybrid (DMH) engine while the latter is Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV) setup which is developed by parent company Volkswagen.

The Dual Mode Hybrid powertrain features a 1.5-litre, 3-cylinder petrol engine that churns out 130 BHP. The combustion engine is mated with two electric motors, producing a combined power of 177 BHP. Interestingly, the DMH equipped Q1 will have an expected range of around 90 kms only on electric power, while the average fuel economy will be 100 km/l when the combined power could be taken in use. The second option is Plug-in hybrid powertrain, powered by a 100 BHP 1.4-litre TFSI engine synchronized with an electric motor of equal power.

The PHEV setup seems more efficient with the same consumption of fuel as of DMH system. The Q1 debut depends on the choice between the powertrains as Plug-In Hybrid cars are already running on roads, thereby PHEV Q1 could be introduced by 2015 while the development of DMH based Q1 requires a long span and is not expected to reach Audi showrooms before 2017. The extensive development of hybrid technology on Audi vehicles explains the company’s effort to make vehicles more efficient besides keeping the prestige of perfromance oriented cars. Audi is also working on a hybrid supercar based on the company’s flagship model R8.

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