Longest Chinese Motorcycle

There is a saying “Everything is possible if you are passionate about it”. Once again the phrase is defined by a 30-year-old ethnic Uighur man, Abulajon, who spent a year and 8000 yuan (Rs. 70,000/-) in making this giant 14 feet long and 7.8 feet tall motorcycle by collecting all the parts from different salvage stations in Manas county, Xinjiang Uighur autonomous region. The reason for creating this massive motorcycle is unknown but it surely gives him a commanding view of the road.

The guy employed tractor tyres at both sides, front and rear with two supporting wheels to balance the vehicle on road. The disc plate at the front wheel is also visible in the picture. However, it is not possible to ride this motorcycle on the road legally. The total weight of the motorcycle is 300 kgs and is powered by an old engine converted to roll the large tractor tyres at a top speed of 40 km/hr. You are certainly not going to win drag races in this motorcycle.

This is not the first time when China gets eulogized for their self-made designs. They have also been accredited for the self-made submarines, helicopters, etc. Infact, two brothers from Beijing had designed an F1 car which was built using scrap metal. Other achievements in China include the Qingzang railway running trains at 4000 metres above sea level, largest hydraulic engineering project with the three gorges dams, etc. Needless to mention the Great Wall of China.

Giant Chinese Motorcycle

Source – Reuters