It is a city that is famous as a pilgrimage destination. Also known as the city of gates and famous for its heritage sites, Aurangabad is a city where history paved the way for a new economy. From textiles, silver and gold handicrafts to its modern corporate and industrial zones, Aurangabad have emerged as one of the powerhouses driving the new India. Today it made a bold, aggressive and a very dynamic statement. The sale of 150 Mercedes-Benz cars in a single transaction, valued at Rupees 65 crore, the highest value car deal ever, in India. Of the 150 Mercedes-Benz cars, there are 13 S-, 74 E-, 39 C-, 6 GL- and 18 M-Class cars.

“Today we have fulfilled the dream of almost 150 individuals in Aurangabad who aspire for the Mercedes brand and I am sure there are others who would be inspired as well. In my opinion, Aurangabad is an example of the new face of India. For Aurangabad, this is not just a high value transaction- the Mercedes transaction has been a lever in driving up the image of the city. The exposure about this large volume car transaction has enhanced the real estate values. It has also created significantly high interest from investors many of whom are now actively contemplating entry into this city; in addition we are aware that there are several large brands that are now aggressively viewing Aurangabad as a preferred destination. The point that Aurangabad has proved is that the Mercedes transaction has been a strong statement about the economic muscle of this city- and this has been a useful lever in dialing-up the image of Aurangabad,” Dr. Wilfried Aulbur, MD and CEO of Mercedes-Benz India said.

It all started when a few like minded individuals and motoring enthusiasts came together with their shared passion to own a premium luxury car. Soon other enthusiasts joined them and the group increased in size- all of them driven by a same passion- the best premium car that the market can afford! In the months that followed they evaluated various options but finally zeroed in on brand Mercedes.