ANCAP crash tests 1998 Toyota Corolla into a 2015 built Toyota Corolla, results are shocking.

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ANCAP is Australasia’s leading independent vehicle safety advocate. ANCAP stands for Australasian New Car Assessment Program. Now many of you might be wondering what’s this Australasia. Australasia is a region of Oceania that comprises of Australia, New Zealand, the island of new Guinea and neighbouring islands in the Pacific Ocean.

ANCAP has been crash testing cars sold in Australia and New Zealand since 1993. ANCAP too rates cars on safety between 1 to 5 stars (like the Global NCAP), that indicates the level of safety a particular car offers.

This time, 1998 and 2015 versions of the Toyota Corolla hatchback were put to a head-on collision test at 64 km/hr and while the newer model performed well, the older model had a structure failure along with high chances of head, chest and leg injuries for the driver. Compared to newer cars, the fatality rate in older vehicles is said to be 4 times more.

Over the years safety has become a crucial terminology for the automobile markets. Consumers today prefer top-end variant cars as they primarily offer airbags, ABS and other safety features. Global NCAP too has been testing cars sold in India and has recently put many cars to the crash test, and many vehicles scored poor results.

Toyota Corolla ANCAP Crash Test

– ANCAP stands for Australasian New Car Assessment Program
– The older version of the Corolla had a far worse result compared to the newer car
– Old vehicles are 4 times more fatal compared to new models

Toyota Corolla ANCAP
1998 and 2015 versions of the Toyota Corolla were crash tested by ANCAP