The Japanese footprint on our soil has been satisfactory when compared to other companies (excluding Suzuki and Hyundai). Though Toyota launched just one vehicle this decade; it has been successful in defending its market share. There hasn’t been much fluctuation in sales and market share and the story goes like this. In 2011 the company sold 1,36,146 units with a market share of 5.9 percent; while in 2012 the sales went up by 26.5 percent as it registered 1,72,241 units and the market share climbed to 6.6 percent. 2013 was a bit down for the car maker as they sold 1,45,109 units and the market share fell by 0.6 percent. Currently this year, Toyota has sold 60,616 units with its grip slipping down to 4.8 percent. Part of it can be blamed for the temporary shutdown of its plant located outside Bangalore.

Liva – The only car that was launched in the recent past has plotted an ugly graph for the automaker. By notching ahead of the Innova by a mere 20 units, the Liva managed to be the best seller for just one month but has never crossed the 5000 figure since launch. The sales were climbing up only for the first few months, post which the peak was reported in November 2011 with 4328 units. Later, the sales could not withstand the pressure and ended up buckling. The drastic downfall started in April 2012 where sales fell by 47 percent (MoM). With an exception of one month (March 2013) the sales have been disappointing. In 2013 the vehicle traded with an average of 2200 vehicles per month while this year it has been much more worse with numbers dropping to 1500 units a month.

Etios – When compared to the hatchback version, the sedan has been dealing with better numbers. The car was launched to target the general population but unfortunately it became the bread and butter of radio taxis across the country. In the recent years, the Etios did claim the top spot few times and the peak can be traced back to December 2011 with 5446 units. Since then, the sedan has occupied the second spot. In 2011 the average sales were at 3600 units, while the next year also approximately recorded the same average. 2013 average lagged with 900 units a month and this year has been painful as well with the average dropping to 2400 units a month.

Innova – For majority of the car makers their hottest selling vehicles belong either to hatchback or sedan segment, but for the Japanese it has been the country’s favourite MPV, the Innova. The only vehicle that has been doing well in its segment, the Innova has been consistent in the past three and half years. Though sales were around 5000 units in early 2011, the volume picked up to 6000 units a month and remained stable for more than a year. Though sales took a bad hit for a couple of months, the average still remained at 5000 units. This year saw 27,636 units rolling off the showrooms.

Corolla – The last car to be considered under the volume market for the Japanese, the Corolla has lost precious market that it had three years ago. In 2011 the company sold 9283 units while the number skidded down to 6912 units registering a drop of 25% in 2012. Last year the numbers were miserable with sales depreciating by 40%. This year just 1594 units have been sold.

Fortuner – The solid rugged SUV that turned up the sales charts on fire, the Fortuner did fortunes for the company. The SUV segment though deals with low volume, is high on profit margin; hence it was Toyota who crushed every other competitor with its beast. One of the few vehicles that have climbed up the sales chart, the Fortuner has been one of the most consistent performers in the auto industry. In 2012 the sales grew by 38 percent (YoY), while 2013 saw a jump of 14 percent. 7796 units of the Fortuner have been sold so far this year.

Camry – The premium sedan has had a tough time in 2011 and 2012, but sales have shown decent growth in the previous and this year. 222 units were sold in 2011 and 271 units in 2012. In 2013, the sales picked up to some extent as 381 cars carried the sold board with them. This year has been very good compared to previous years with 364 units being clocked in the first half, primarily because of the all new Camry which is also offered with a Hybrid version.

Prius, Prado and Land Cruiser – Though vehicle manufacturers introduced models, Indian population never went into hybrid mode. The Prius maybe the emperor of hybrids across the globe but it is nothing here in India. The Prius is certainly eating dust with 14, 11 and only 1 units sold in 2011, 2012 and 2013 respectively. The car is yet to open its account this year.

For the Prado and Land Cruiser, Toyota sold just 267 units of the former and 221 units of the later in the past three and half years. The limited volumes have been mainly due to the vehicles being brought in via the CBU route.