2012 Hyundai HA

Hyundai has been extensively testing its upcoming small car, the HA/H800 not only in India but even in its home country. The car was spotted with heavy camouflage in Korea, which reveals the headlights and front grille only. The HA borrows design cues from its elder sibling in the Hyundai line-up, which is a good thing. The mini-i10 look will certainly do wonders as will the 800cc engine which will offer fantastic fuel efficiency. The pricing will be the key and the HA won’t disappoint here, slotting right below the Santro and against the Tata Nano. Knowing Hyundai, we can expect good quality along with decent equipment, making the upcoming Hyundai terrific value.

2012 Hyundai H800

Source – Noticias Automotivas