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Volvo Auto India launched three of its existing models luxury sedan S80, premium sedan S60 and luxury compact SUV XC60 with an all new 5-cyliner turbo D3 diesel engine. The new variants of S60, S80 and XC60 with D3 Kinetic engine will be priced Rs. 23.99 lakhs, Rs. 31.99 lakhs and Rs. 33.99 lakhs respectively (ex-showroom Delhi). Designed to deliver 163 horsepower with an impressive 400 Nm torque, the D3 variants deliver mileage (kmpl) of 18.5 – S60, 17.8 – S80 and 14.7 – XC60.

The new D3 engines will offer greater driving pleasure across the range with its reduced displacement with a shorter stroke to optimize fuel consumption. The injection system of the engine has a different type of piezoelectric fuel injector compared to the D5 engine. These injectors minimize consumption with exceptionally rapid and precise injection pulses under high pressure.This smooth and silent engine produces a healthy 400Nm torque.

All three models will be imported as CBUs – Completely Built Units. And these will be manufactured in Sweden and Belgium. Talking exclusive to Tomas Ernberg (Managing Director of Volvo Auto India), he revealed that the company has no plans to manufacture any of these models in India now and also in the future. He said – “There is no reason to manufacture cars in India, we already are competitive with pricing of the CBU units these models.” We can assume that the quality of these models will be top-notch.

Volvo has launched all 3 model with SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICES for a limited period. The current pricing will take a hit on the company’s margin but no price hike will be done before October 2013. The company understands the success of BMW, Mercedes and Audi has been on the backdrop of Corporate Editions and thus adopted this measure. Currently Volvo has 7 dealerships in India and will start expanding them next year. No new cars or dealerships will be launched in India in 2012. However in 2013, a hatchback is expected which will compete with the Mercedes-Benz B-Class. Volvo claims their service costs are upto 40% cheaper than its rivals.

ModelKineticSummumSpecial introductory prices
Volvo S60INR 23.99LINR 26.99LINR 23.2LINR 25.9L
Volvo S80INR 31.99LINR 34.99LINR 31.2LINR 33.9L
Volvo XC60INR 33.99LINR 36.99LINR 33.2LINR 35.9L

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