Volvo has introduced new safety features with an aim of zero fatalities.

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Top speed now capped to 180 km/hr for all models

About a decade back, Volvo announced their aim for zero fatalities in Volvo cars from 2020. The Swedish brand has today announced new safety features to achieve that aim in the near future.

Their entire lineup now comes with a limited top speed of 180 km/hr. They have also introduced Care Key, which further lets the owner put additional limitations.

The Care Key allows the customer to set additional limit of top speed before lending the car to other family members or inexperienced drivers.

Volvo believes these safety features will help close the remaining gap to zero serious injuries and fatalities in traffic. They want all car makers to take active responsibility with such features for safer driving.

Their decision to limit top speed has been quite controversial. Some people even questioned the rights of car makers to impose such limitations.

Still, Volvo Cars is proud to take actions that can ultimately save lives, even if it means losing potential customers.

They say above certain speeds, in-car safety tech and smart infrastructure design are no longer sufficient to avoid severe injuries and fatalities. Speed remains one of the most common reasons for fatalities in traffic.

There are two other areas of concern for traffic safety apart from speeding – intoxication and distraction. Volvo is working on all these three elements. More features around these elements to be introduced in future Volvo cars.

Volvo Top Speed

– Volvo limits top speed to 180 km/hr for all cars
– Care Key introduced for more limitations
– Volvo aims to close the gap to zero serious injuries

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Volvo has introduced Care Key to set additional limitations for safety