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Interiors – Once you enter the Jaguar F-Type, you will immediately appreciate the attention to detail all around. The dashboard is a mix of sporty and luxury and everything feels rich in quality and appearance. The layout of the cockpit is very driver centric and all controls fall easily in the hands of the driver. A 3-spoke steering wheel has quite a few buttons and feels splendid to hold. The cluster has a black background with white dials and the tachometer has a bigger font to make it easier to read while making lightning quick shifts. There is a screen right between the gauges where all vehile information is displayed. Even the navigation system is shown here to boost convenience while driving. A grab handle is designed on the centre console for the co-passenger, which we find a little out of place, as it takes away the symmertry of the centre console.

2013 Jaguar F-Type Centre Console2013 Jaguar F-Type AC Vents

Jaguar makes their cabins with some bit of theatre in them and the AC vents in the F-Type are testimony to the same. Like the XF, when the air-conditioning is turned off, the AC vents magically disappear (only centre ones). They only pop up when you need them. The 8-inch touch screen infotainment system features four buttons on either side. It controls navigation, audio and phone (rear parking sensors with visual aids on the V8 S). It is very easy to use and is borrowed from other Jaguar cars. Some of the buttons on the centre console are reminiscent of the E-Type, like the air craft inspired switches. However there is absolutely no wood inside the car, instead the interiors heavily use stainless steel and aluminium.

2013 Jaguar F-Type AC Controls2013 Jaguar F-Type Seat Controls

The rotary dials for the dual zone climate control system have a digital readout inside them and can also control the heating function on the seats. The design of the door knob is also thoughtfully done and carries forward the high attention to detail seen all around. The buttons are soft touch and are similar to other Jaguars, like the glove box switch which is feather light to use. There are other storage areas too, including one inside the arm rest on the centre console. Boot space is nothing great but neither of its competitors offer anything significant either. However the trunk will hold a golf bag.

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The seats on the F-Type are extremely supportive, offering tremedous comfort to the occupants. The controls are conveniently placed on the door, rather than being hidden on the lower side of the seats. The seats feature full power adjustment (14-way adjustable on the V8 S) including lumbar and side support. You sit quite low (the F-Type is 20 mm lower than the XKR-S) but still visibility is good. One can also order Performance seats which have even better side bolstering.

2013 Jaguar F-Type Dynamic Mode2013 Jaguar F-Type AC Controls

The paddle shifters, engine start button and dynamic mode toggle switch is coloured in Ignis orange, thereby being highlighted. The F-Type features a gear lever instead of a rotary knob, in keeping with the sports car theme. There are buttons placed right behind the lever which control various functions including dynamic, eco and winter modes. The F-Type features an audio system from Meridian, with 10 or 12 speakers, offering 380 watts or 770 watts of output respectively. There is also Meridian Trifield System availabe, which creates a surround sound acoustic expereience inside the cabin. But frankly, who wants to listen to music inside the F-Type, when it has a sound track which is truly music to the soul.

The interiors of the F-Type stay true to Jaguar’s principle of offering a cabin which immediately relates to you on an emotional level. The attention to detail is simple astounding.

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