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Mercedes-Benz is all set to unveil the next generation GL-Class at the upcoming New York Auto Show later this week. However the official pictures of the car are out, which showcases the sharp styling which the second generation of the GL-Class has taken. Mercedes-Benz first launched the GL-Class in 2006 as a full sized crossover SUV. The first generation Mercedes GL-Class was designed largely for the American model and its gigantic dimensions are proof of that. The GL-Class is also popularly known as the 7-seater version of the ML-Class. The ML recently received a fresh pair of clothes and the GL can’t be far behind.

Changes to the all new Mercedes GL-Class are quite massive. Gone is the bland styling of the old SUV, replaced by the new design language of the Stuttgart based automaker. The GL-Class now looks very sharp from all angles and the front is quite reminiscent of recently unveiled SL-Class. The overall styling has been upgraded making the GL look much more upmarket. The same story continues inside with the interiors getting lots of parts from the ML-Class. The overall upgrades are extremely pleasing to say the least.

Mercedes-Benz will continue to offer the same engines with slight upgrade in power and torque figures. We will most likely get the GL350 CDI and the GL500 versions of the new Gl-Class in India, when Mercedes-Benz decides to get the new model to our shores. The German automaker has already confirmed its plans to go the CKD route with the next generation GL-Class in 2013. This will help the GL-Class to be priced aggressively and help it compete with its nearest rival, the Audi Q7, which too will be locally assembled later this year.

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