Yamaha V-ixion V2

Yamaha has unveiled the updated version of the V-ixion in Indonesia. The Yamaha V-ixion was first launched in 2007 and is also called the Yamaha Viper. The 2013 version is called the V-ixion 2.0 and could be India bound. Since the V-ixion came first, its safe to say the R15 is the faired version of the Yamaha V-ixion, rather than the other way around. Both the Yamaha R15 and Yamaha V-ixion share parts, including the deltabox frame, rear monoshock suspension and 150cc, single-cylinder engine.

Although the V-ixion’s engine is the same as the R15, power output is slightly different. While the R15 produces 17 PS of power, the V-ixion produces 15 PS (at 8500 RPM). The R15 produces 15 Nm of torque, the V-ixion produces 13.10 Nm of torque (at 7500 RPM). Unlike the R15, which comes with a 6-speed gearbox, the V-ixion makes do with a 5-speed unit. The rear tyre is 120/70, which is not as wide as the R15’s. However with the lack of fairing and twin headlights, the V-ixion is slightly lighter at 125 kgs.

The recent version 2.0 upgrade has seen the Yamaha V-ixion get minor engine tweaks to give a better low end response. Rear disc brake has been added as well along with new alloy wheels (similar to the R15). Overall the upgrade is very similar to what the R15 received in India last year. The V-ixion is priced at Rs. 1.21 lakhs in Indonesia and is not on sale anywhere else in the world. It is the leader in the 150cc sports segment, selling more than 20,000 units a month. This has prompted Honda to launch the CB150R Streetfire.

Does a product like the Yamaha V-ixion have a future in India? We certainly think so. Currently the Yamaha R15 is priced at Rs. 1.20 lakhs, which makes it quite expensive for a 150cc motorcycle. With the launch of the Pulsar 200 NS at Rs. 99,200 (on-road, Mumbai), many value for money motorcycle enthusiasts have opted for the flagship Bajaj bike. If Yamaha can price the V-ixion at around Rs. 1 lakh, it can boost market share and win the hearts of enthusiasts in the country.

Yamaha V-ixion Console

2013 Yamaha V-ixion

Yamaha V-ixion India

Yamaha V-ixion Concept

Pictures Source – Pulsar 200 NS Indonesia