2014 Hyosung GT250R Facelift

DSK Hyosung launched the 2014 GT250R facelift last week. It is now available on sale at all the 36 outlets of the company in India. The major changes that have been carried out lie in the styling of the motorbike. The cosmetic changes are quite discrete though and we won’t be surprised if you can’t differentiate between the pre-facelift and facelift versions at a quick glance. The GT250R is Hyosung’s best-selling bike and the company has updated it to make it resemble its elder cousin the GT650R.

The Hyosung GT250R facelift is available in three colours – Red Titanium, White Titanium and Black Titanium and all of these colours will be available in a three-tone shade. The most important styling changes carried out on the bike include new headlights, air intakes and body graphics. The bike now looks quite aggressive and very similar to the GT650R. The GT250R is known as the ‘Big Boy’ and the biking enthusiasts have always liked the motorcycle for what it is. DSK Hyosung took valuable feedback from customers before developing the facelift and now they are quite optimistic about this bike’s sales.

No changes have been made to the Hyosung GT250R in terms of mechanicals. It will continue to be powered by the same 249cc, 4-stroke, oil-cooled V-Twin engine that has a capability to churn out a maximum power output of 28 PS and a maximum torque of 22.07 Nm. The sprint from 0-100 km/hr takes 10 seconds and the bike uses 300 mm double discs at the front and a single 230 mm disc at the rear. The Hyosung GT250R facelift is priced at Rs. 2.76 lakhs (ex-showroom, Pune) and it loses out to the competition provided by the Honda CBR250R and KTM Duke 200. The company should incorporate more localisation of parts to reduce the overall cost of their quarter-litre offering.

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