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Mahindra Mojo aka ‘the most awaited bike’. Yeah, you read it right. We have been waiting for it since three years now and we have to wait another quarter of a year more till we see one of them on the roads and that’s the reason it was quoted as ‘the most awaited bike’. This motorcycle has been showcased many times and spotted umpteen times during its on-road test since it was first unveiled in 2010. The launch of the Mahindra Mojo is scheduled for June 2014.

While specifications of the latest model haven’t been revealed yet, the Mahindra Mojo showcased earlier used a 300cc, 4-valve, liquid-cooled engine which pumped out 25 PS of power and 24 Nm of torque, bonded with a 6-speed gearbox. The programmed fuel-injection system will ensure performance and fuel economy. This bike runs on Pirelli Sport Demon tyres. The instrument cluster is neat and reveals the engine redlines at just 8500 RPM. The Mahindra Mojo also gets daytime running LED lights, backlit switches, Paioli upside-down front forks, rear monoshock and dual exhausts which doesn’t make sense as this motorcycle is a single-cylinder machine.

Well all of you must have known the specs before anyways (like the 300cc motor). So this article is not about specifications but about expectations. Now the question is “What should one expect from the Mahindra Mojo?”

What is special in the Mahindra Mojo?

Well look-wise one can say the dual headlamps. They are seriously very tempting. Apart from that the handle is wide enough which points out the design is for highways. Yes one can expect good touring action from this mini beast. Spy shots reveal the ergonomics and we have to admit that the design is spot on. One wouldn’t be uncomfortable during long journeys, so kudos to Mahindra for that. The design is well streamlined as the parts blend into one another without disturbing the aesthetics. In some instances this bike may look like the Ninja; especially the tail section. Pirelli being the premium brand coupled to J.Juan petal discs would ensure high speed cruising which is again a plus.

Looking at an Indian point of view, one would be expecting a rugged build especially with the company name being tagged along the bike. All Mahindra has to do is to price it well and increase its dealerships. We expect the Mojo to be priced at around Rs. 1.5 lakhs (ex-showroom) which puts it in competition against the KTM Duke 200 and upcoming Hero HX250R. We are very eager to get our hands on this handsome beast (which many would oppose) and give you feedback.

The crucial question is, will you buy the Mahindra Mojo for an on-road price of Rs. 1.65 lakhs considering it’s neither a proven product nor does it have mouth-watering specs like the KTM Duke 390?

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