Tata Nano Twist F-Tronic Front

The Tata Nano hasn’t been selling and a comprehensive update is due as the car was first launched way back in 2009, it’s now five years old. Tata Motors has been trying to aggressively push the Nano through marketing efforts and has updated the car several times in the past few years but to no avail as sales continue to be dismal. The company has realised the positioning of the Tata Nano wasn’t right and is now working on re-positioning the vehicle from being the world’s cheapest car to an excellent entry-level city automobile for first time buyers.

Although the Tata Nano will get a host of upgrades like a bigger engine, more features, an automatic gearbox and a diesel powertrain, the biggest highlight will be the next generation of Tata Motors’ entry-level car. The company is already working on the Nano Version 2 which gets a comprehensive styling update. The design of the current Nano isn’t striking although we can’t call it dated either. The styling is most often referred to as cute but with the Tata Nano V2, the company hopes of drawing people’s attention with the appearance of the car.

Tata Motors is developing a new design language as the current one seems to be outdated and people are quite bored of it. The Bolt and Zest are quite appealing to look at as the designers have left conventional design directions to come up with something which looks modern and different. Our sources inform us that the new styling on the Nano will see the vertically mounted tail lights being removed for smaller and more appealing tail lamp units. Among other changes will be the grille which will be more sporty with the headlights getting the blackened treatment.

Tata Nano Twist Active Side