Tata Motors need to revisit its marketing team because the huge mistake on its upcoming print ad of the 2015 Safari Storme facelift is just not acceptable from such a big car company.

Tata Safari Storme Facelift Print Ad
This is the upcoming Tata Safari Storme facelift’s print ad, notice anything wrong?

Tata Motors is a big organisation and after seeing all the details of the Safari Storme in the past couple of days, we are left to believe that there is no co-ordination between teams. The people who worked on the Bolt and Zest seem to have no say in the Safari facelift, otherwise why would a vehicle costing upwards of Rs. 1 million miss out on basic features like a touch-screen audio system, multi-information display and a climate control system. Yes, we know cheaper cars have it and we also know Tata Motors has the tech to offer such equipment on its popular SUV.

The shock of so much equipment being missing and the fact that even after taking such a long time, Tata Motors managed to not do drastic improvements on the Safari Storme made us overlook one thing. The Safari Storme facelift is the mixture of three cars? Yes, we aren’t saying it, the company’s upcoming print ad does. Safari Storme Facelft = Old Safari Storme + Range Rover Evoque + Ford EcoSport. Sounds ridiculous but that’s what on the mock up ad created by their ad agency. Check out this image below and see the second and third images.

Tata Safari Storme Ad Mistake
Yup, the second image is of the Evoque and the third picture is of the EcoSport

This huge mistake seems to be done by the ad agency of Tata Motors who made this print ad. Chances are, before it went into print, someone would have noticed it, saving Tata Motors the embarrassment of making such an error. Who ever did it, definitely lacks passion for cars. Catching such a mistake should be relatively easy as there is no reason as to why a left-hand drive layout of the interior would be put in an advertisement, more so considering the Safari is an Indian car.

MotorBeam reader Ankush Kumar has caught something interesting. The product guide which we shared, has lots of photoshopped pictures. One of them can be seen below.

2015 Range Rover Wallpaper
The Land Rover Range Rover wallpaper where the vehicle is on rocks
Tata Safari Storme On Rocks
The Safari Storme on the same location, courtesy of some photoshop editing

Update – The ad with the Evoque and EcoSport is just a mock-up made by Tata Motors’ ad agency to protect the final ad from leaking, the company has clarified with us.