Triumph Street Twin Review
2016 Triumph Street Twin – Click above for high resolution image gallery

Triumph Street Twin Review

Bike Tested: Triumph Street Twin; Road Test No. 737

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 8,15,700/-

In French, the word Bonneville stands for ‘good settlement’ and the Triumph Street Twin sure is

A fine rainy Monday just couldn’t get any better with a ride to Lonavala in the misty fog and a super cool climate. Well there was a gloss black Triumph Bonneville with us, ready to roll and made the day even better. The plan was to ride the bike, understand the character and enjoy the climate. We did all of that and almost completed 300 kms just because it was amazing. The Triumph Street Twin, a Bonneville at heart was our ride and it was the best choice we made.

Motor Quest: The Street Twin has been recently introduced in the Triumph line-up. Underneath the Triumph Street Twin is a completely new chassis and at the heart lies a parallel-twin Bonneville engine which is also new.

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A contemporary design on the retro Bonneville silhouette

Styling – A quick look and the Triumph Street Twin doesn’t look that appealing as the simple styling makes it blend with other motorcycles. What actually stands out is the contemporary design with a stripped back styling, a specialty for Bonneville motorcycles. The first thing that grabs attention is the 10-spoke cast alloy wheels and brushed stainless steel twin exhaust pipes on both the sides. While there is very less body work, the simple yet unique character is actually mesmerising.

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The looks are simple but the Street Twin looks even more skinny

The iconic British gesture is clearly visible from this bike’s contemporary design

An all black gloss colour runs throughout the bike. Although the other options you get are red and silver, the matte black version looks the most badass. The single round headlamp with rubber cover on the front forks maintain the retro look along with a swept back rear and a bright LED tail-lamp. The round mirror also goes well with the bike’s character. The Triumph Street Twin even after being new to the lot has about 150 customisation options. It is is a canvas from Triumph to make every bike unique.

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A beautiful analog-digital instrument cluster does the job on this Triumph

Instrument Cluster and Switchgear – The instrument cluster on the Street Twin provides lots of information but misses out on one main thing, the tachometer. Other than that it displays the speed, twin trip meter, runtime mileage, overall mileage, distance to empty, a fuel gauge, switchable traction control option and a clock. The cluster is analog-digital where the speedometer is analog while everything else is displayed trough a digital LCD. The console looks neat and simple while the switchgear has very less buttons. The starter switch is integrated with the kill switch and a hazard light is provided. On the left, the indicator switch, horn switch, console toggle switch and headlight toggle switch is provided. There is no switch on the console to toggle through the information, rather there’s a small button provided on the left switchgear to make it easily accessible. The quality of the switchgear and the console is top-notch.

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750 mm of seat height is is pretty low for a Street motorcycle

Ergonomics – The Triumph Street Twin has amazing ergonomics as it combines a low seat height and an accessible riding posture. At 750 mm, the seat height is very low and the Street Twin weighs about 198 kgs dry and still it doesn’t feel heavy. The handlebar is small while the mirrors are not at all useful. The fact that the seat height is very low makes the bike feel composed and relaxed.

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The ergonomics are rather comforting and enjoyable

It is easy to move around as the riding posture with the handlebars is pretty much upright while the footpegs are almost centre-set. The cushioning on the seat is soft and the seat very well offers comfort for the pillion too. The seat isn’t wide but can accommodate an average sized person nicely. There is no grab-rail and hence, the pillion has to cling on to the rider for safety reasons. The ergos are simple and comfortable.

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The 900cc parallel-twin Bonneville is at the heart of the Street Twin

Performance – The Triumph Street Twin has a torquey nature and hence the parallel-twin liquid-cooled engine has a slightly delayed but strong response. Producing 54 BHP at 5900 RPM and a mind blowing 80 Nm of torque at a very early 3230 RPM, the 900cc Bonneville engine feels like a diesel mill which kicks in really hard once the throttle is opened. The Street Twin has the punch but the refinement of the motor delivers power in a very linear and enjoyable manner. The power delivery might be linear but from standstill the bike catches momentum really quick. This is where the Triumph traction control comes in and keeps the motorcycle from losing the rear.

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The torque load on the Street Twin even lifts a wheel

Torquey machines deliver linear power, very suitable for cruising comfortably

The Triumph Street Twin also gets ride-by-wire and hence the response is crisp. The clutch for a 900cc motor is pretty light. All because of torque assist making the clutch feel as light as possible yet having that optimum required feedback. The refinement from the motor is at a different level, all of which is because of the liquid-cooling and the torque assist clutch. With this, the Street Twin returns the best fuel efficiency of upto 25 km/l. We achieved almost 20 km/l whilst having all the fun. The engine is mated to a 5-speed gearbox which might not be as impressive but what’s interesting is the tall gear ratios.

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In-gear acceleration is tall, requires less shifts

The gears are so tall that the first gear pulls upto 75 km/hr while the second crosses 100 km/hr in no time. The smoothness from the engine is surreal while the sound from the exhausts resembles the sound of a British Twin. There is a rich note from the exhaust which can be felt while riding. The NVH levels are contained extremely well. There is no harshness from the engine at all while there are a bit of vibrations felt only when pushed hard. There are no surprising noises from the bike either, except for the beautiful exhaust note. The all new 900cc Bonneville motor does the job well.

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The Triumph Street Twin stays planted in the twisties

Riding Dynamics – From ground up, the Triumph Street Twin has an all new chassis built for amazing riding dynamics. This coupled with the comfortable and upright riding posture, the Street Twin becomes very appealing to ride. It feels very stable on the straights and while cornering there is no surprise action from the chassis either, the motorbike stays planted at all times. The Pirelli tyres and the appealing dynamics do boost confidence whilst riding. The power delivery is linear but it’s quick. And for the first few instances, it feels like we are pulled back as we accelerate.

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On clean tarmac, the Street Twin has an amazing ride quality

Linear power delivery surely isn’t exciting but the dynamics are very appealing

The traction control on the Street Twin works really well as it inspires confidence even on slippery roads. The suspension setup on the Street Twin is perfect for the city as well as the highway. The Kayaba 41 mm forks at the front and the twin shocks with preload adjustment are softly sprung. Both have equal 120 mm travel and the Street Twin feels apt even while leaning fast through turns. At the front there is a 310 mm single disc while the rear has a 255 mm single disc both running with Nissin callipers. The feedback from the brakes is astonishing and the bike stops even after late braking as the ABS works really well.

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The Triumph Street Twin is a beautiful canvas to portray any art

Verdict – The Street Twin is the most accessible Triumph motorcycle in India. Beautiful detailing with a contemporary Bonneville styling, the Street Twin surely looks attractive. It is easy to ride, very comfortable and delivers amazing performance with optimum refinement. The Street Twin also gets amazing set of hardware like ride-by-wire, traction control and ABS. This British motorcycle is a complete yet simple product from Triumph and with its simplicity, it blends in very well. But for someone who would like the canvas to be filled with art, the 150 customisation options are sure to make it happen. The Street Twin is as Triumph quotes ‘Today’s Bonneville’.

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The twin pipes at the rear surely look badass

What’s Cool

* Comfortable ergonomics for everyday riding
* The all new chassis provides amazing dynamics
* The exhaust note is simple but has a British twin feel
* Amazingly refined engine with loaded torque and linear output throughout
* Loaded with hardware such as ride-by-wire and traction control which inspires confidence

What’s Not So Cool

* Styling is rather very simple as stock, it only gets better with some customisation
* Riding fast is troublesome as windblast takes a toll on you

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The Street Twin appeals a lot, it’s a fun to ride motorcycle

2016 Triumph Street Twin Specifications

* Engine: 900cc, parallel-twin, 8-valves, liquid-cooled, SOHC
* Power: 54 BHP @ 5900 RPM
* Torque: 80 Nm @ 3230 RPM
* Transmission: 5-speed
* Fuel Consumption: 20-25 km/l
* Fuel Type: Petrol
* Frame: Tubular steel cradle frame
* Suspension: Kayaba 41 mm fork (Front), Kayaba twin shock with adjustable preload (Rear)
* Tyres: 100/90/18 (Front), 150/70/R17 (Rear)
* Brakes: 31 0mm Disc (Front), 255 mm Disc (Rear), ABS Standard

2016 Triumph Street Twin Dimensions

* Length x Width x Height (mm): 2090 x 785 x 1114
* Wheelbase: 1415 mm
* Seat Height: 750 mm
* Fuel Tank Capacity: 12-litres
* Kerb weight: 198 kgs (dry)

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The Triumph Street Twin represents a classic British Twin in India

Testers’ Note:

“The Triumph Street Twin is a simple looking motorcycle but look closely and the detailing will blow your mind, like the fake carburettor bodies. Get on this British motorcycle and you won’t want to get off it, it’s so much fun to ride with its punchy performance, engaging dynamics, splendid brakes, comfortable ride and safety boosting electronics package. The refinement of the parallel-twin powertrain, easy to ride nature and the relatively attractive price further make the Triumph Street Twin a splendid bike to own.” – Faisal Khan, Editor, MotorBeam.
“The Triumph Street Twin is a superb motorcycle. Very refined, very easy to ride and really comfortable. The 900cc engine puts out a humongous amount of torque and bike gains speed very quickly. The traction control and ABS inspire confidence to ride fast. The 12-litre fuel tank is a bit small but the details on the instrument cluster and the ease to operate makes up to it. Overall, the Street Twin is a great machine but if I had to get such a bike, I would go for a few customisations for sure.” – Dhanil Vira, Road Tester, MotorBeam.