The video doing the rounds on social media shows service-centre people having the time of their life while revving the poor KTM Duke 390’s engine to destruction.

2017 KTM Duke 390 Test Ride
The 2017 KTM Duke 390 has been recently launched in India

We all love our vehicles, Don’t we? But sometimes we have to leave our beloved ride in hands of a person at a service-centre who sometimes couldn’t care less about the piece of your heart. Oh yeah! We also pay him some of our own hard earned money, thinking that in those 4 to 6 hours while the vehicle is with him, it will be cared well, will receive some much needed TLC and will be returned to near-factory condition. But let’s be real here – this is India, and the service staff here mostly doesn’t give two-hoots about your pride and joy. He is here to earn his stipulated minimum wage and go home as soon as possible.

Don’t get us wrong, we know many a great mechanical wizards in either of these service-centres only, or at our trusted FNGs who truly deserve recognition. But here we are talking about those spineless excuses of humans who treat our vehicles like their own inheritance and abuse them without a worry in the world. One of the latest examples of those walking wastage of good oxygen are the guys in this video who can be seen mercilessly redlining the brand new 2017 KTM Duke 390 and Duke 250 bikes and shouting like hooligans. Yes people, there is a special place in hell for imbeciles like these.

The video shows them dancing and revving the poor bikes and making them hit the revv-limiter constantly. One does not need a degree in engineering to understand that this action cannot be good for the components of the bike – especially the engine. For God’s sake, that bike is a factory fresh brand new machine, and hasn’t been even broken-in properly. There can be a thousand things which can go wrong with the powertrain – the exhaust, the valves, the heat generated due to the bike being stationary, the piston-rings etc. Frankly, if the Duke 390 somehow survives this ordeal, then we should give KTM a standing ovation for making such a high-quality product.

The video of this tomfoolery has emerged from a KTM outlet in Trivandrum. We laud KTM to swiftly come-up with some token of mannerism and it clarified that the bikes did not presently belong to any customer and are not meant to be sold. Though, it is hard to verify the above claim as big corporates tend to push instances like these under the carpet swiftly in order to save their public image.

2017 KTM Duke 390 Abused

– A video on social media has emerged showing reckless service centre personnel redlining a brand new Duke 390
– The men can be seen dancing and laughing at the sound of the revving exhaust
– The act of continuously hitting the revv-limiter may result in long-term damage to the bike

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Video Source – Rushlane on YouTube