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Just like the adventure sibling, the BMW G 310 R is easy to lift

Performance – The BMW G 310 R has the same engine running on a similar state of tune as of the G 310 GS. Hence it has a decent low-end, great mid-range and a good top-end as well. The G 310 R reaches the ton slightly quicker than the Apache RR 310 as it is lighter as it lacks a full fairing. The gearbox feels crisp and the clutch is light too. Just like the BMW G 310 GS, the G 310 R has some vibrations coming in but only in the top-end or while idling. However, post 100 km/hr, the G 310 R takes time to gain speed as windblast is evident.

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I was craving to do this since I saw the stunts pulled at the launch

The exhaust note gets throaty and loud as the revs go higher, it sounds really good towards the redline

The clutch is light and the gearbox has crisp shifts. However, first gear is just as tall and the motorcycle redlines at 58 km/hr while the rest of the gears are short and you need to shift to third gear to reach the ton like on the G 310 GS. The bike feels lively throughout and has a buzz coming-in from the handlebars and at the footpegs when pushed hard.

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Roadster ergonomics is definitely a brownie point for the G 310 R

Riding Dynamics – The BMW G 310 R gets the same tyre and suspension setup as of the Apache RR 310 but it feels more agile than its Indian cousin. Thanks to the reverse-inclined engine, the wheelbase is short while the aluminium swingarm is long. The upside-down front forks and the rear monoshock with the trellis frame and grippy Michelin road tyres make a great combination. The riding dynamics are just unbeatable. The BMW G 310 R feels more flickable than the KTM Duke 390! The size of tyres is the same and they provide superior road grip.

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The BMW G 310 R corner really well, stays planted always

The dynamics are spot on, the BMW G 310 R changes direction with a snap

The suspension setup is slightly stiff but it is not too stiff making it perfect for Indian riding conditions. The brake setup is the same but the G 310 R get BMW Motorrad ABS which makes the braking feedback even more precise. The G 310 R doesn’t nose-dive as its sibling the G 310 GS does under hard braking. The motorcycle stays planted through each and every type of corner, it holds the line so well that you would forget it’s a street bike.