2021 Honda CB250 Patent
The firm has accidentally revealed that it is developing a new motorcycle

Patent images reveal that Honda is working on a new 2021 model year CB250 with a rear monoshock in a bid to expand its CB series motorcycle range overseas.

But the thing is that Honda did not file the patent for the new bike, rather, the patent filings were related to the location of an oil pump for a small capacity engine that looks similar to the one on the CB300R.

These images, however, have revealed the new bike sporting a frame and bodywork similar to that of the CB400 SF sold in the Japanese market.

Also, the important point to note is that the motorcycle has a monoshock rear suspension setup that is shown in detail in the 2021 Honda CB250 patent images.

The set up mounts the shock directly to the frame at the top and to the swingarm down below, like in modern bikes from the manufacturer.

It is evident with the monoshock setup that the new CB250 will be modern and, due to it being modern, quite possibly loaded with features too.

However, there is one issue. It is unlikely that the quarter-litre bike will come to India and will be reserved for Japan and other developed markets. India, on the other hand, will get tailor-made products, like the H’ness CB350.

2021 Honda CB250 Patent

  • Honda is likely developing a new CB250 motorcycle
  • The motorcycle sports a rear monoshock setup
  • It will be reserved for Japanese and other developed markets
2021 Honda CB250 Patent Rear Monoshock
Why go to such details if the patent is just for the oil pump location
2021 Honda CB250 Patent Engine
It will be powered by a modern engine

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