2021 Honda Goldwing Tour Gunmetal Black Metallic
There is additional storage space in the top box now

Honda has just updated the Goldwing and Tour for the 2021 model year overseas, in order to make the tourer a bit more accommodating and practical.

Back in 2018, when the Goldwing had its big update, it became a bit more sleeker, smaller and the whole ethos was to make it a more sportier model.

However, the automaker has understood that it went a tad too far and has righted a couple of things on the 2021 Goldwing, especially in the top-spec Tour model.

There is 11 more litres of storage space in the top box now, taking it to 61 litres, and along with the 2 panniers that can hold 60 litres combined, the 2021 Honda Goldwing Tour can now carry 121 litres of stuff.

The pillion back rest, part of the top box, has been set at a more relaxed angle as well, so that whomever sits there can be more comfortable while cruising, while the seats are now covered in a suede/synthetic leather mix that apparently increases comfort.

One other thing that has been upgraded is the audio system, the only change that is carried over to the regular Goldwing.

In addition, the Japanese brand has introduced new colours as well. The Goldwing can now be had in Pearl Deep Mud Gray, while the Tour variant can be had either in Gunmetal Black Metallic or Candy Ardent Red (DCT only).

No mechanical changes have been made to the model and it continues to draw power from a 1833cc flat 6-cylinder engine that puts out 125 HP at 5500 RPM and 170 Nm at 4500 RPM.

Similarly, Honda has not removed any features either, meaning one gets the big 7-inch TFT screen, 4 riding modes, full LED lighting, electrically adjustable flyscreen, among various others with the bike.

Price-wise, in the UK, the 2021 Honda Goldwing Tour costs £28,349 (Rs. 28.19 lakhs) for the regular version and £31,449 (Rs. 31.27 lakhs) for the DCT model with airbag.

The standard Goldwing, on the other hand costs £22,849 (Rs. 22.72 lakhs) for the normal variant and £24,299 (Rs. 24.16 lakhs) with DCT. It will arrive at dealerships in the UK by March this year.

2021 Honda Goldwing Tour

  • 2021 Honda Goldwing Tour has received slight upgrades
  • Gets new seat upholstery and additional storage space
  • New colours have been introduced too
2021 Honda Goldwing Tour
It is a shame that this Candy Ardent Red can only be had with the Tour DCT model
Candy Ardent Red
The seats are said to be more comfortable now
2021 Honda Goldwing Pearl Deep Mud Gray
Pearl Deep Mud Gray is not a very good name for what is a nice colour