2021 Kia Carnival Hi Limousine
The Hi Limousine variant comes with a high roof

Kia revealed its latest generation 2021 Carnival recently and has added a limo variant to the MPV in its home market.

The fourth generation model, which will not come to India anytime soon, is already a step above the model on sale, here, at present.

It looks like an SUV, is longer, comes with an array of latest features, has a premium interior and retains the practicality that only an MPV can offer.

But that does not mean Kia can do better and it has, by adding the Hi Limousine trim, which gets a higher roof with auxiliary brake light.

Further, step boards are added for easy ingress and egress, and model-specific badges ensure that nobody mistakes it for a regular Carnival.

While inside, the Kia Carnival limo 7-seater comes with additional headroom, a 21.5-inch monitor for those in the second and third rows to be entertained, while there is also a built-in air purifier, privacy curtains and LED reading lights.

Kia says the cabin is highly customisable, but the above mentioned features are offered as standard.

Also new on the 2021 Kia Carnival limo is advanced driver assistance systems such as blind-spot detection, forward collision-avoidance assist lane-keeping assist and pedestrian detection.

There is a Safe Exit Assist feature and moreover, this version of the MPV also comes with a semi-autonomous Level 2 driving system.

Currently sold in Korea, the Hi Limousine version is a nice addition to the premium MPV as it adds more appeal to the model range.

2021 Kia Carnival Limo

  • Kia Carnival Hi Limousine variant sold in South Korea
  • Comes with high roof and more features inside
  • Also has semi-autonomous Level 2 driving system
Dash is the same as the regular new-generation Carnival
Seats And Entertainment Screen
The 21.5-inch display screen is mounted to the roof
2021 Kia Carnival Limo Rear
MPV comes with several driver assist features
2021 Kia Carnival Limo
It is a nice addition and will appeal to those who want practicality and premiumness in one