2021 Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Bookings
The bike manufacturer is hard at work of late

Royal Enfield has begun accepting bookings for the 2021 Interceptor 650 that will come with new colourways.

The middleweight motorcycle will be available in 2 new single tone colours – Canyon Red and Ventura Blue – and 2 new dual tone colours – Downtown Drag and Sunset Strip from now on.

In addition, Enfield has updated the chrome version of the bike by introducing the Mark Two, which it says is an ode to the original Interceptor 750.

Due to strong demand worldwide, the bike manufacturer saw fit to retain the Orange Crush and Baker Express paint options. Colours such as Glitter and Dust, Mark Three, Ravishing Red and SIlver Spectre, have been discontinued.

In all, the 2021 Interceptor 650 will come with 7 paint options for customers to choose from. Similarly, the Continental GT 650 is also expected to be offered with a revised colour palette.

Although the 2021 Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 bookings have commenced, there is still the question of updates the bike has received that has yet to be answered.

It is likely that the twin cylinder motorcycle will come with select updates that will make it easier for both rider and passenger to spend some time on it, in a similar fashion to the updates received by the Himalayan.

When Enfield launches updated variants of both of its current 650cc motorcycles, such speculations will be answered. Also, the brand is expected to launch its new 650cc cruiser and Classic 650 sometime this year.

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It is a shame that this Ravishing Red paint option will not be offered anymore