Through the teaser video, Tata has conveyed that the 2022 Tigor EV will get the same powertrain as the electric Nexon

Tata has released a new teaser video of the 2022 model year Tigor EV which is expected to be introduced to the market soon.

The main takeaway from the teaser is that the Tigor will be powered by the automaker’s Ziptron technology, which can be found in the Nexon EV as well.

In the video, a camouflaged Tigor EV beats the Nexon EV driven by former F1 racer Narain Karthikeyan to the finish line, indicating that the 2022 model year electric Tigor is set to receive the same powertrain as the Nexon EV.

While the Tigor EV was earlier offered with a 21.5 kWh battery pack, the refreshed model could come with the Nexon EV’s 30.2 kWh battery.

As a result, the claimed range of the car should increase from 213 km (claimed) to over 300 km. Also, instead of a 40 HP electric motor (105 Nm), it could well feature the Nexon EV’s 129 PS motor (245 Nm).

2022 Tata Tigor EV Teaser
The car should feature DC fast charging

This should result in better performance and a higher top speed than earlier too. However, these are speculations and official figures are awaited.

As far as the looks of the car are concerned, the 2022 Tata Tigor EV teaser video shows that the Indian auto major has given the electric compact sedan the same styling as its facelifted internal combustion twin.

However, there are differences here too, with the pure-electric model getting a blanked air dam, a redesigned grille section with 2 narrow slots for air flow and alloy wheels with blue highlights.

Expected to be launched soon, the refreshed Tigor EV should cost less than the Nexon EV (priced between Rs. 13.99 lakhs and Rs. 16.85 lakhs) and help the company extend its lead in the electric passenger vehicle market.