A huge number of driving licenses are obtained through bogus means. Cherry on the cake are our RTOs that provide licenses after a very minute driving test.

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Fake licenses are obtained easily through agents for a nominal fee

In recent news it came to light how a driver working with Uber Cabs raped a women. The court suggested banning Uber Cabs but certain ministers have said that banning the company may not be a proper solution to the issue. It has also come to light that as many as 30% of driving licenses in India are fake. We are really not surprised by this news because we know how our lazy RTOs operate. While drivers have to undergo a really silly driving test where they drive not more than 100 metres, there are also other easy ways to get hold of a license without even appearing at the RTO.

In a country where corruption is prevalent on a huge scale, getting a bogus driving license is merely nothing. There are hundreds of ‘helpful’ agents who would help you get one for a nominal fee. These 30% fake licenses belong to a large number of citizens who may not know a single traffic rule and they might not even know how to handle a vehicle properly. Apart from fake licenses, even the regular ones are obtained easily at the RTOs and our transport authorities don’t really judge a person’s driving capabilities properly before handing him over a card that allows him to manoeuvre a vehicle on our dangerously dangerous roads.

The Motor Vehicles Act is being revised thoroughly and soon a new system will be put in place that will make the task of obtaining a driving license not so easy. Drivers need to be educated both inside the class as well as be given proper practical training before even allowing them to attempt the driving test. While the implementation of all this will take a lot of time, we can be sure that if authorities be strict in their workings, then India might just witness safer roads in the future.

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A stricter system will be enforced under the revised Motor Vehicles Act