One of the best safety and convenience features – 360° surround-view cameras.

360 Degree Camera
A convenience feature disguised as a safety feature

In this era of modernization and technological advancement, we see new gadgets and gizmos launching almost every other day now. Not only these gadgets help us in increasing efficiency and reducing time of doing things, but they also make our lives a lot easier and reduce inconvenience. As a result, we find new technologies paving their way into the automotive sector also. There is a lot more technology in cars, today than ever before. One such tech feature that has become a blessing, is the 360° surround-view camera.

Earlier, reversing a car was an eerie experience. Though you could check your surroundings and objects, with the rear-view mirrors. You could not apprehend the distance between the object and the bumper. However, as technology advanced, we started to have some help with this nerve-wracking task.

First, we had the reverse parking sensors. This was and is a great piece of kit. These are the sensors that are placed at the bumpers and while reversing, if the vehicle comes close to an object, these sensors alert the driver with warning chimes.

Then the rear-view camera was introduced. This time, the object in the rear could be seen from inside the cabin of the car. A camera placed at the rear along with the reverse parking sensors, project an image of the object on a screen making reversing a vehicle, an even easier task.

But with the introduction of the 360° surround-view camera or the birds-eye view camera technology, everything has changed to a completely new dimension. This convenience feature, provides an aerial view of the vehicle. The system works by stringing together images from cameras located around the vehicle – usually at the grille, beneath each door mirror, and one at the rear that is also used as the reversing camera. The 360° camera is primarily marketed as a safety feature in that it helps spot pedestrians, particularly children while reversing or maneuvering into tight spots. It also helps in preventing bumps and scrapes, saving plenty of money in the long run. Though this feature is currently available in premium cars, we expect to see it in more affordable cars in the future.

360° Surround View Cameras

– Provides help in preventing damages
– Acts as safety feature, to spot pedestrians especially children
– Helps in parking with ease

360 Degree Camera Feature
The camera angle mimics an overhead drone shot