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We come across automobile press releases very often and here we have compiled a list of few popular words which are misused to a great extent by manufacturers.

1) All New – Yes, even a small facelift which is not visible to the naked eye, or a minor update like revised bumpers is called ‘All New’ by various manufacturers. The tag ‘All New’ can be and should be used only when a completely new vehicle with significant styling and mechanical changes is launched but manufacturers believe otherwise. They love using this tag whenever and wherever they want to. Their sole aim is to create buzz.

2) Next Generation – This tag is also quite similar to the above one. In fact sometimes we have seen this line being used on small hatchbacks. Come on we know that a particular car doesn’t really belong to the next generation. In fact it is so sparsely loaded with features that we feel it belongs to the previous generation. For example, Hyundai gave the i10 a facelift in 2010 and called it the ‘Next Gen i10’. Now there was nothing extra-ordinary about it so please stop fooling around with the public. Not just Hyundai, almost all manufacturers use this tagline.

3) Class Leading/Best In Class – Maruti Suzuki comes to my mind when I read ‘Best In Class’ anywhere. Best in class mileage, best in class space, best in class pricing; manufacturers love to use the ‘class leading’ tagline to boast about various features in their vehicles. Yes we agree that Marutis provide slightly better fuel efficiency than others, but we also know that these same vehicles come with Best In Class rattling noises. Oh and how can I forget Worst In Class safety features. Again, we are not just blaming Maruti, but many other companies too and these were just examples.

4) Revolutionary – Yes ABC manufacturer has added so and so features to XYZ vehicle. These features have made the vehicle a hot buy, and so it seems. We have seen manufacturers using the word ‘Revolutionary’ to a great extent. We remember reading somewhere that a vehicle is now loaded with revolutionary features and when we decided to see what exactly were these features, we found nothing but parking sensors, seat covers and body graphics.

5) Ridiculous Taglines – There have also been various cases of marketing gone wrong. Each and every manufacturer comes up with quirky lines for their vehicles and most of the times these taglines are quite useless. People buy a vehicle if it meets their requirements and not because of such tags. Automakers should concentrate on properly marketing their vehicles’ positives and creating a good amount of public awareness. Also, many of them need to fire their marketing departments ASAP. We will be quite pleased if that happens.

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