Mercedes M-Class Support Car

Cars vs Bikes, that’s a question which has caused much debate on the internet and there is no concrete answer as to what is better. Both cars and bikes have their positives, with people in India perceiving cars as the wiser choice due to the social positives they carry. Cars are also safer, weather resistant and you can drive one in any attire while being less attentive than say a biker who has to keep eyes glued to the road to spot any big bump surprising him/her. However there are 5 good reasons as to why bikes are much cooler than cars.

1) Freedom – You can ride alone and avoid a pillion by opting for a motorcycle with a single seat (like a Royal Enfield Continental GT). Even if you are with a pillion, you can still be just you as no one can communicate with you on your bike, not even your pillion (avoid those helmet intercom systems for total peace). Besides you can leave air without having to think twice. You are simply one with nature.

2) Lesser Traffic Congestion – A bike can squeeze through traffic easily which makes it easy to avoid jams, helping you to reach your destination quickly. A small gap is all you need to get ahead. You will almost always be on pole at traffic signals as you can manoeuvre your way to the front. This means every stop at the signal turns into a race start.

3) Parking Is A Breeze – You can simply park in any small spot and don’t have to worry about proper parking on congested streets. This not only saves you parking fare but you likely don’t have to walk much to your destination. All this saves you crucial time.

4) No Toll – You not only save money by not having to pay money at tolls but you also save time as you don’t have to queue up and can take the left most lane for quickly clearing the toll booth. Time saved by a biker at a toll stop is massive, more so at crowded plazas at peak time.

5) Affordability – Not only are bikes cheaper than cars but they also offer better performance while also being lighter on the pocket to run. If you want to reach 0-100 km/hr in under 6 seconds, you will have to spend at least Rs. 60 lakhs on a 6-cylinder engined luxury car, while the same performance can be achieved for Rs. 2.10 lakhs with the KTM Duke 390. Spend Rs. 15 lakhs on a litre class bike and no car can beat you in outright acceleration.

Can you list any more reasons as to why bikes are cooler than cars?