The transport ministry has passed a rule that states that every two-wheeler must have ABS and CBS by 2017 for new products and by 2018 for existing products.

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The rule is applicable for two-wheelers having engines more than 125cc in capacity

The road transport ministry of India has directed manufacturers of all two-wheelers to make sure that new products arriving in the market from April 2017 have to be installed with ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) and CBS (Combined Braking System). Also, existing two-wheelers that are already on sale in the market need to be fitted with the same safety features from April 2018. Due to the rising number of accidents happening on our roads, the ministry has finally woken up and made these amends.

However, the rules apply only to two-wheelers having engine capacity higher than 125cc (which means 125cc bikes won’t be getting ABS or CBS since manufacturers will make 124.9cc motors). While most of the two-wheeler segment gets covered in this, the government also needs to note that the number of users riding less than 125cc bikes and scooters is also very high in the country and it would have been more favourable if the rule had been applied on each and every two-wheeler. Now we just hope that manufacturers adhere to this notification on time and do not come up with excuses to delay such decisions. We also hope that dual-channel ABS is offered and not single-channel which works only on the front-wheel.

ABS is a very important safety feature and it prevents locking up of the wheels under heavy braking situations. Majority of the bikes in India currently do not have ABS and hence even under drastic situations, riders do not apply their brakes with full force due to the fear of locking up of the wheels and causing their bike to skid. CBS is also an important feature that links front and rear brakes on a two-wheeler. When the rider presses one brake lever, both the front and rear brakes get applied and amount of each brake applied is determined by a proportional control valve. This is indeed a very good decision by the authorities.

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ABS and CBS are important safety features and can be life-savers