Honda has now silently discontinued the CBF Stunner from its lineup although the model continues to be showcased on their official website. The CBF Stunner never managed to sell in the Indian market, in spite of its sporty styling induced by the half-fairing. Where the Stunner lacked severly was performance, while it did have the show, there was no go to match it. With 125cc buyers being more on the conservative side, a sporty 125cc bike wasn’t an idea well accepted, considering performance was still mediocre with 11 HP and 11 Nm. Honda did launch an FI variant of the Stunner but that too was pulled off the market last year.

The reason for the poor sales of the Honda CBF Stunner can also be attributed to the pricing of this motorcycle. The extra weight of the fairing (total weight of the bike is 128 kgs) also added to a slight reduction in fuel efficiency numbers which wasn’t appreciated by buyers who are highly focussed on mileage in this segment. The last nail in the coffin of the CBF Stunner was the arrival of its doppelgänger, the Hero Ignitor which was priced lower than this Honda. Factor in the better service offered by Hero and lower cost of service and you instantly realise why the Ignitor comfortably outsold the Stunner.

Honda does say the bike is being manufactured on a made to order basis but we all know this isn’t a bespoke lightweight track motorcycle that it has to be made on an order basis. Dealers confirm they have stopped receiving the bike since the past three months and since there is no demand for it, they don’t order it from Honda either. This isn’t the first time Honda has discontinued a motorcycle, the CB Dazzler too met the same fate. The latest poor seller from the company is the Dream Neo which hasn’t sold as well as the Dream Yuga, prompting Honda to launch the CD110.



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