Vehicle Registration November 2020
It will take some time to get things back up to where they belong

The all-India vehicle registration data for the month of November 2020 shows that the Passenger Vehicle (PV) segment has recovered well to post a 4.17 percent growth in registrations year-over-year (YoY).

In all, 2.91 lakh 4-wheelers were registered last month, while during the same period last year, the number was 2.79 lakhs. New launches and especially compact SUV’s continued to show good demand in the PV segment.

But the same cannot be said of 2-wheeler registrations, for the segment faced a massive dip, losing about 21 percent registrations YoY.

With close to 18 lakh registrations made in November 2019, only 14,13,378 2-wheelers were registered in November this year. Also, customers now prefer 125cc 2-wheelers to 100cc ones.

With 3-wheelers (-64.98 percent) and Commercial Vehicles (CV) (-31.22 percent), the situation is quite similar, which shows that there is clearly work to do by the industry and the government together. On a positive note, tractor registrations grew by nearly 8.5 percent.

In all, 18,27,990 registrations were made this year, which is down by 19.29 percent YoY. However, in comparison with October 2020, the number of registrations in November were up by 29.32 percent.

Vehicle Registration 2020 Festive Period
Registrations during the festive season were quite strong

Things were pretty much the same during the festive period as well. Only the PV (13.60 percent) and tractor segments (48.70 percent) witnessed positive growth in registrations.

The vehicle registration November 2020 chart shows that 4.31 lakh 4-wheelers were registered during the festive period this year, compared to 3.8 lakh registrations during the same period last year.

Two-wheeler registrations stood at just over 19 lakh, a 6.31 percent degrowth, while 3-wheeler registrations were 34,328 in total with a whopping 60.27 percent degrowth.

Overall though, considering COVID-19 is still around, the total registration figure of 25.15 lakhs was only 4.74 percent less than the same period in 2019.

Inventory levels for passenger vehicles is now 25-30 days, while for 2-wheelers is 45-50 days. The Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA) states that demand revival will now solely depend on exciting year-end schemes.

Vehicle Registration November 2020

  • Vehicle registration data for November 2020 is out
  • Shows how grim the situation is this year
  • But, PV segment and tractor segment stand out
Tata Signa 4825.TK Tipper Truck Launch
The CV segment desperately needs some relief like lowering fuel cost, at the moment

*The above numbers do not have figures from Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Lakshadweep and Telangana
*Vehicle Registration Data has been collated as on 6th December 2020 from 1265 out of 1472 RTOs and in collaboration with Ministry of Road Transport and Highways
*Festive period in 2020 is between 17th October and 28th November
*Festive period in 2019 is between 29th September and 9th November