Vehicle PUC Certificate Air Pollution
Vehicle owners will be given a week’s time to get the valid certificate

Not having a valid Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate will land vehicle owners in trouble from January next year since it could lead to authorities confiscating the vehicle Registration Certificate (RC).

According to a report, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways wants to take the PUC system online and has asked suggestions from stakeholders concerned about the same.

While the process will take two months’ time, people in the know have revealed that it will be made mandatory to renew a vehicle pollution under control document within the stipulated time period.

If authorities find the user of the vehicle not carrying a valid PUC certificate, he or she will be given 7 days’ time to obtain it and failing to do so will lead to seizure of the vehicle RC by authorities.

Similarly, authorities can also ask people to get their vehicles checked/repaired if the motor is found emitting extra fumes. Again, a period of 7 days will be given to get things sorted and the same rules will apply for commercial vehicles too.

Road Transport Ministry intends to send a One-Time Password (OTP) to a vehicle owner when they take it to get the PUC certificate so as to reduce the chances of foul play.

Also, information regarding the vehicle owner will be uploaded to servers linked to Motor Vehicles database, thereby making it hard for people to continue using vehicles without a valid document.

These steps are being taken to control air pollution in India. However, there is no word if government-run vehicles, such as buses, too will conform to these rules.

Vehicle PUC Certificate

  • RC of vehicles without valid PUC certificate to be seized
  • Road Transport Ministry to take the system online
  • Owners will be given a week’s time to sort things out
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Owners will get an OTP when they take their vehicle to obtain a PUC certificate

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