The Alpinestars tech air street airbag inflates upon sensing an impending crash offering comprehensive protection to the riders upper body and the vital organs.

Alpinestars Tech-Air Jacket Airbag
The Tech-Air jacket uses electronic sensors & does not need to be synced with the bike

While motorcycles are extremely fun to ride and take the rider to an all-new level of nirvana, it has also been noted to be one of the most dangerous forms of transport globally. Rider safety has been a major issue and manufacturers too have been most recently been thinking out of the helmet for better ways to provide protection. Now, in what could be a viable protection model for riders in the future, motorcycle riding gear manufacturer Alpinestars has showcased the new Tech-Air street airbag system for its jackets.

While the concept of inflatable jackets has been around for some time now, the Alpinestars Tech-Air does not need to be synced with the motorcycle and instead has electronic sensors of its own that will inflate the airbag in case of impending loss of control, hard deceleration or impact. Using an algorithm, the Tech-Air airbag system is said to inflate completely within 25 milliseconds, which will make sure to protect the rider before even touching the surface or the secondary vehicle involved in the crash.

The airbag system provides protection to the majority of the upper body covering the vital organs including the spine, shoulders, upper abdomen, kidney and the chest. Independent of the need to be synced with a motorcycle, the airbag system can be used with any of the Alpinestars airbag compatible jackets while riding a scooter or a full-blown sports bike. The airbag is also adaptable to different weather conditions and is suitable for tarmac riding as well as off-road adventures.

Currently, Alpinestars is offering two airbag compatible jackets which include the Valparaiso Tech-Air that is suitable for all weather conditions, while the Viper Tech-Air textile jackets are compatible with warm weather conditions. Unveiled at the EICMA Show earlier this month, make sure to watch the demonstration video that showcases the working of the new technology.

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