India is celebrating its 67th Independence day today. Over the years, our country has progressed in many ways. But still, one question always arose. Did the women in India earn their freedom? The answer is still something one cannot give with confidence. Where at one end, we have women reaching out to the space, there are women at the other end who are still bowing down to the norms of this society. Today, we introduce this one young and charming lady from Pune who has earned her freedom in a very challenging way. Anam Hashim, a stunt rider by heart and soul has taken that extra step which has made the entire biker fraternity proud. On the occasion of Independence day, MotorBeam team interviews Anam to know more about her.

Anam Hashim Stunts

When and how did your love for bikes start?

I fell in love with bikes when I was 5 years old. My dad taught me riding small bikes and later started upgrading.

What prompted you to start stunting?

I always had a dream of doing something different on bike because riding bike for me is a normal thing. Once I saw few guys doing street motorcycle stunts(wheelies & stoppies). I then asked those guys how it is done, researched more through internet and learnt what stunt riding is all about. This way I started even though I just had Scooty that time. My 1st stunt was christ on Honda Activa. Later, I practiced on friend’s bike.

How did you convince your family?

It is nothing about convincing parents regarding this sport. In India people are unaware of Stunt Riding, so they take it in a negative way like mostly parents do but being a female stunt rider and coming from an orthodox muslim family, parents are even more scared and negative. To be frank, my family is still not convinced with me getting into this sport but I believe if you have true passion towards something, nothing can stop you no matter how hard it is.

Anam Hashim Stunt Riding

How did you get trained in stunting?

In the very beginning I had no bike of my own. I borrowed my friend’s bike to learn basics.

What was the biggest challenge you faced till now?

My health factor is the biggest challenge for me. Being very skinny, when ever I fall or crash, my bones easily get hurt. This gets really bad as once you fall and break your bones, you need to rest. That is when I miss my stunt rides. With this problem, lot of time got wasted in healing my wounds, cracks & stitches, which could have been used instead for practicing and upgrading skills.

Which has been you happiest moment till now?

Getting sponsored gears from ICON MOTORSPORTS from U.S.A., which is world’s best riding apparel company! It was my dream which came true.

If not stunting, what would one find you doing?

When not stunting, people can find me making stunt sketches, painting and writing.

Anam Hashim Female Stunt-Rider

Which bike do you currently own?

Apache RTR.

When did you buy your bike?

I bought my latest bike on 21st January 2013.

What made you buy this particular bike?

Apache is way lighter than other bikes which is easy for me to control for stunt training.

What do you love the most about your bike?

I particularly can’t describe my feelings for my bike. I love everything about her.

What you don’t like about your bike?

There is nothing which I hate about my bike because a rider can’t hate his/her own bike in whatever condition it is.

Anam Hashim Wheelie

Will you trade your bike for any other bike? If yes, which one?


What modifications have you done to your bike and what do you plan to do in the future?

I have changed the engine work and upgraded it from 180cc to 220cc, handle bar of FZ, seat, rear tyre, exhaust, installed handbrake. Now working on crash guard which is very important to protect the bike and double back pegs.

Why is your bike so special to you?

Its very very special to me because its my own 1st stunt bike and I have lots of memories with her. She’s lucky charm for me.

Anam Hashim Burn Out

Which is your dream bike?

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R (636).

Which bike sold in India is your current favourite?

Apache RTR 180.

What are your future plans with respect to stunt riding?

For stunt riding future plan, I have to practice hard as much as I can, upgrade my skills to participate in stunt competitions like XDL, Stunt war.

Any advice for MotorBeam readers?

Always wear your helmets and safety gears while riding, performing stunts and never stunt on public places. Keep it safe. Thanks everyone for your support! There’s lot more in pipeline. Stay connected via my fan page –