TVS has launched a new RSA program for the Apache RR 310 providing a lot of benefits.

TVS Apache RR 310 Report Long Term
The program is free for one year for new customers of the motorcycle

TVS has launched a new roadside assistance program for owners of the Apache RR 310. The program which is called “Limitless Assist – RSA” offers unlimited kilometres of both towing and mechanical services of roadside assistance for one entire year.

This will be valid for both new as well as existing customers of the motorcycle. The program is effective from October 2019 and it will be offered free of cost for one year for new owners while existing owners can buy the package for Rs. 999/- with a one year validity. New owners can also renew the package for Rs. 999/- after the free first year has been completed.

There is a 24×7 helpline for assistance and customers will also be able to use a dedicated toll-free number for the RSA program by calling on 1800 258 7111. The roadside assistance program has a lot of inclusions like towing facility, onsite mechanical assistance, taxi benefits, fuel assistance, etc. It also provides support for tyres, battery and key loss.

Apache RR 310 Limitless RSA

– Available for new as well as existing customers
– First year is free for new customers
– Can be renewed yearly for Rs. 999/-

TVS Apache RR 310 Long Term Review
The program offers unlimited kms of towing and mechanical service