Aprilia RS 660 Lava Red Full
The RS 660 is arguably the sportiest middle-weight offering except for the supersport ones

Aprilia has unveiled the much-awaited RS 660 globally, and it plans on upping the game in the middle-weight sports touring segment. It also gets a new colour option now.

Aprilia showcased the RS 660 concept a while back, and it really got a lot of attention. The concept got such a great reception that the production variant looks exactly like it.

Let us talk about the aesthetic bits first. Aprilias have always had striking designs which some people really like and some really dislike. The former being the majority. Coming to the RS 660, it looks fantastic for a sports tourer.

Aprilia has retained their ‘triple’ headlamp setup here as well, and this makes the RS 660 really stand out in a crowd. The front looks even more striking, thanks to the LED DRLs which extend almost till the mirrors.

Further, Aprilia has used matte red finish for the alloys in all three colour schemes which makes the motorcycle look even more attractive. While the Acid Gold option (new addition) gets both rims in this finish, the Apex Black and the Lava Red get this only for the front one. The rear-end shouts Aprilia as it is minimalistic and resembles the RSV4.

The rear end and the triple headlamp setup aren’t the only thing borrowed from its elder sibling, though. The TFT coloured display also comes from the Aprilia RSV4, and it is easily the best in the segment. Further, unlike other middleweights, the RS 660 packs in a top-notch electronics package.

Aprilia has equipped the RS 660 with traction control, cornering ABS, five riding modes, bi-directional quickshifter, wheelie control, smartphone connectivity, and even engine braking control. Further, some additional surprising bits include cruise control, self-cancelling indicators and cornering lights, all as standard!

Performance-wise, Aprilia engineers basically used the front-half of the 1100cc RSV4 motor to develop the new engine. The RS 660 gets a 660cc twin-cylinder motor which makes 100 BHP and 67 Nm of torque. The bike gets a 6-speed gearbox with a slipper clutch too.

Further, KYB 41 mm USD forks at the front and a mono-shock at the rear, both adjustable, perform the suspension duties. For braking duties, Aprilia has used Brembos everywhere which makes the bike feel even more premium. Additionally, you also get Pirelli rubber to unlock the full potential of the 660.

We expect Aprilia to launch the RS 660 in India too. If it is to arrive here, it will probably be a CBU unit and will definitely cost a big chunk. It might even knock on the doors of the cheapest litre-class bike in India!

Aprilia RS 660

  • Aprilia has unveiled the RS 660 globally with a new Acid Gold colour option
  • The RS 660 packs a segment topping electronics package which comes from the RSV4
  • The 660cc motor makes 100 BHP and 67 Nm and gets a 6-speed gearbox

Aprilia RS 660 Acid Gold Side
If the colour doesn’t stand out enough for you, you get two red alloys as well for added swagger
Aprilia RS 660 Dashboard
The dashboard is one of the best ones out there
Aprilia RS 660 Fairing
Aprilia has set the bar high for attention-to-detail as the RS 660 gets a ‘double-fairing’ which works like wings and provides extra downforce!
Aprilia RS 660 Rear
The rear end looks good and takes inspiration from the RSV4